Have any RPGs ever been based on the world of William Blake? [closed]

In William Blake’s more famous poems, the highly detailed personal mythology he created is not evident. But in everything else he wrote, characters such as Los, Enitharmion, and Rintrah recur perpetually. Not only that, but a whole mythology of the creation of the world, in which “entering the void gave birth to Albion’s lovely land,” and “Los erected towers that stretched past the sky and re-arranged the magnetic poles,” et cetera. Reading Vala, the unpublished sketchbook for all of these ideas, I have to ask myself, Is this really the year 17XX?

Has anyone made his world into an RPG?

Is Permission Based Email Marketing Ethically

As the internet is flooded with aspiring online home-based entrepreneurs and marketers, web consumers are constantly receiving their emails promoting their brands and wares. Today, a lot of ‘junk’ email is received in the email in-box just like yesteryears’ when post boxes outside the homes were filled with junk mail. If marketers want better results from their marketing efforts, they must adopt the better marketing approaches, although their marketing strategies may be versatile and powerful. It is possible to enjoy higher Return On Investment (ROIs) using the best of email marketing strategies, but without the proper marketing ethics, even the best marketing strategies and campaigns could fall flat. Effective Email Marketing Email marketing has been proven as a very effective online marketing strategy for online business ventures. This is due to the fact that many consumers have emails and advanced technological devices such as smartphones and mobile devices with Wi-Fi facilities. These components are sufficient to send and receive emails at any time from anyone to anywhere. Modern consumers with emails tend to check on their emails a couple of times a day. This consumer habit benefits businesses that manipulate emails to reach their targeted niche markets or secure a wider audience in promoting their business. Effective emails would draw consumers to be potential leads to the business where a building of strong relations could convert potential leads to customers. Email marketing is also cheap and fast. The advanced technologies of today lower the cost of sending an email compared to slow mail and other traditional marketing strategies. This is an excellent marketing tool for new businesses that are low in budget. Organic and free web traffic could be harnessed through a proper implementation, although paid traffic could also be procured quickly for the desired business marketing activities. However, the wrong way of manipulating email marketing could backfire on the marketer where web consumers become annoyed and against the brand or business. This could happen with spam emails which take up busy consumers’ time and inbox space. A bad impression could be impinged on the brand and business which does not augur well with the marketer in the marketplace. Hence, it is crucial for the marketer or entrepreneur to adopt good marketing ethics in engaging email marketing to win over customers. Permission Based Email Marketing Marketers thinking of engaging in email marketing to promote their brand and business wares today should consider implementing permission based email marketing. This is an ethical approach towards email marketing where marketers request the permission of targeted potential leads to be opted into their customer database or email listing. This form of email marketing approach is also known as opt-in marketing whereby email recipients are given an opportunity to say ‘yes’ to receiving business news via emails. The securing of consumers’ permission makes it easier for the marketer to send relevant emails of marketing information without worrying about annoying the recipient. Once permission is secured from identified business prospects, better marketing campaigns could be designed to increase the chances of compelling potential leads to make purchases and be converted as business customers. When the business lead opts into the business emailing list, the marketer requires less effort and time in developing the best of promo materials to benefit the consumer. This form of marketing helps to boost the bottom line of the business as more quality time could be identified in establishing strong customer relations to generate trust, respect and confidence between the two parties. It would be easier for the marketer to secure more accurate information from the potential leads through online surveys in various emails sent to understand the needs of the consumers better. The proper approach of permission based email marketing which the marketer is to adopt is by providing an online opt-in form via emails or at the web business site where the potential leads indicate their consent in receiving further updates or news regarding the brand or business from this particular marketer. This approach confirms the potential lead’s interest and inclination towards the brand and company to empower the marketer in sending relevant emails to the potential leads. When an appropriate business email is sent to these potential leads, it is possible for these potential leads to find favorable and value added products or services which they could order or purchase via the marketer. The marketer would enjoy better bottom lines from the highest number of sales triggered from these potential leads who are now inclined towards the brand or business. Ethical Marketing Ethical marketing via emails is a strong testimony of the marketer’s character which calls for mutual respect and integrity. Marketers who exercise ethical marketing are highly respected in the USA Business Phone List market with a strong show of upright character which augurs well with all consumers. 

