Why does my digital bank need my phone date and hour to be correct?

I’m not from Information Security or any IT related area. But I want to know if there is any security reason for my digital bank to demand my phone to be on "Automatic Date & Time"?

For example, if I’m abroad, i cannot transfer some money to a friend for because it says my date & time is incorrect.

Is that a badly programmed software or does it have a purpose?

Best bank card for a copywriter

Hey there! I have been working in copywriting for several years and I found a good option to get payment. That's Blackcatcard. The issue is that i live outside Europe and my clients sometimes have doubts about sending money to my local account. So I opened an european account for free, the card was sent to my address for free as well. I can use the card in any shop and withdraw cash at any ATM with a 2% fee (min 1,5 euro) wherever Mastercard is accepted. For Europeans the conditions are more…

Best bank card for a copywriter

My Bank doesn’t have SWIFT code what should i do ?

Hello all,

I am regularly receiving all my payments from paypal but some sites doesn't have paypal as payment option and for wire transfer it requires SWIFT code but my bank doesn't have one so what should i do in this case. I heard some people were saying that we can use SWIFT code of other branch of Same bank but is it risky or have any one tried that ? i am from India and my current bank is SBI.

What are security issues about sending bank alerts via email/SMS?

Banks offer to send alerts for each transaction happening on a customers account. My bank is offering three options: SMS alerts, email alerts and push alerts into their own app. Only sms alerts are free of charge. The other options are a very small fee each time a transaction happens.

Could scammers make much out of transaction alerts containing the transaction’s IBAN, the amount and sender and recipient?

Besides that, what is the wisest choice between the options? Email notifications could be intercepted if the scammers gain control of my email account. I might not receive emails while traveling in an area with low reception, while sms still come through.

SMS might be problematic if my phone gets stolen with the sim card. So there’s no way to be informed (but also no good way to authenticate myself to the bank to halt all transactions).

The bank app is not good because it relies on me having a smart phone and an internet connection. The bank states that email and sms will be send unencrypted (as usual), this option is not clear, but it probably will be.

Which of these options offers the most unlikely scam scenarios?

[ Credit ] Open Question : Does a personal loan from the bank accumulate a lot of interest if someone just makes the minimum payment every month?

Say if someone needed a 10k loan, and for a couple years was only able to make the minimum payment every month, and then after that, they’re able to pay back that other 7-8000 dollars all at once. Will that accumulate a lot of interest over time?