SharePoint 2019 – Restore backup to new web app site

I have a test SharePoint 2019 Server with two web-app sites I will call Production and Development. URL for Production is and the URL for development is

I have a backup of the web-app site Development done via Central Administrator and restore tests back to Development work fine when overwriting.

What I want to do now is restore Development to Production without having to manually duplicate all the changes from Development to Production.

I tried restoring using the New Configuration restore type hoping that if i changed the fields to the Production site it would fix and the most i would need to due is possible update the IIS cert. Nothing i tried so far has worked.

Any ideas on how to do this?

[GET][NULLED] – Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp v3.8.0.1


[GET][NULLED] – Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp v3.8.0.1

Backup solution

Hi all

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What is the right way to test website’s backup?

I have a wiki based on dokuwiki. I made a backup of it by archiving all files. I can automate testing it extracting files and manually see that website works. But what is the right way to check that all backup is correct? I thought it should be like that: while making backup script should go to all pages, which it can reach, compute and store the hash of retrieved page. And while testing backup script should do the same and compare hashes. Is it right?

CPanel Backup to Google Drive


I am using cPanel for managing my websites in Shared Hosting. Now want to store my backup on my Google Drive. I have check lots of tutorials all are said, we need to do something on WHM. I don't have that. CPanel only i have.

Please help me to store cPanel backup files to Google Drive.