What happens to Cleric builds when Divine Metamagic is banned?

For most Clerics, Extend Spell, Persist Spell, and Divine Metamagic: Persist are as good as class features. However, a not too rare house rule is to ban Divine Metamagic (due to its extreme power). I’ve never been in such a game, but it seems obvious to me that this house rule will have major consequences for what Cleric builds are viable. For example, it potentially frees up three feats for you to take. I would like to know more about this. What changes are typically made to Cleric builds when Divine Metamagic is banned?

Note: I’m not asking for Theoretical Optimization builds. After all, if a DM is going to ban Divine Metamagic, then any Theoretical Optimization builds are likely to get hit by Rule 0. Given how common I suspect this house rule to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a handbook for it.

My organic traffic is dying —have I been shadow banned?

I run an alternative news site for almost 3 years now. My SEO is good. I was earning around $ 500 a month with Google AdSense, until the ens of June when my traffic dropped dramatically, and now (August 22) I am barely earning $ 50, and traffic seems to keep dropping.

I haven’t got any penalties warnings though. Do you think I was shadow banned or this drop might just be seasonal?

Heres a screenshot showing the last 4 months graphics…
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What is the consensus on which books should be banned due to either exploitability, lack of balance, or poor editing?

At first this may seem to be a largely opinion-based question, but the more that I read the more that there appears to be a consensus. For example, in something resembling decreasing order of the frequency that I’ve seen these claims, the following appear to be commonly believed:

  • Any content focused on Epic level gameplay, such as the Epic Level Handbook or Deities & Demigods, should be banned from player use. The reasons for this vary, but I usually see either poor editing, completely lack of balance, or complete lack of thought listed as reasons. The best example is Epic Spellcasting and its numerous dysfunctions, although I could also point to absurdities like the lack of balance between Saleient Divine Abilities (even in the hands of NPCs) or Boccob only having two classes.
  • Serpent Kingdoms is so poorly written and so exploitable that it should be ignored. For example, see “GeneralCategories” (sic) here or recall Pun-pun.
  • Unless you don’t like the flavor or one or two feats that cause ruling debates, the Expanded Psionics Handbook and the Tome of Battle are some of the best 3.5e books.
  • The Book of Exalted Deeds largely contains material that was originally made for NPCs and some of it, particularly anything that requires the Sacred Vow feat, is dangerous to include in your game and may even damage your group. Vow of Poverty is an excellent example, along with the Apostle of Peace.

To me, this list is evidence that some consensus exists on which books should be banned due to either exploitability, lack of balance, or poor editing. My question is this – aside from the examples listed above, what other consensuses exist and what is the reasoning behind them? To be clear, I’m only looking for information on what non-third party books should be banned entirely. I don’t care too much for anything like “be careful what you use from Unearthed Arcana and Dragon Magazine“, “the PHB has poor class balance”, or “don’t allow Domain Wizard”. I just want to know what entire books are frequently forbidden and why.

Banned on his Birthday

Hello, one of Fortnite famous kids Sceptic (1 mil subs on Youtube) got banned on his 15 birthday becouse he was 12yo when he created his account. Hashtag on Twitter is #FreeSceptic
Even he started big Twitter followers help, still no respond from Twitter. He had 24 000 followers and even some people with 1-5mil followers followed him so its not really cool to lost this account. Is there somebody who knows how contact Twitter? I can imagine another platform with so slow reaction.

Add banned words list to the site

I want to add a banned words list to the site. and if a user used one of the banned word in node form (title and body), comment form (title and body), user username in the registration form, then the user should get an error message that you are using a banned word in your {field-name}.

And the form should not be submitted if the banned words are present.

How can I do this?

I have checked some modules like wordfilter but it does not provide the functionality for usernames and also it replaces the strings not giving the error message.