Unisex Bathroom problem without semaphore

Could I ask you to evaluate my solution to Unisex Bathroom problem?

I tried to solve also a starvation issue and I think I succeeded.

Besides all what is the necessity of semaphores that the problem is related to? Why can’t size be simply compared to capacity as I did?

public class Bathroom {      private String inUseBy;      private int size;      private final int capacity;      private final Lock lock = new ReentrantLock();      private final Condition man = lock.newCondition();      private final Condition woman = lock.newCondition();      public Bathroom(final int capacity, final int size) {         this.capacity = capacity;         this.size = size;         inUseBy = "";     }      public void enter(final String sex) throws InterruptedException {         lock.lock();         try {             while (size == capacity || (size > 0 && !sex.equals(inUseBy))) {                 if (sex.equals("M")) {                     man.await();                 } else {                     woman.await();                 }             }             size++;         } finally {             lock.unlock();         }         System.out.println(sex + " using bathroom. Current employees in bathroom = " + size);         Thread.sleep(10000);         System.out.println(sex + " done using bathroom");         synchronized (this) {             size--;             if (size == 0) {                 if (sex.equals("M")) {                     woman.signalAll();                 } else {                     man.signalAll();                 }             } else {                 if (sex.equals("M")) {                     man.signal();                 } else {                     woman.signal();                 }             }             this.notifyAll();         }     }  } 

I appreciate all you thoughts you provide.

Thank you in advance!

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lucineux ike in my bathroom and

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