How to batch generate preview for multiple versions of filters/layers applied for the same image in Photoshop?

Recently I’m experimenting a lot with postproduction, to look for some new style. I find it very tedious to check out various combinations of adjustment layers (also with various opacity), blending modes, LUT’s etc.

I even prepared a special .psd with a big number of layers which I just toggle on and off but I still find it ineffective.

I would like to be able to batch generate a whole series of the same image with different effects, to the different degree applied. I haven’t found anything suitable for this, just ‘batch’ options but for different image files. Have I overlooked something or the only way is to record a loooong action, which will apply various adjustments and save the images during the process? I thought it would be a natural option to generate previews of the image with different LUTs for instance but haven’t found anything..

Schnorr’s batch validation

In the recent BIP about Schnorr’s standardization, Pieter Wuille presents an algorithm for batch validation. In my understanding the most heavy operation is the multiplication by a scalar: to make batch validation secure we need to multiply each public nonce by a random factor, thus we get back to two multiplications per signature (plus one). I don’t understand why there is the speed up presented in the figure at the beginning of the BIP. Could someone help?

Thanks in advance for your answers!