Importance of Using Paper Bags

Carrybags has  become  a  more  convenient way  to  carry  daily  necessities  and  for  packaging  in small quantities. The well-known form of such bags is in the form of plastic bags. Despite of all known hazards of plastic pollution, it’s prevalent and pervasive in India. Plastic bags are one  of the worst and  most unnecessary plastic polluters of the earth. Plastic bags are used on a large  scale  by  retailers  for  a  simple  reason  that  plastic bags  are  much  cheaper  than  paper,  cloth  or  other  eco-friendly  bags. This  paper  presents  the  designing  and development  of  asystem  to automate  the  procedure  of paper bags production so as to make its production cost comparable  to  plastic  bags  and  inherently  increase  its production  rate  so  as  to  fulfill  the  ever  increasing demand.  We have  used  micro-controller  based  design approach  which  has  kept  the  cost  of  the  system significantly low as compared to PLC based designs and have automated the manufacturing process.

    We  need  small  size  bags  every  day  for  various purposes  like  grocery,  fruits,  and  vegetables.  We  use plastic  bags  for  such  purposes.  Plastic  shopping  bags have  a  surprisingly  significant  environmental  impact for    something    so    seemingly innocuous.    Plastic shopping  bags  kill  large  numbers  of  wildlife  each year.  One  of  the  most  dramatic  impacts  is  on  marine life.So  to  avoid  above  harmful  effects  of  Plastic  Bags, viable  alternative  is  required  which  is  Paper  Bag. Actually,  Paper  Bag  is  being  used  but  in  very  small scale.  Conventional  Paper  Bags  requirespecial  paper which  increases  the  overall  cost  of  the  Paper  Bag. This is the main cause due to which use of Paper Bag is  less.  Also  initial  investment  cost  is  very  much  in conventional paper bag making machine. So it cannot be used for small scale production.All  these  problems are  eliminated  in the  presented machine. Amachine  whose  initial  cost is  less,  which does not require any special paper, which can be used for small scale production, is developed. Thismachine willhelp  a  poor  family  to  earn  money  through  small scale production of paper bags.

    Paper bags have been gaining popularity since then plastic bags have been banned in various countries and cities. The product is made in two ways; traditionally, i.e. manual which is a manual or technical means i.e. with the help of automated equipment. The second method is much larger. In other words, it requires less workers and more money to buy land and equipment. Based on the core business of nonwoven bag making machine Manufacturers, the machine has 2 different output capabilities with good finish and seamless quality.

    Amazing Benefits of Using a Paper Bag Production Machine: –

    Excellent Quality: The great advantage of producing a paper bag from an automated machine is the excellent quality one can achieve throughout the production process. When we make paper bags in traditional ways, the quality of the product does not always match the whole production process. It is difficult to maintain the same level of quality per unit. Machine paper bags offer the same quality and precision each time.

    Save on Work Expenditure: The introduction of an automated production process machine including slitting machine has reduced the need for workers in the paper industry. One only needs to change the paper roll and collect the finished product after the production process is completed. This saves unnecessary costs on jobs and you can invest in machinery and land instead of workers. Too much machinery and land can lead to a double standard of business production at the same time.

    Distributed Production Level: Quality and fast production are two of the most important factors in any production process and automated production for the purpose of the product satisfies both of these factors while improving the quality of production. Save real time financially and increase your productivity compared to handmade methods. You can actually upgrade your product over time.

    Energy Saving: An automated machine saves human energy and helps increase productivity. Both man and machine have different working powers. The machine can work more efficiently than man and requires fewer working breaks than man. You can have a good level of mechanical production. The machine can double your production rate at the same time. However, one can only increase the product because everyone has a different working capacity.

    Paper bags are gaining importance as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time environment friendly and pose less threat to wildlife. it requires less energy for paper bags to be recycled than plastic bags. Paper bags have come a long way since their beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century when some paper bag manufacturers started developing paper bags that are more hardy and long lasting. The paper bags are generally box-shaped in design that allows them to stand upright and hold more goods. Corporates are using paper bags for promotions, seminars, product packaging and branding purposes.

