Banned on his Birthday

Hello, one of Fortnite famous kids Sceptic (1 mil subs on Youtube) got banned on his 15 birthday becouse he was 12yo when he created his account. Hashtag on Twitter is #FreeSceptic
Even he started big Twitter followers help, still no respond from Twitter. He had 24 000 followers and even some people with 1-5mil followers followed him so its not really cool to lost this account. Is there somebody who knows how contact Twitter? I can imagine another platform with so slow reaction.

Add banned words list to the site

I want to add a banned words list to the site. and if a user used one of the banned word in node form (title and body), comment form (title and body), user username in the registration form, then the user should get an error message that you are using a banned word in your {field-name}.

And the form should not be submitted if the banned words are present.

How can I do this?

I have checked some modules like wordfilter but it does not provide the functionality for usernames and also it replaces the strings not giving the error message.

Buying a site where old owner got banned from adsense?

Hi all,

I'm interested in buying a site that comes with a youtube channel but the old owner got there adsense account banned for some reason, If it was this site and or youtube channel that this happened too does anyone have any idea how this might effect a new owner that has a active adsense account and wants to use it on this site / channel if i decide to buy?

Best Regards

I hope that can I get family reunion visa for Germany after I’m banned from Slovenia for six months because of expired passport while going to Austria

I am Gaius Chike Nwankwo (a Nigerian) I live in Croatia and my wife a Croatia citizen lives and works in Germany recently I was caught with my expired passport by Slovenia police while going to Austria to renew my passport and they issued me six months banned from Slovenia and now I want to apply for Germany family reunion visa to join my wife in Germany I hope the banned will not affect my family reunion visa?