Can you alter the base item without damaging an enchantment?

I am running a 3.5 campaign and in this game I have decided that I will give out treasure entirely randomly, as opposed to tailoring loot based on the party as I usually do. In this instance, the party seriously lucked out and got a "Holy Avenger" the specific item. There are no paladins in the group, but even the base +2 effect is attractive for our fighter who only has a +1 burning greatsword at level 13. He has died a few times, so he is starting fall behind the rest of the party, who average 15.

We have a dwarven cleric in the party who is a master blacksmith and has “Craft Magic Arms and Armor”, and she asked if she has the ability to change the longsword into a greatsword and keep the enchantment. I don’t know of any rules about this. I want to say no, but I want to be sure that there isn’t some obscure entry somewhere in the encyclopedia of all D&D knowledge offering guidance.

My knee-jerk reaction is to require the cleric to add an additional effect to the weapon; a rule I have already home-brewed which allows items to be upgraded by paying only half the cost of its current effect when adding additional effect. I would call it something like “Morphing”, which would be a +1 effect that just allowed a weapon with this quality to take the form of any other weapon with a command from its wielder as a standard action. But if I do this, then the Holy Avenger, a traditionally +5 effect, would have to become +6, which would necessitate “Craft Epic Arms and Armor”.

Thus I want to ask the internet what it thinks I should do.

Product permerlink. How do you add .html at the end of custom base?

In products permalink (i think this is woocommerce), how do you add .html to the end of every URL? When I try to do it, it keeps adding a foward slash at the end. So it would be instead of

the reason I am doing this is, because I got a CMS, that has URL structures that end in .html. And there is 15000 urls. Coverting to WP, I do not want to redirect all those pages.

Flushing the slug base has no effect and does not change

I’m trying to change the actor slug base, but when refreshing the permalinks everything remains the same. I am using the following code that I found to achieve it:

function space_change_custom_taxonomy_slug_args( $  taxonomy, $  object_type, $  args ){     if( 'actor' == $  taxonomy ){ // Instead of the "old-slug", add current slug, which you want to change.         remove_action( current_action(), __FUNCTION__ );         $  args['rewrite'] = array( 'slug' => 'star' ); // Instead of the "new-slug", add a new slug name.         register_taxonomy( $  taxonomy, $  object_type, $  args );     } } add_action( 'registered_taxonomy', 'space_change_custom_taxonomy_slug_args', 10, 3 ); 

The theme has the following register taxonomy:

// Now register the non-hierarchical taxonomy like tag     register_taxonomy('actors','post', array(         'hierarchical' => false,         'labels' => $  labels,         'show_ui' => true,         'show_admin_column' => true,         'update_count_callback' => '_update_post_term_count',         'query_var' => true,         'show_in_rest' => true,         'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'actor' )     )); 

I do not know what I’m doing wrong. And a doubt that I have. It is better to use this code in functions or use a url rewrite rule from .htaccess?

Problem of URLs with internal links with ‘base href’

I’ve got a website with includes the following directive in the HEAD section:

<base href="" /> 

Now, I want to create internal links to sections within the page ‘’

<a href="#photos">Photos</a> 

But, instead of linking to ‘’, it links to ‘’.

Any tip to fix this? Thank you.

Why Google Cache Showing 404 on my React Base Webpages?

My web page is client-side rendered with React. On hitting the cache, it is showing 404 instead of a rendered page.

Example Screenshot enter image description here

When I inspect the Page URL on Search Console, Its parsing and rendering my page properly on Google Index as well as on Live Test.

Example Screenshots enter image description here enter image description here

Why cache page is showing 404? Is the Client-side react is responsible? If not then what is the issue? Or will it be resolved automatically in a few days?

Note It’s my new site which recently goes live in last week.

alternate names for d20 base classes

Good day all. Base classes names in d20 modern are ugly. I can’t hear "strong hero" or "fast hero". I’m searching a way to present the basic classes in some more fancy way. The names are actually these:

  • Strong Hero
  • Fast Hero
  • Tough Hero
  • Smart Hero
  • Dedicated Hero
  • Charismatic Hero

I’d like some names that are actually generic and can give a clue of the primary ability. Actually I’m thinking about making a list of generic jobs (or adjectives) for each class, so for example the strong here could be a lifter, or a muscle guy/girl, the fast hero could be a runner, but I don’t like this solution too much.

Anyone has used a different solution?

How to setup GSA for each project has its own base?

I have a pack of projects in different niches but one language (en). The preferred TLD is a .com and this is easy setup. But!

I have a specially prepared bases for

project 1 = base1  (niche websites  list) 
project 2 = base2  (niche websites  list) 

Can I use (and how to set up) in one interface this idea?

4 project works in one time and get websites  list each project own website list? Likes this way:

project 1 from  folder C:/project1-base/identified
project 2 from  folder C:/project2-base/identified

Thank you !

Potential vulnerability in JSON response returning base 64 encoded image data, with the response being vulnerable to MIME sniffing

A JSON response in the API of a webapp is returning the base64 of a user-uploaded image, and there’s no X-Content-Type-Options Header to prevent MIME sniffing.

Could this be a potential vulnerability such as an XSS for the webapp by using steganography to edit the image with a payload, uploading it, and then MIME sniffing the JSON response? (or by any other means?)

Using lulu on osx in home business setup. Any reason for external router base firewall?

I have Lulu setup under osx on my Mac. So say an errant program, curl, if it tries to access outside address is stopped.

Would an external router based firewall bring any extra level of protection? I surmise that it will not be fine-grained enough to stop a particular process.

I believe that outgoing request are more risky than incoming request as I do not have any programming listening for request. e.g. No web server enabled.

What use would external router based firewall bring?

Do objects (like doors) start with a base Defense of 10?

When Damaging Objects, considered to be Defenseless:

Inanimate objects are defenseless by definition and therefore subject to finishing attacks (see the Finishing Attack maneuver): essentially, you can choose between making your attack on the object as a routine check or, if you make the attack check normally, gaining an automatic critical hit if your attack hits, for a +5 bonus to effect.

This is all fine and good, except that the last time I had to adjudicate this, with someone trying to kick a door down, they objected to me starting with the Base 10 defense for the door, namely they chose to Power Attack, and where already damage shifted, and completely missed the door. I can kind of see their point that a door shouldn’t be that easy to miss hitting. I think I described it as more of a "glancing blow", that they were trying so hard to hit it hard that the blow just skidded off of it. But the question does remain, should a Defenseless object the size of a door start with a defense of 10 such that the average bystander has a little more than a 50/50 chance of actually hitting it if they’re trying to hit it hard? Am I reading the rules wrong? Did the player maybe just get a little too greedy in trying to do more damage?