Medical Blog with millions of backlinks

The url is and I just put up a new site today because the content was not well written on the old site but the site shows 6.2m backlinks on semrush with a Authority score of 50

And on the Domain Rating is 63. It is very rare to find domain names on here for sale with this high…

Medical Blog with millions of backlinks

Will it be a high quality backlink when we get backlinks from two subdomains of a same domain?

My question is that will I get high quality backlinks if we get baclinks from two subdomains of a same domain. For example if there are two subdomains of a same domain – and and they both gives a backlink to a site so will get two high quality backlinks from that two subdomains or not or there will be different criteria applied by the search engines? If a different criteria will be applied what will be that criteria?


Automatically export backlinks from template edit with Notepad?

Good morning,

Im building some kind of automation through python and the thing that bugs me is that i have to navigate to Edit > Options > Automatically export… and select a new location where i want to export the verified backlinks.
Is there any way to set the automated export path using Edit with Notepad and some kind of property that handles the path?

More data… i know that i can export the template anytime i want but i really want it to be automatically exported so i can watch a folder looking for the report of backlinks (in case i want to do another tier or whatever)

Thank you so much!

I am creating backlinks with gsa SER but most are redirects from google, how do I uncheck that?

Estoy empezando a crear campañas, buenos proxies y captcha buenos. El problema viene que todos los backlinks tienen un redireccionamiento a la URL de destino. ¿Se debe a que el indexador rápido está activo o al tipo de enlace que estoy creando? ¿Cómo puedo solucionar eso? Gracias

DA15 PA21 Android Website With High Authority Backlinks

Tech niche domain and based on Android

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  • Articles: 20+ unique articles and all indexed on Google.

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