This is unlike interruption marketing which is spamming consumers’ email in-boxes regardless of consumers’ feelings and feedback. Spamming is very much frowned upon by marketers pushing loads of promo emails to their list of potential leads in the market. Marketers could be desperate to such unethical marketing approaches when their business fluctuates with the market. Modern consumers do not like marketers to coerce them into accepting the brand or business offerings through numerous emails which could clutter up their in-box, especially when marketers spam their in-boxes with multiple copies of the same message. Ethical marketing is powerful in this era as mutual respect is exercised and business opportunities come at the right time for the marketers to present their brand or business benefits. Politeness in marketing campaigns wins more customers than forceful approaches. Opted in customers remain loyal and positive towards the brand and business when they are able to exercise their free will in choosing their brand and company for products and services. Loyal customers through permission based email marketing make purchases on the brand which keep the business afloat in all seasons. They could also help to spread the word about the brand and business if they are truly satisfied with the product or service rendered.

Is there any search platform which computes indexes based on semantics of words in text?

I want to store emails for my data science project and search for different phrases in my entire collection. The phrases I will be searching might be different than the actual words, but I should always get those emails in return.

What is the best platform to do this? I need a search db that computes indexes in an email based on the semantics (consider stemmers, synonyms etc), elasticsearch or cloudsearch directly won’t work.

Also, how effective is FREETEXT function in SQL Server? Can it serve the purpose?

How to display a table based on data from a custom content type with custom fields

I have created a new content type called “casinos” with the following custom fields:

Bonus Offer Rating Score Aff Link Casino logo 

I created 10 posts of “casino” type which contains information about each casino. I now want to display a table with these details in on my homepage so that whatever I do to these 10 casinos, in terms of changes in the future, the table will always be generated from this data.

I cannot even find a plugin to do this or any information at all. Anyone know where I would start with this or this a custom code mission?

An example of how I want this to look on the front end is here:

enter image description here

Classification accuracy based on top 3 most likely classifications

My goal is to recommend jobs to job seekers based on their skill set.

Currently I’m using an SVM for this, which is outputting one prediction, e.g. “software engineer at Microsoft”. However, consider this: how significantly different are the skill sets of a software engineer at Microsoft and a software engineer at IBM? Probably not significantly different. Indeed, by inspection of my data set I can confirm this. Hence, the SVM struggles to discriminate in situations like this, of which there are many in my data set, and my classification accuracy is about 50%.

So I had an idea.

In SK Learn, once you’ve trained some model, you can compute the probability a particular input X belongs to each class.

So for each input X in my test set, I took the the top 3 most likely classifications. Then I tested whether or not the correct label was in the top 3 predictions. If it was, then I considered the prediction to be correct. In doing so, the classification accuracy increased to over 80%.

So my question is: is this a valid approach to measuring classification accuracy? If it is, then does it have a name?

In my mind, it is valid given my intended application, which is to recommend a selection of jobs to a job seeker, which are relevant to their skill set.

How can I get my entire game to scale based on screensize?

I’m currently building a 2d mobile game and I’m currently stuck trying to get my game to scale with screen sizes. Currently my background is scaled to 1920 X 1080. When I run the game on my Galaxy S10+, it scales to 1920 X 1080, but you can see blue space on the sides (See Image). How do I get that 1920 x 1080 background to fill the entire screen without using a UI canvas?

I want the game to fill the entire screen. If I set the resolution to the Galaxy resolution, it fills the entire screen. But won’t this look weird on other screens that don’t have the same resolution?

I’m not trying to scale any UI. Everything I find online is only talking about scaling UI. That’s not the issue. I’m trying to get the entire game to adjust based on screen sizes. 1920 x 1080 Scale

how we choose gradient and flat colors for creatives based on the image used or attractive color?

Creating creatives for social media or blog,

we using gradient colors or flat colors for creatives.

My question is which is the correct way to do, based on the image we need to select the color or random colors we will pick.

My Answer:

In my view is I selected colors based on the image we used in the creative.

Is this javascript vulnerable to dom based XSS?

I was testing example.com and i found a js reflection point. If i send the following request:


I can see the following in server response:

<script nonce=""> window.meta = { "token": "Token\"xss=\"'-confirt(1)-'", "dToken": "dt\"xss=\"'-confirt(1)-'", "Id": "11" </script>

Is this code vulnerable to Dom Based XSS? If yes, which payload could i try to trigger an alert box?

I already tried to close the </script> tag but < and > are filtered.