Are there any security implications to changing the base of a hash?

File this under "gosh, I’d hope not," but I’ve been surprised before.

I have a hash (SHA-1 specifically). I need to store the full hash, but due to constraints outside my control, I can only use a limited number of characters to store it. I chose to change to base-36 to make the hash a shorter length.

Changing to base-36 makes the number of characters vary (between 27 and 31 instead of the original 40). This made me wonder about possible security implications of changing the base. Are there any?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why does BLM base their origins on something that didn’t happen?

BLM started when it was reported that Michael Brown was shot even though he was just standing there with his hands up. Eventually the truth came out. The DOJ investigated and learned that Brown charged the officer before he was shot. That happened under Obama and even Obama admitted that the police were justified in their actions (shooting Brown). In essence, BLM is based on a lie and still chant “Hands up, don’t shoot” at “protests”. If they were honest, shouldn’t they abandon that phrase? “The movement became nationally recognized for street demonstrations following the 2014 deaths of two African Americans: Michael Brown …and Eric Garner”

What do I roll to cast a summon with pre-determined base attack bonus?

I am playing a warlock in my current campaign and I selected earthen grasp for one of the invocations. Earthen grasp comes with its own base attack bonus:

Earthen Grasp:

Treat the arm as a Medium creature, with a base attack bonus equal to your caster level and a Strength of 14 +2 per three caster levels (16 at 3rd level, 18 at 6th level, and so on).

Looking at this, it doesn’t seem to require any sort of roll since the strength bonus is always pre-determined. In that case, what would I need to roll in order to summon/cast an earthen grasp?

Add to Cart / Remove item from Car works only with base url

I’ve experienced a problem when strange situation is happening – I can only add/remove items to cart using the base url. Works:

<base_url>/?addtocart=10 | <base_url>/?remove_item=<item_key>&_wpnonce=<nonce>   

Doesn’t work:

<base_url>/<cart_slug>/?addtocart=10 | <base_url>/<cart_slug>/?remove_item=<item_key>&_wpnonce=<nonce>   

Any idea why it works that way?

Skill Base Ability Score Changing Diplomacy from Charisma to Intelligence

I’m not sure if my google-fu is just off tonight or if there’s a way to change the 3.X/Pathfinder skill Diplomacy from being a Charisma based Skill to an Intelligence based skill.

I’d prefer 3.X (including sources like Kingdoms of Kalamar) and Pathfinder to be open… as well as a few other not so specific sources like Green Ronin press, or Book of Erotic Fantasy, etc…

I’m trying not to homebrew something myself, or to at least use outher sources as a reference. I’ve already looked at the X to Y reference, but didn’t find anything for changing Diplomacy form a Charisma based skill to Intelligence…

Unity C# XML Serialization broke when abstract base type is added

I had a menu system with 4 different item types instantiated from one XML file. I had always intended to build an abstract base class for them to inherit from, after I knew what the common elements would be. When I wrote the simple base class, and assigned the 4 existing items as derived classes, everything broke! The GameObjects with my instantiator scrips kick this error, now:

InvalidOperationException: To be XML serializable, types which inherit from IEnumerable must have an implementation of Add(System.Object) at all levels of their inheritance hierarchy. UnityEngine.Transform does not implement Add(System.Object) 

I read a lot about why it could happen, but like I said, it wasn’t happening until I build a new, very simple abstract class for the items to inherit from.
Any help understanding “why” would be awesome!

So what would I be able to do to make the 30 feet of demiplane into a true home base? [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • What permanent spells would I be able to cast to make an extraplanar structure? [closed]

So this character is a lvl 20 hexblade warlock in this situation and I have my 8th level mystic arcanum as demiplane. The dm will probably let us learn any spell regardless of class as long as its not too op. We have a absolute massive amount of money so that wont be a problem. The thing I plan to use the “Base” for is a living space, storage for magic items storage for our mech suits (dont ask, a library since we are dumb and need it, all the other normal house things. It could also be like a war bunker. I am thinking something similar to Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion but permanent. Is there anything I could do other than building it to accomplish this?