    By selecting high quality paper bag manufacturer can deliver recycled brown color paper bags in big and small quantities, regular and premium paper bags which add a professional touch that consumers love and appreciate. Besides, you can add your own custom brand to any paper bag to promote your business. Read on to discover the importance of paper bags.

    1. Plastic bags cause environmental damage such as increase the level of air pollution. Plastic bags not only have adverse effects on our natural habitats, death of many animals. Plastic bags are not renewable and you need UV rays to destroy it, which is harmful for environment.Paper bags on the other hand are environment friendly and can be recycled.

    2. Paper bags are usually made from wood. So, these bags can be produced into a new paper like newspapers, magazines or books. Waste papers are also biodegradable so they can be easily degenerate and do not pile up on dump sites.

    3. You can also buy them at a very cheap price particularly if they are bought wholesale.

    4. Possessing a paper bag is practical and you can use them to bring your groceries and the premium quality paper bags can be used as paper gift bags.

    5. Most people nowadays prefer using paper bags because they are easy to carry, neat and can hold lot of items. It adds to your status symbol as they can be embossed and grained to enhance the look.

    6. Paper bags are usually used extensively in malls and exhibitions for delivering over the counter products as research shows that paper bags contain at least 35% recycled material.

    7. Corporates are nowadays using paper bags for promotions, seminars, product packaging, and branding purposes as they are competitively priced.

    8. Paper bag manufacturers can help you to decide the right size and type of paper bags as per your project, budget and quantity.

    9. You can choose paper bags with special properties that will seal the freshness and give an aesthetic look to your brand as offset and screen printing is possible.

    10. When your product is properly packaged with premium quality paper bags, you can attract more customers which will help in promoting your brand to the targetaudience.

    So, if you are ecofriendly and at the same time want to be ahead of your competitors, start using paper bags.

What Are Bulk Bags Made Of?

If your business deals with large quantities of materials, you need a reliable and convenient method of storing and transporting them. In that case, look no further than refurbished bulk jumbo bags made from woven plastic.
Refurbished bulk bags are sturdy, durable, economical — and they are great for the environment as well. Using refurbished bulk bags help keep plastic out of our landfills, where it would remain for years. The global market has recently picked up on the many advantages of bulk bags — in 2018, the global bulk bag market amounted to about $4.1 billion, and by 2025 that number is expected to climb to about $6.6 billion.
But why are bulk bags made of woven plastic? This article covers the advantages of this material, and how different types of bulk bags are used in various industries.
Why Are Bulk Bags Made of Woven Plastic?
Bulk bags are made of woven plastic fibers — usually a soft thermoplastic material known as polypropylene, though sometimes PVC for extra durability and protection — because of the many advantages they offer:

  • Lightweight: Woven plastic is lightweight — polypropylene is one of the lightest of commercial plastics, and bulk bags typically weigh only 5 to 7 pounds. The lightness of the material makes the bags user-friendly and convenient for storage and transport of materials.
  • Strength: Woven plastic is also incredibly strong and dependable. As the fibers interweave over, under and between one another, they create durable, dense layers that perform impressively even with industrial-sized loads. These properties make bulk bags ideal for the storage and transport of goods because they can lift and store between 500 and 4,000 pounds with ease.
  • Resilience: Another benefit of woven plastic is its resistance to breakdown by many chemicals. Making PP jumbo bags out of woven polypropylene fibers helps improve their lifespans, giving companies many quality uses out of them as long as the bags have the correct safety factor rating.
  • Durability: Woven plastic is also resistant to shrinkage, stretching, humidity and heat. So even in a hot, demanding environment, PP woven bags will keep their shape and retain their ability to hold goods safely and effectively.
  • Watertightness: Woven plastic bags can be specially treated for water-tightness, so they can transport and store goods securely without admitting water that could cause mold or spoilage.
  • Flexibility: Woven plastic is soft and pliable, so woven plastic bulk bags are user-friendly because of their flexibility. They can fold into compact shapes for storage, so they leave plenty of space for work on the warehouse or factory floor.
  • Recyclability: Once businesses have used woven plastic bags as long as possible, the bags can be recycled into other materials. Typically, the plastic is cut into small, manageable chunks and then used in new bags or other polypropylene products.

