Non-canonical backlinks

I’ll describe my problem.

I have site A1, and the URL 1:

I also have another site A2, and the URL 2: This webpage has a canonical URL point to the URL 1: by using link tag:

// source code ""  <link rel="canonical" href="" /> 

Now, suppose the URL 2 is shared many times as backlinks. So which URL will benefit in SEO?

retry on reverify existing backlinks

i had a load of links removed after reverifying & when i checked the urls the links were still there, is it possible to have gsa ser retry to verify a few times because the urls were probably just having hosting issies or whatever, i have looked under
project>options at the top & cant see anything.
the tick box “remove after 1st verification try” is greyed out & cant be ticked (not what i wanted but cant be ticked anyway)
theres an option “dont remove urls” which can be ticked, but i want it to recheck the urls, & then remove the links if the link is definitely not there,

Is a low Domain Authority bad for backlinks?

I know that a rating of “domain authority” is a bit subjective and different engines can have different parameters.

But let’s say I have a newly created website for my aunt. It is new and has NO authority whatsoever.

On a page like, it has the lame authority of 0.

Two questions:

  1. Is it bad to put a backlink on my aunt’s webpage pointing at my website: “Website designed by my beloved nephew”? It could be just neutral, not good but not bad.

  2. But then it comes the second question, Imagine some backlinks from spammy websites can be attacking my website. Is there any way to find harmful websites with some kind of negative domain authority?

Related questions: Is page authority or domain authority more important for backlinks?

How to identify spammy domains giving backlinks to my site (to submit in disavow links in WMT) (but links on this answer are no longer active)

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