Tmux backspace producing space on multiple terminal emulators

My tmux was working perfectly fine, but after installing iterm2, oh-my-zsh, adding the tmux plugin into .zshrc and then trying out the commands provided (which includes tmux list-sessions, tmux kill-server and tmux new-session -s) my backspaces began to reuslt in a space in the command prompt of not only iterm2 but also the (I am running macos). Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideally I would like to just revert whatever I had done but i’m not really sure how to revert back to before I made those changes.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. I have already tried many things and none of them have worked. This includes, stty erase ‘?’, adding set-option -g default-terminal “screen-256color” to .tmux.conf file, and choosing the option toDelete sends Control-H` in which none of them have worked. I’m quite lost on how to fix it. Even trying to uninstall and reinstall tmux has been futile.

Also, What is a $ TERM file? I have seen a couple mentions of it but I have not been able to figure out what exactly it is and how to access it. Last note: I just realized that I have a recent time machine backup that has all files so that could be a possibility too, I just don’t know which files I should replace

Validar un input vacio cuando se haga un retroceso o ‘backspace’ con VueJS2

En un html tengo un v-model='code'con un atributo v-on:change='consultar()'el cual al momento de digitar el codigo y tabular (por ejemplo, (es una de muchas formas para hacer el change)), el va a ese metodo y me lista los datos en un formulario, hasta ahi bien!

‘El problema’
En el metodo 'consultar' valido que cuando este vacio se limpie el formulario y cuando no que ejecute el post, el problema es que para validar que el campo este vacio o no siempre debo de hacer un change y la idea es que mientras haga el backspace y sepa que está vacio me limpie el formulario sin tener que hacer el change.


<input type="text" v-model='code' v-on:change='consultar()' placeholder="ingrese codígo"> 


new Vue({     el: '#content',     data: {         code: '',         datos: {             name: '',             etc..         } // Aqui van todos los parametros para el formulario     },     methods: {         consultar: function () {             if (this.code == '') {                 this.datos = {},             } else {                 // ejecutar el post             }         },     }, }) 

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