Using fork() for monitoring files and making backups

I wrote program which can monitor files every second (or rare). It stores in its memory content of file and if it notices that file was modified it will write last version into some txt file and remember new version. Every file has its own process made by fork(). I am wondering why after writing backup to file and reading new version process stops. I solved it by making another process in currently working, but it gives me sleepless nights. Is there any explanation for that?

WS 2012R2 Hyper-V Exchange and SQL Guest Backups

Background: 2012R2 host running Hyper-V. Virtualised: DC, Exchange 2013 and SQL 2016 (2012R2). This is a lab environment so numerous options are welcomed. In short, we currently backup the entire environment using WSB at the host level. The Full VSS backup includes BMR, SS, all VM’s and the relevant files and folders once weekly. Provoking a recovery scenario where the exchange server has completely failed (let’s say by deleting the VM).

Without questioning the latent weekly backup (this is a learning curve) would the recovery situation be as simple as firing up the most recent backup, kicking off a restore job and simply starting Exchange Server (or even restoring the VHDx file to an alternate location and recreating the VM + necessary settings)?

Would Active Directory know that the exchange server in question is a week old and populate all changes such as send and receive connectors, newly accepted receive domains, additionally created user mailboxes to the restored Exchange Server, time and date difference?

Also, with SQL, would the correct procedure be to restore the SQL server in question and simply detach existing database and attach the most recently backed up ones? (gMSA accounts are being used so I assume no SPN registration is required)

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3rd party backups?

Hey Everyone, spoke to my host today as with our PAST host we use to be able to upgrade storage easily.
They told me I could look into a 3r… | Read the rest of

How to backups whole phone storage (android)

Is it possible to backups android phone including partition table if its possible then how to backups whole phone storage in android including all partitions, partition table, whole phone, and how to restore them. I have snapdragon 615 I can backup all partition using twrp ( modded one where I added all the partitions ). But I like the solid one where you need other software specially on computers where you download the firmware then flash it. BTW is it possible to create your own flashable stock ROM using some software on computers like ex. Qfil and if its possible then how?.

How to delete “invisible” files/folders (device backups)

I am trying to recover about 162 GB of drive space by deleting device backups from ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup on a MBP running El Capitan (10.11.6.) To be safe I dragged the Backup folder to a folder I created on a NAS, thinking this would simply copy the folder and its contents over. Instead the folder disappeared from the local drive and was nowhere to be found on the NAS.

I think I understand why the drag operation failed without warning*. But the problem I face now is that I have no way to reference the Backup folder in order to actually delete it. Thus 162 GB are occupied with apparently no way for me to free them up. With about 2 GB of free space on that system drive the machine is crawling.

Any thoughts on how I might free up that space without reformatting the drive would be much appreciated.

*This NAS holds Time Machine backups of two MPBs, as well as a couple of shares used for temporary backup storage. If memory serves, rather than mounting the share properly, and accessing it in Finder from the Shared or Devices section of the sidebar to set the drag destination, I created a folder, possibly inside the folder containing the TM backup, and used that as the drag destination. The “copy” was instantaneous (a dead giveaway that something was wrong), and then I later could not find the folder I had created, nor the Backup folder I had copied. Dumb mistake, likely due to sleep deprivation, or lame human multitasking.

Need VPS for FTP backups

Please help me with an advice (hosting provider) for a VPS:

-ddos protection, managed, reliable
-500-1000GB raid (enterprise hdd… | Read the rest of