How Woven Plastic Bulk Bags Benefit Each Industry
Woven plastic bulk bags provide benefits to a number of industries, such as food PP woven bags, and different types of bulk bags are particularly useful in different applications. Industries commonly use four different types of bulk bags:

  • Open top bulk bags: Open top bulk bags are cubes made of woven plastic on five sides, with the top entirely open. In industries that need to fill bulk bags manually, open top bulk bags are an excellent choice.
  • Duffle top bulk bags: Duffle top bulk bags have extra fabric at the top that allows users to open and close the top inlet completely. Duffle top bulk bags are ideal choices in industries where complete coverage of transported and stored materials is essential.
  • Spout top bulk bags: Spout top bulk bags are similar to duffle top bulk bags except that they have spouts in place of closable fabric. These bags are ideal for industries that need to fill bulk bags quickly, efficiently and with minimal spills.
  • Baffled bulk bags: Baffled bulk bags are similar to open top bulk bags — they are open at the top — but they have additional sturdy interior linings. These lining panels allow the bag to maintain its fixed cubic shape no matter what material it contains or how heavy that material is. Baffled bulk bags are ideal for industrial applications in which bulk bags will be stacked or packed tightly into a small space.

Below are a few of the industries in which these different styles of woven plastic bulk bags are beneficial:

  • Agriculture: Bulk bags are incredibly useful in the agricultural industry. Many agricultural products, like seeds, grain and feed, require reliable methods of storage and transport. Bulk bags fill this role efficiently and reliably, and chemical-free food-grade bags are perfect for agricultural products intended for human or animal consumption, such as flours, corn and rice. Spout top bags make pouring easy, and duffle top bags are great options for providing extra protection for consumable products. Also, there are also chemical jumbo bags.
  • Construction: The construction industry often needs to transport and store bulky materials such as sand, gravel, cement, bricks, lumber, nails and other supplies. Construction jumbo bags make an excellent fit for the construction industry because of their strength, durability and safety. Open top bags are great options when bulky materials may not quite fit into the bag space, and baffled bags are smart options when materials need to be stacked for storage or transport.
  • Food processing: The food processing industry makes use of many materials such as flours, grains, sugars, beans and other dry bulk products like potatoes and onions. Food-grade, chemical-free food jumbo bags make excellent transport and storage vessels for these items — and for pet food products as well. Spout top bags make pouring dry bulk products easy, open top bags allow for maximum ventilation, and duffle top bulk bags offer extra protection for food products.
  • Mining: Mining operations need to transport valuable materials such as coal and metal ores, as well as process materials and byproducts like gravel, rock and soil. Durable, flexible mineral jumbo bags offer excellent options for the mining industry. Open tops allow for overfilling at the top of the bag, and baffled bulk bags make stacking and storing mining products convenient and easy.

How to Choose the Best Bulk Bag for Your Business
Choosing the best bulk bag for your business is often easy and intuitive. Assess the materials your business handles and what some of its specific storage and transport needs are. You can then determine the style of bulk bag that will best fit your company’s requirements.
Here are some of the factors you may want to evaluate when deciding on bulk bags:

  • Extra protection needs: When you’re choosing bulk bags, consider whether the products you work with require additional protection, especially as transport jumbo bags. If so, you may want to consider duffle top bags or baffled bags. Duffle top bags allow for complete, secure top closure, and baffled bags provide extra, sturdy side reinforcement for sensitive loads.
  • Filling needs: Your bag-filling requirements will also come into play. Think about whether your operations require extra speed and accuracy in filling bulk bags. You should also consider whether minimizing product losses due to spillage is a high priority. If so, consider investing in spout top bags that can direct the flow of product for a more efficient filling process all around.
  • Load size and shape: When you’re choosing daily jumbo bags, you should also consider the size and shape of the loads they are likely to carry. If loads are bulky and irregularly shaped, think about open top bags, which allow for more flexibility by letting products stick out or slightly overfill the bag as needed.
  • Stacking and space-filling needs: Consider your stacking and space-filling needs as well. If your space is cramped or your product volumes are high, your operations require that your bags stack in efficient cubes with minimal space. If so, consider baffled bags, since their sturdy reinforcing panels allow the bags to maintain regular cubic shapes that stack easily.

