How to solve the optimization of bin backing using the decision version

Let us say the optimization version of the bin packing problem asks you to give a packing using the fewest bins possible and the decision version asks if it is possible to pack the bins into $ k$ bins.

How can you reduce the optimization version to the decision version?

If you only have to answer what the fewest bins possible is then it is clear you can use binary search. But if you actually have to give the packing, I can’t see how to do it.

Backing up the VLC Media Library

I am using VLC on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I wanted to save the media library to a file and import it to other players I use. This is the only relevant result I found. I searched my entire file system with catfish for ml.xspf but it returned 0 results. Is there another way to export the media library?

Backing Up Apps With allowBackup=false

I’m trying to back up the apks and preference data for all of the apps on my device, but it only backs up about a third of them; the remainder all have allowBackup=false in their manifests, which disables the ability to back them up, either with adb or with Helium.

I’d much prefer not to have to go through each of the apks one by one, extract their manifests, change them, then make them apks and add them to my device again. So is there a way of ignoring allowBackup=false when doing adb backup? Or, is there an app or shell command I could run that would find all of the apps with allowBackup set to false and set them to true?

I checked out this app that’s supposed to do just that, but was unable to run it since it doesn’t have an activity specified. If there’s any easy way of getting that to work, or any alternative to it, that would be great.

Backing up encrypted /home/folder while on liveUSB

I am trying to backup to ehdd while on a liveUSB but when I write

$  dd if=/dev/sda6 bs=8M | gzip -9 > /media/usb/backupimage.gz 

I get the message “failed to open /dev/sda6′:Permission denied (the /home/folder in there is encrypted).

What do I need to do?

I want to backup before resizing partitions with gparted before reinstalling system.

Backing up Knox secure folder while in safe mode on a Note9

Long story short, my phone can only operate in safe mode unless I wipe it right now. I’ve backed up everything except for what used to be in my secure folder. I logged into it now that I am in safe mode, but it shows as empty and I want to back it up either by transferring it out and onto an sd card or by using the built in feature on the secure folder. Is there any way to access those files that I was able to access while operating the phone normally now that I am in safe mode.

Prevent USMT from backing up C drive

I need a way to make the User State Migration Tool not back up the C drive – I only want it to backup one specified user profile.

I can already get it to backup a specified user profile (just the one i want, not all the others)…but it backs up c drive as well, which results in loadstate restoring duplicate start menu and public desktop shortcuts. Not to mention loads of folders on c:\ that I don’t want restored.

I’ve seen many methods of playing with a custom.xml file to explicitly exclude the entire C drive, however everything I’ve tried results in c:\ data still being restored.

USMT excluding this computer

These links offer the advice on which I’ve based my approaches; however unsuccessfully. I’m hopeful someone here has done this before, and may know just what is missing to get this working.

Can anyone advise how to exclude C drive?

Thank you,