efficient duplication of Time Machine backups to remote location

I have been using both Arq and Time Machine for backup for years, but a year or so ago I got unlimited Google Drive space and decided to try making a remote backup (with Arq) of my Time Machine drive.

This may seem ridiculous, but it helps ameliorate a major problem with Arq: you can’t move your remote backup from one service to another. For example if you signed up for Amazon’s drive when it was $ 5 a year for unlimited space, and used it for your Arq backups, and then decided not to pay $ 120 a year for sufficient space for your backups when Amazon said “oh, just kidding!” and changed their prices, you’re unable to move your backup history to another location. (Since history is the whole purpose of a backup system, this is the one reason I no longer recommend Arq to anyone. I used to enthusiastically recommend it to friends and family.) Backing up your Time Machine disk allows you to have a remote backup that you can move from one service to another without losing any history. (The only obvious downside is that you must first restore the whole Time Machine backup if your Time Machine disk has died and you want to change cloud provider at the same time.)

There is a non-obvious downside, however: Arq really sucks for this use case, for reasons I don’t understand. It gets through about 3400 GB (out of around 3600 GB) around the first day, then runs for days and days making virtually no progress, and then might at some point start to make some progress. I don’t know if I have ever seen it complete the backup. Many times I need to shut down my laptop before it completes.

I’d like to have an efficient way to backup my Time Machine drive to a remote service. It can’t depend on (e.g.) running rsync or Resilio Sync on the remote service.

In case it’s relevant for any reason, I have fiber, so the bandwidth is limited by the devices on both ends and any throttling the service does, rather than by the quantity of data pushed.)

One thing that Arq got right is the end-to-end encryption, so any replacement should include end-to-end encryption. I’m not about to trust anyone with everything.

Rman archive backups hanging due to datadomain issue cause Linux system hang


We see that our Linux system became unresponsive. During that time we see from crashdump of server that there were 23k zombie processes of oracle and lot of uninterruptible processes of oracle.upon further analysis we saw that more than 12 rman archive backups were just hanging for more than 3-4 hours on this because of a hardware issue on underlying backup domain device and all were killed and someone restarted everything at once.Could someone please tell me if you faced similar issue? Backups should have been stopped during such issues but can we be sure that the backup hanging caused contention…please note that the hardware issue on the datadomain was causing the restarts of datadomain device and intermittent connectivity issues.

Transfer time machine backups from unmountable HDD

I am attempting to access time machine backups on an external hard drive that I have, and transfer them over to a new HDD. Both drives are 2TB. The drive with the time machine backups will not mount, but I can use Disk Drill to access the files on the HDD, thus I am trying to transfer the backups to the hard drive that will mount so I can restore to my latest backup.

When I try and manually drag+drop the files from one drive to the other things take way too long – 4 days. At the end of the 4 days I hit an error that says the drive is full. I’ve read that this is due to expanding hard links in the time machine backups.

I have also tried running disk utility and doing a restore from the one drive to the other, but of course this copied all the files and also made this new drive unmountable. So I have to reformat drive #2 and figure out an alternative method for copying over the files from the one drive to the other.

Any ideas? I really need to get these machine back up and running.

What is the “Automated backups” tab in AWS RDS console?

I have 7 day backups enabled on my RDS cluster. I can visit the “Snapshots” tab and see 8 snapshots (today + previous 7 days). I can restore to a specific point in time, all works well.

The next tab down, Automated backups, is confusing. When I visit this tab, it shows 0 backups.

The FAQ on this topic confuses me further, as it says automated backups and database snapshots are “two different methods”:

When automated backups are turned on for your DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically performs a full daily snapshot…

In reality, it seems that “automated backups” just refers to the automated snapshots that are taken + the binary log that allows you to restore to point-in-time. So what is the Automated backups tab on the RDS console?

How to test disabling automatic backups on android?

I am building an app with Ionic v1, Cordova, and AngularJS v 1.5.

I am targeting both Android and iOS.

I have been advised to turn off automatic backups for security reasons.

I believe this applies to both iOS and Android. iCloud and Google Cloud.

Our app has already been in use for quite some time so some people will have backups already.

If I disable backups, will the people’s backups still be there? From the past? And then it will no longer backup anymore? If there any way to get rid of the previous backups from the app? Can we do anything about the past?

Furthermore, I will need to test if disabling this will actually work and not do any backups. How can I do this?

Question regarding LN node backups

I have LN node running on c-lightning. I am performing ~/.lightning dir backups time-to-time.

Let’s say after backup i open few new channels and withdraw rest of onchain funds to my electrum. Then i restore a backup.

What will happen to my node and its channels?

P.S. i have tried such scenario once. Onchain funds status after backup restore become ‘spent’. i had to launch ‘lightning-cli dev-rescan-outputs’ to refresh onchain funds and get actual status. While my node lists channels in ‘listfunds’, i see that those channels become inactive. What is happening under the hood? what is the correct way of making and restoring node backups?

Using Termux to Backups Android’s Contact List

In Termux’s website’s main page, they write (among other stuff):

“use rsync to store backups of your contact list on a remote server”

This makes me wonder:
Android’s Contact List is stored in an SQLite DB, which is a file on the phone’s internal storage.
rsync synchronizes files.

So If I understand the required implementation behind this idea,
then what they mean by the quoted sentence, is that you can simply synchronize the whole SQLite DB file, to a remote server.

The problem is:
What happens when the day comes, and you need to Restore your Contacts DB?

I assume that Android will not let you copy the SQLite DB file that you saved aside, over the current (new, and empty) Contact List’s SQLite DB file,
So how will we do the restoration?

I hope someone understood their idea in this sentence..

How can I see backups for corporate accounts in Google Drive?

I have a personal and a corporate Google account, the corporate being in the domain of my company. When I head to my personal account, I see a tab “backups” in the left side of the page as shown in the below image enter image description here

from there I can manage the backups made in that account. However, in my corporate account I can’t see the backups tab even though I’m perfectly able to backup my data using said account, as shown below

enter image description here

I’m aware that clicking the gear -> “configuration” -> “manage apps” will show me all the apps, but I want to show the “backups” tab of possible.

Is there any way of showing the “backups” tab in a Google Drive corporate account?


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