Partner With Bulk Bag Reclamation for All Your Bulk Bag Needs
When you’re looking for bulk bags for your business, partner with Bulk Bag Reclamation. Buying refurbished bulk bags helps your company save money, improve its bottom line and gain quality, reliable bulk bags to keep operations running smoothly. Best of all, you’ll know you’re keeping plastic out of the earth’s landfills — doing your part for the environment and our planet’s habitability.

The Ultimate Guide to Waterproof Dry Bags

The Ultimate Guide to Waterproof Dry Bags
Dry bags are a must-have piece of gear for any outdoor adventurer. While they are simple, easy to use, you’ll find there are many different styles, sizes, materials, and features that go into them. I hope to guide you through the decision-making process with this ultimate guide to waterproof dry bags. Let’s get started!
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What’s a Waterproof Dry Bag?
As the name implies, their primary job is to keep any piece of outdoor gear dry. The bag is a flexible container, typically with a roll-top closure. Roll-top Dry Bags provide a Watertight enclosure by the way they are secured. Instead of a Zip-top or zipper type of closing mechanism, the bag is secured by rolling down or dog-earing the top at least three times, them clipping the buckles together.
We will go over other ways of securing a dry bag, but the most reliable ones are closed with a roll-top seal. The reason Mountaineers prefer this over a zipper and zip-top closing style is that a rolling top is virtually indestructible.
Two pieces of fabric being pressed together won’t wear out like a waterproof zipper. It will perform the same in a cold environment (unlike a zipper) and can easily be closed with gloves on.
Who Uses Dry Bags & What Are They For
Waterproof dry bags are one of the most common items for many outdoor activities. It’s easy to see why, over the years, many people have adopted them.
Backpackers: Wanting to separate valuable gear keeping it clean and dry. Have multiple smaller dry bags of different colors help keep them organized.
Water Sports: It’s ubiquitous to find a large waterproof dry bag on a Kayak or Canoe. Waterproof backpacks are used for paddleboarding or SUP for short. Large dry bags are also routinely used for rafting as well.
Camping: Dry bags are used to keep wet gear separate from dry clothes. Small dry bags can hold electronics, keeping them safe from water and dust.
Alternative Uses: Using them as a pillow, gathering water, a bear bag, and a boat anchor.
These are just some of the uses for people that need to protect their equipment.
Different Closing Dry Bag Styles
Closing roll-top dry bags is recommended, but let’s look at other ways of closing them. Let’s compare the zip-top and zipper closing bags to the roll-top.
Zip-Top or Ziploc Closing Dry Bag
This type of bag is excellent for smaller, lighter items that fit nicely in the small pockets of a backpack. I keep a few Ziploc bags whenever I go hiking to keep my toiletries clean. The problem with this closing mechanism is when you have larger, more substantial items.
With heavier gear rolling around in a Ziploc bag, the top can easily blow out. If you close a Ziploc bag with air in it, a small amount of pressure will pop the bag right open. A roll-top dry bag won’t do this. If enough force is applied to a roll-top style bag, the seams will blow out before the top will.
Cold weather will make the zip-top stiff and hard to close. While they will be fine in most temperatures the cold weather will affect the performance.
Freegrace sells a dry bag that has a zip-top combined with a roll-top. While this isn’t necessary or really adds any extra protection, they claim it’s for added security. They also note that in cold weather, the zip-top won’t perform well, and oil needs to be applied before closing the bag.
Waterproof Zipper Dry Bags
A true waterproof zipper will not leak, but the problem is many so-called “Waterproof Zippers” are merely water-resistant. This kind of zipper will let water leak in if they are exposed in the rain or dropped in water long enough. Bag manufacturers do this to save on costs because true waterproof zippers are expensive.
Another downside is that waterproof zippers are stiff, so they don’t slide easily like the normal zippers we’re used to using. This can be a real pain in cold weather as the zippers will be even stiffer. Lubricating the zipper can help with this stiffness.
As with zip-top bags, zippers can blow out when overstuffed. If this happens while you’re out on the trail, you could be stuck with a useless bag for days.
The last downside is that zipper bags are difficult to close with gloves on. In cold weather, the zipper will stiffen up, making it even hard to close with thick winter gloves.
How to Choose The Best Dry Bag
Before we look at different sizes of dry bags, we need to choose a material first. Dry bags generally come in two different categories, thick heavyweight or thin ultra-lightweight material.
Thick Dry Bags
Some dry bags are heavy, but they’re built to take a beating. Take a look at a dry bag made from 500D PCV Tarpaulin for durability. It’s tough, but at the downside of being very heavy and inflexible. These kinds of dry bags are usually recommended as “best value” because they last for years in harsh conditions.
Benefits Of Having A Waterproof Backpack
One of the most infuriating things about going camping, backpacking, or hiking during the rainy months of the year is reaching your destination and finding all your gear and equipment soaked through. And it doesn’t even have to be raining for you to experience this. Sometimes, crossing a river or a creek or walking under a waterfall is more than enough for this to happen. That is why many knowledgeable and experienced camper or backpacker knows how important it is to have a reliable waterproof backpacking or hiking backpack.
