Allow Backorder for Admins only Magento 2

Does anyone know how we can setup to allow backorders to happen only for orders placed in the backend admin?

So customers on the frontend store would not be able to place an order for an out of stock item.

Our sales reps need to be able to place orders for products that are out of stock, but not our frontend customers.

Is there an extension that would do this or any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How to backorder domain

I would like to set up an internet tool to automatically buy back domain names that have just expired.

I saw on the internet that there are several steps before the final deletion. There is the grace period and then the deletion period.

I would like to take care of buying back domain names in .fr.

  1. How can I first know the date to the minute near the availability of a domain? The whois does not give this information.
  2. Do I have any chance against backorder services like snapnames or namebright? Do I need to have my own Registar ?
  3. Technically, it is enough to spam a registrar API to hope to be the first to get the newly expired domain name.

Thank you in advance.