Battery drains even while laptop lid closed (Ubuntu 19.04 & Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen)

Any other thinkpad x1 carbon users on ubuntu 19.04 notice that the battery still drains even while the laptop lid is closed & suspended?

I updated from 18.10 to 19.04 about two weeks ago, and ever since, I’ve come home from the work and found my laptop burning up in my backpack with the battery drained 50% or more after half a day closed & (I assume) suspended.

I had this problem for a while with 18.10, but it went away after a thnkpad BIOS update included the linux sleep state.

Thanks in advance

Screenshot of my battery discharge from the past 6 hours (my laptop was closed and “suspended” for 5.5 of those hours):

Replaced battery won’t charge (macbook pro 2015 model)

My MBP battery got swollen and replaced it with the new one. Everything is connected properly, battery is detected but it doesn’t hold the charge (laptop shuts down immediately after unplugging the cable) and doesn’t charge at all.

I have tried SMC reset few times but it didn’t work.

This is the battery report from coconutBattery:

enter image description here

Cable works fine. I can turn on the laptop while plugged, it’s the battery that won’t charge.

What might be the problem?

Getting songs from iPod classic with low battery

My parents were digging through some stuff looking for something and found an old, classic iPod. I’d like to get the music off of it (I use a small mp3 player, so ideally I’d just take the music off and download it onto my own device). The problem is that it’s been sitting in a box for probably around 7 or 8 years, and it’s got a ‘very low battery’ screen and won’t charge (as in, I left it for twelve hours, and no dice).

Searching around, I was able to put it into disk mode, but the ‘restore iPod’ that gives you would put it back in factory mode…presumably meaning the loss of all the music on it, even though it would probably fix the device.

What are my options here? Is it even possible to do what I want at this point? Thanks!

Android system battery drain

My android phone has heavy abnormal battery drains coming from Android system. 2000mAh and above on a single charge! I know for certain this is a software issue and not hardware.

Before I hit the sack. Battery was around 96%, next morning 80%! Normal overnight drains on my mobile model is 1-2%, I am having around 15%.

  1. During sleep, All my radios are usually off (WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, Data, location), except phone.
  2. My phone seems to be in deep sleep a good portion of that time (See WLD statistics – attachment #1).
  3. Android system sucks my battery during sleep and it was at 90% relative consumption when I woke up (See screen shot #1, Android sys has consumed 1840mAh in such a short time span!! This is ridiculously high for a phone that is apparently in Deep Sleep!)
  4. Also attached screen shots from WLD for Summary, Kernal / Partial wakelocks & Alarms.
  5. Device is rooted.
  6. Google sync is off, Backup is off.

I have searched all over. Read numerous threads from numerous forums. Some users have faced this issue on the same ROM while some others haven’t. I have done my “homework”. But this is one issue that I do not see any solutions wherever I look. I have searched days, not hours!!

Hence I decided to post over here. This is my hail mary attempt at solving this. If the experts here can’t solve it, then I guess it would be pointless to search anymore.

What is the issue that is causing this battery drain from Android System? I have noted that many users using my model (Huawei Mate 8) do not face this issue, while some users do face it.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Can I check a laptop with an un-removable laptop battery into my checked in luggage?

My HP laptop has a battery which cannot be removed. It is a massive heavy thing, and I understand that it’s unwise to check it in, but I wish to anyway at my own risk. It’s an international flight with no stopover (direct 3hr flight).

Am I still allowed to check in my laptop battery considering it cannot be removed? And I’m also confused, if a powerbank can’t be checked in as it is a lithium ion battery, then why can laptop batteries inside a laptop be checked in?