A waterproof backpacking backpack or camping backpack comes with many benefits that you wouldn’t get from a typical everyday backpack. However, some of the latest waterproof backpacks imbued with the best waterproofing technology can be quite expensive which is why some people are on the fence when it comes to purchasing one. If you are looking for a reason or two as to why you should invest in one, we have outlined the best ones below for you. But before we dive into our top reasons why you need a waterproof backpack, let’s go over a brief description of what it actually is and how it is different from another popular type of outdoor backpack, the water-resistant backpack.
The Best Waterproof Duffel Bags: Duffel Dry Bags for Travel & Outdoors
If you’ve ever been concerned about your belongings getting wet while traveling or spending time outdoors—a waterproof duffel bag is your secret weapon. These durable and fully waterproof bags are ideal for situations when you just need the ultimate protection.
A versatile travel backpack is great for everyday travel, but when you need to keep your gear safe from even the most extreme conditions, dry bag type duffels are a much better option.
When traveling, especially in foreign climates, you just don’t know what conditions you’ll find yourself in—and who knows what happens to your bag in transit. I’ve learned to be better prepared and safe, than sorry.
I’ve taken 10+ hour overnight bus journeys only to arrive at my destination finding that my luggage was moved from the secure and dry under bus storage to the top roof rack! Thankfully on this trip I decided chose decided to take my The North Face Base Camp Duffel, which keep all my belongings dry—even through a wet and rainy night.
Your average travel backpack and luggage are great for the casual traveler, but if you are one who seeks adventure and outdoors, they often just don’t cut it.
Most travel bags will do a decent job keeping your gear dry when exposed to light rain, but a fully waterproof bag will ensure your stuff stays dry—no matter what.
Cooler Bag Technology
The original ice chest was made out of galvanized metal. Later versions were made from hard plastic. They were double-walled with a layer of dense Styrofoam in between which helped to keep the contents cool. Today’s ice chests are still made this same basic way.
Styrofoam was a suitable insulator, but it had to be relatively thick to maintain internal temperatures for an extended period of time. And, of course, Styrofoam is easily dented and broken, so it had to be encapsulated in a hard shell to prevent breakage. As such, ice chests have to be rigid.
By contrast, cooler bags are not rigid. Instead, they are usually made from heavy but flexible fabrics, like polyester, on the outside. The inside is lined with heavy duty foil. In between the outer and inner layers are layers of materials like flexible foam, which are thin but dense and have the ability to maintain internal temperatures for several hours. This technology allows for a bag that is flexible and thin and, therefore, easy and convenient to transport. Also, unlike their rigid predecessors, cooler bag can be manufactured in a wider variety of sizes and shapes.
How to get abandoned, lost and discarded ‘ghost’ fishing gear out of the ocean
Fishing gear and plastic marine debris is a growing global issue. Abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear — often called ghost gear — can contribute up to 76 per cent of all marine debris found during beach cleanups.
Estimates of the weight of abandoned fish gear vary widely by region and by type of gear used. One study retrieved 14 tonnes from the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. In one fishing region in Nova Scotia, an estimated 22 tonnes of fishing gear remains at sea. Overall, an estimated 640,000 tonnes of ghost gear is lost globally in the oceans every year.
This derelict fishing gear continues to catch fish, including commercially valuable and threatened species, and other marine fauna. For example, ghost gear, especially nets, are responsible for entangling seals and sea turtles. One abandoned fishing net in Puget Sound in the United States is expected to catch two invertebrates per day, one fish every three days and one seabird every five days.
It also costs fishers. Ghost gear reduces catch rates and cuts into profits, it is expensive to replace and it can be dangerous — getting tangled in propellers and snarling anchors.
What Makes a Good Fishing Cooler?
Fishing cooler bag generally spend a lot of time in the sun and around the water, so it’s important that these coolers are both rust resistant and UV protected. Other benefits of a true fishing cooler will be the added insulation as well as odor and stain resistant materials. A good fishing cooler will also need to come equipped with a good seal to protect ice retention. There are many great fishing coolers to choose from, but have you ever thought about an insulated fish bag? These insulated bags can be a great alternative depending on how you plan to use your fishing cooler.
What is a Fishing Bucket?
Fishing bucket is frequently used by professional fisherman for the simple fact that they have been proven that the original weight of a fish can be maintained by placing it in an insulated bag with ice. Good insulated fish bags are lightweight, weighing much less than even small coolers. UV resistant, they are designed to hold ice all day; keeping your newly caught fish fresh for hours. These insulated fish bags should be leak proof and should be constructed in a way which makes them easy to clean. So, which is the best choice for your next fishing trip? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both.

FIBC Jumbo Bags

PP woven bags or jumbo bags are known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags (FIBC bags). It is an economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated and bulk products like sand, fertilizers or plastic granules. FIBCs are most often made of thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene, either coated or uncoated. We are masters in making polypropylene texture/fabric in a type of cubic bags.
Rectangular jumbo Bags are easy for storing and carrying solid material. Also, these are resistant to any sort of physical damage. They don’t cause any harm to the material while carrying in the bag. With a large storage capacity, these jumbo bags are ideal for carrying huge material in a convenient and simple manner.
U-Panel jumbo bags are constructed with three main body components – one that runs the full length of the bag forming the bottom and two sides (the “U”) and two additional pieces of fabric sewn between the U on two sides (the “Panel”). Generally, U-panel bags will maintain a square shape when filled, especially with the addition of internal baffles. U-panel bags are an industry standard and the most popular type of construction.
Baffles are pieces of fabric that are sewn to the inside corners of a bag to maintain its cube shape after filling. The baffles have holes that allow the product to flow freely through them. The baffles also prevent the bag from bulging, which makes the baffle jumbo bag stand up straight and in turn allows the bags to be more efficient in their use of space.  Net and tie baffles are another type of baffle option, but not as common.
Type C jumbo Bags are known within the industry as conductive or groundable Bulk Bags or conductive jumbo bags. Constructed from non-conductive polypropylene material interwoven with conductive yarns that form a grid pattern, these are designed to control electrostatic charges by grounding. The inner or outer surfaces of the FIBC may have a thin coating. In this case, the breakdown voltage to the conductive threads must not exceed 6 kV to avoid propagating brush discharges The bag must be electrically grounded during filling and emptying – this is essential to the safe use and performance of a Type C bag.
Also called a tubular jumbo bag, the Circular Bag is made from fabric woven on a circular loom, which is then cut to the proper length for a specified bag height, thereby eliminating the vertical seams on each of the bag’s sides.  The tubular body design is ideal as a linerless option for fine and hygroscopic materials.  It is also an excellent alternative to the original four-panel bag construction.  

What are anti-static FIBCs, or anti-statics jumbo bags? They are large transport and storage bags that resist electrostatic charge. Their typical diameter when filled is 45 to 48 inches, which allows the bags to fit two across in a typical shipping container or truck. They are standardized containers and meet ISO standards.
FIBCs, or flexible indeterminate bulk containers, have the following characteristics:
1. They cannot be handled manually when they are filled.
2. They are intended for the transport of solid material, whether flakes, powder or grains.
3. They require no further packaging.
4. They are designed for lifting from above by their lift loops or straps.

Compelling Reasons to Wear Canvas Shopping Bags More Often

Life in plastic is definitely not fantastic, and we all know that. With plastic shopping bans seeing their banning across the world, the good old canvas shopping bags are coming back bigger, better, and bolder.
Canvas shopping bags and canvas tote bags are not new as fashionable, wearable, and stylish accessories. On the contrary, they become all the rage right now, as they convey an even more powerful statement than luxury designer purses.
They speak not about money but mindfulness, ethics, belonging, access and culture. And the moment you see huge designer houses creating their branded canvas totes or canvas shopping bags, you know you were on the right track all along.
Nevertheless, what makes canvas bags so desirable and so hip these days? We will take a look at modern trends and identify all the compelling reasons for you to wear canvas shopping bags more often – and not only for shopping, of course!

1. They are versatile
You can easily repurpose a natural cotton shopping bag into a daily casual bag to carry your personal items around town when you are out for a walk, go to the office, or have brunch with your girlfriends.
The beauty of these bags reside in their simplicity. Shop them in bulk in different vibrant colors for your shopping needs and pick the colors that best match your outfits, occasion, or personality. This way you will never run out of stylish and matching purses all year long.
Do you want to know what is even better? Any large and sturdy lunch box bag canvas can successfully replace a beach bag or a gym bag.
2. Size Does Matter
Besides their resilience to weight, large capacity canvas bags come in larger, generous sizes. In other words, they can also host your laptop, DSLR camera, books, school papers, and other work or personal items.
If you want to carry some of your freelancer, student, or working materials around in a fashionable manner, a large, solid canvas shopping bag can take you all places in a fun, eco-friendly, and practical manner. Protecting your items is also easy, as you can opt for some heavy canvas zipper tote bags for extra safety.  

3. Mindful Protection of the Environment
One of the greatest advantages of canvas bag shopping is that they are reusable, completely washable, and easy to carry, fold, store, and grab at any time. You do have to wear a canvas tote bag for a while until it returns on its environmental investment, but you can achieve such a goal with no effort.
You can carry your tote bags anywhere you prefer to shop, be it the mall supermarket or the farmers’ market. As long as you wrap some groceries in butcher paper (meats and fresh vegetables that might dirty the canvas bag), you can easily wash the bag and take it to the market next time.

4. Amazing Travelling Bags
If you need an all-nighter bag or a bag that easily transitions from a day bag to a trip bag, you can grab your hand-carried canvas bag and be on your way. While these bags do not offer the comfort of a suitcase or trolley bags, you can use them for short-distance trips, car trips, a weekend at your family’s house trips, and so on.
They can accommodate a pajama, an overnight self-care kit, wallet, phone, headphones, and a book or tablet if you decide to visit friends or family right after work on a Friday evening.
5. Great Travel Accessories
When you travel for longer distances and greater amounts of time – think about a week’s vacation abroad or a city break with your loved one – you can pack one of these plush bags in your luggage. They compensate for all the purses, backpacks, and messenger bags you would think about carrying with you on holidays.
Lighter vacation luggage also means less airport fees and plenty of comfort once you arrive to your destination. They work great in all environments, so you can match one to your jeans-and-sneakers Barcelona walking trip or your seaside kit on a Greek’s island beach.
You can carry them in urban environments, in exotic natural landscapes, in museums, shops, crowded markets, at the restaurant, and during all sightseeing adventures. Besides the fact that they can carry small, big, lightweight or heavy items in the same demure and stylish fashion, you can actually take more than one with you. What is better: filling a suitcase with purses or a suitcase pocket with well-folded canvas book bags in all the colors you love?

Printable Paper Bags service

Printed paper gift bags
Now printed paper gift bags are not only one packaging but one extension of commodity culture, the quality of printed paper gift bags is a manifestation of market value of the commodity, and it reflects the degree of the attention by enterprise to goods and it demonstrates the culture of enterprises. Generally speaking, the design of printed paper gift bag is simple and generous, and the company’s logo and company name are the main factors, or add the company’s business philosophy, which can enhance consumers’ impression of the company or product and get a good publicity effect. In a sense, the printed paper gift bags has the effect of advertising, it begins to play important roles at expanding sales, setting up name brand, stimulating purchase desire and enhancing competitiveness. Do you want to get one type of quality printed paper gift bags?   
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you with our so many years of experience in this printing industry.
Quick details
Product MaterialTongueaperPaper Type:Art Paper, white card paperProduct TypeTongueaper bags
FeaturerecyclableSealing and handlepp ropeSurface Finish:Varnish
Printing Type:Offset PrintingColor:CMYK color
& PantonSize:Customized size accepted
Place of Origin:Qingdao,ChinaSample:AvailableArtworkAI,PDF, CDR, PSD, EPS, 300dpi
UseShopping,giftProduct name printed paper gift bags ItemSquare bottom paper bags

Product term  printed paper gift bags
Business Scope Paper shopping bags, paper gift bags, customs logo bags, paper tote bags etc
Size L*W*H (mm) —customized size
Paper typeart paper: 128gsm-400gsm
kraft paper: 175gsm-450gsm
white card paper: 250gsm-450gsm
special paper: 120gsm-200gsm
According to customers’ requirements
Handle PP rope, cotton rope, ribbon
twisted paper handle, die-cut handle workable
Logo According to customer’s request
PrintingOffset Printing, Digital Printing, Screen Printing
Color CMYK color & Pantone color
Surface Finishing Glossy & Matt Lamination; Golden/Silver Hot-stamping
Emboss & Deboss; UV coating; Glossy varnish
Aqueous varnishing
ArtworkThe resolution of images should be over 300 dpi
MOQ500 pcs
Packingseaworthy cartons or customized
Delivery termsEXW,FOB,CIF,CFR
QC100% inspection cargos before delivery
Payment termsL/C,D/P, T/T,Western Union,
Quote requirementSize, pages, materials, colors, binding, quantity, finishing,
It will be great that you provides us PDF file or sample for our reference. Printable Paper Bags service

Sling Bags factory

Size: 25*16*19cm
Material: canvas
Fashion design with durable canvas
Big capacity for more things packing
Classic model for business
The fashion design men sling bag is made of 8oz canvas with big volume package. Its for men sling bag usually take out for business, leisure, sports or other activities.
A designer sling bag should be attract more attentions to meet the market. Cotton sling bag is good quality which more popular for businessman, its the most normal fabric for designer for their design.
This sling bag with big capacity, a main big room for more things, and front bag for ipad,
This canvas sling bag with fashion design is one of the upcoming trends. Its a fashion statement and easy way to fashion forward men for men to carry their wares. Modern sling bag is small in nature but have a large holding capacity, addition a secure sling bag should be waterproof in order to protect valuable from exposure to water. Trending sling bag is made to complement both casual and formal events, so that you can feel free to carry it to anywhere. When shopping for a sling bag ensure to get one that will last long, has enough carriage capacity, and one that’s designed to match the kind of activities you want to engage in.
This men personalized sling bag is awesome, there is a storage compartment with zippered side entry, an audio pocket and a headphone exit port. Available in different color as what you want. This is a great sling pack to take on a day hike, to your favorite amusement park or just when you out on the go.
And this is a lightweight bag with a fashion and youthful style and is ideal for being worn as a cross body sling bag. The structure details of the bottom of this handmade bag are really interesting and give the bag its slouchy shape similar to a drop.Sling Bags factory

Putting elements in allowed bags

Let’s say I have a list of “Items”

I also have a list of “Bags”. Each bag is a set of “Items” which gives what item can be placed in that bag. But only one item can go in each bag.

I want to place all items in a bag. It’s okay if there are empty bags left over.

Does this sort of problem have a name and a solution other than a naive depth first search (a link in the direction of such an approach will be fine)?