Review Article About Motorcycle Battery Chargers

I am seeking feedback from other members in regards to an article about motorcycle battery chargers:

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Review Article About Motorcycle Battery Chargers

Battery overheating and drain while suspended!

I have a new ASUS ZenBook UX533F with Ubuntu 19.04. Initially, battery life was excellent, heat was low and suspend worked properly.

I was trying to find a way to limit the battery charge to 80% to extend the life of the battery, so:

  1. I installed tlp and tlp-rdw.

However, sudo tlp-stat --battery reported that I could not set thresholds for charging:

natacpi    = inactive (no kernel support) tpacpi-bat = inactive (laptop not supported) tp-smapi   = inactive (laptop not supported) 

Foolishly, I thought that if I could get kernel support for natacpi, I would be able to use this feature, so I did:

  1. sudo apt install acpi-call-dkms – had read somewhere that this would make the feature work.

When I did that, it told me that it needed to “register” something on the BIOS or UEFI (I did not understand what it meant – I saw the word “MOK” somewhere).

It was too late!

Now, my battery life is much lower, my laptop is constantly overheating and it even produces a high level of heat when it is suspended.

I have already verified that the laptop enters suspend:

Oct 03 11:21:15 myuser kernel: PM: suspend entry (s2idle)

Did I ruin my new laptop? Somebody help!!!

GMail / Chrome battery drain

(K)Ubuntu 19.04 on XPS 13 – 9360 UHD display

The subject line says it all. While battery life on Ubuntu 19.04 is pretty good overall, whenever I use Gmail I can see consumption spike up. More precisely, the estimated battery life (I use KDE, but the same is true under Gnome) drops precipitously. Composing emails seems to really hammer power consumption.

Web browsing in general is tough on battery consumption, but Gmail is a particularly egregious offender. I am using Chrome, but I tried Firefox as well and it was basically the same.

Am I the only one seeing this? Any thoughts? Thank you!!!

Battery drain & processor always at max

So, I’ve installed Ubuntu on my new gaming laptop (Xiaomi Gaming Laptop 2, NVidia GTX 1060, I7 8750H, 16GB RAM) and I’ve realised a very fast battery drain and heating, even at idle. At the beginning it was around 35W (as shown by powertop), then I learned to force the Intel graphics card instead of the NVidia one and managed to turn it down to 20-25 W. Also installed tlp and cpupower and set it to powersave.

The issue seems to be (as shown by lscpu) that the processor is always too high (haven seen it under 2.5 GHz and most of the time 4 GHz). Any idea why this could be? top doesn’t show any process consuming more than 7% of the CPU at idling. Is there any known issue related to intel_pstate?

no battery monitor

I just installed Lubuntu in dualboot with Win10 on a HP x2 tablet pc. I didn’t have much trouble to install it, only had to disable the drive encryption on Win10 to resize the partition first.

But I’m having trouble with the battery. I keep getting notifications saying lxqt-powermanagement: no battery! I tried reinstalling that utility, I did a full update with Muon, I tried installing another battery monitor, and I checked that battery monitoring is enabled in both Lubuntu and the BIOS.

upower -d output below, while the unit is on battery:

greench@greench-pc:~$   upower -d Device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/line_power_ADP1   native-path:          ADP1   power supply:         yes   updated:              dim. 15 sept. 2019 23:20:08 CEST (2569 seconds ago)   has history:          no   has statistics:       no   line-power     warning-level:       none     online:              no     icon-name:          'ac-adapter-symbolic'  Device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/DisplayDevice   power supply:         no   updated:              dim. 15 sept. 2019 20:26:13 CEST (13004 seconds ago)   has history:          no   has statistics:       no   unknown     warning-level:       none     icon-name:          'battery-missing-symbolic'  Daemon:   daemon-version:  0.99.10   on-battery:      no   lid-is-closed:   no   lid-is-present:  yes   critical-action: PowerOff 

Any help appreciated.

Ubuntu 18.04, battery indicator not displaying as well as system saying no battery

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04, I originally had Windows 10 running on a microsoft surfacebook 2 and since then have completely wiped windows. Since then I can’t find a battery indicator anywhere. Even in my power statistics there is even no tab for it. In another app to look at hardware it says there even is no battery.

GRUB menu not showing up on boot after replacing battery

I have an Asus F555L model with dual boot (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Windows 10). On starting my computer, I always get the option to choose between OS from the GRUB loader. However, my battery was swelling, and hence I removed it and replaced it with a new one.

Since I have done this, my computer directly goes into Windows. I do not get the option of choosing from the GRUB loader at all. Disabling Fast Boot from BIOS hasnt helped. I have also tried pressing, