Western Union and Bank transfers are now available to the following countries Worldwide!!! All my T

Western Union and Bank transfers are now available to the following countries Worldwide!!!

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Western Union and Bank transfers are now available to the following countries Worldwide!!! All my T

UK Visit Visa Guidance – Amount to show in Bank Statement

I have been reading many questions and thought to ask a particular question regarding my plans.

I have been invited by a company in UK to attend a course, they will be covering the Hotel Expense + Air Tickets. And will be providing the invitation letter. However i will be paying the tickets for my wife and kids.

I am using 4 different banks, and i am a sole proprietor. Usually my income comes in my personal account. I have bank accounts since many years. So there is a good amount of Credit / Debit – Transactions.. Be it small or big amounts.. I am a Tax Filer since 2012 in my home country too.

My main concern is if currently my account statement is showing a little low ending amount balance (My Father will give me some funds though if need be)

  • Should i wait a month or two and than apply for Visa? So in due course i can have a increase in my income ? Will this be counted as “Funds Parking” ?
  • Normally how many days/weeks we have to wait for no big credit to occur in bank, and print the statement to apply for visa?
  • What amount should be shown in Ending balance, if the visit if for 10 days (2 adults and 2 kids (youngsters)).
  • Since i have some amount but a bit low, can i use my Father as a sponsor too, or you think the ideal case is to wait and make my Statement (ending balance) a little strong and than apply?

Thanks for your help.

Schengen requirement for bank balance- throughout 3 month period or closing balance?

I am travelling with my sister to Netherlands, but she is applying through the Spanish consulate in London because she will be travelling to Spain after Amsterdam and that’s her main destination as she will be there for one more day than the Netherlands.

There is a requirement that £724 balance must show in her account. I wanted to know whether this means that the balance should not have been lower than £724 at any point in the previous three months, or whether the £724 needs to be the closing balance. In February and March she had very low balance, but from September to January and again in April, she has had a good balance. She moved some more money into her account in the UK and now has had more than £724 in there for about 2 weeks.

Could anyone advise whether the requirement is to maintain the funds for the entire period of the statements or the closing balance? The information on the internet is not very clear on this.

Unexpected email from Yorkshire Bank

I have started receiving unexpected emails from Yorkshire Bank.

I have never been a customer. I don’t recall applying for any of their products either, although maybe I did many years ago.

The first of the strange emails reads:

Your partial postcode is 8NX

We’ve included your postcode at the top so you can be sure this email is from Yorkshire Bank. To see how you can stay safe online, visit the Security Centre

We’ve sent your Authentication Code Letter

Hi Mr Stewart,

You should have received our letter that contains an authentication code by now.

Once you’ve got our letter, you can confirm the code by clicking on the button below to get back to your application, and then follow the instructions. This will allow us to progress with your application.

The sender appears to be legitimately email.yorkshirebank.co.uk, but the 8NX is NOT part of my postcode in any way.

There have been 3 following emails, of an advertising nature.

I feel that ignoring would be the wrong thing to do, but I’m not sure what to do.

My main concern is that my identity has been stolen for the purpose of procuring Yorkshire Bank products, such as a loan, which I may be chased for when the identity thief defaults.

Is this likely or even possible?

What other explanation might there be?

For a person who doesn’t work but got the necessary money. How the bank statement should be when applying for uk tourist visa? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Should I submit bank statements when applying for a UK Visa? What do they say about me? 1 answer

I am a student and I want to apply for a UK tourist visa. A month ago my parents sent me the money for my trip (as a gift). So if I apply for a UK tourist visa, is it okay that my only source of revenue is that money? And what should be on the bank statement?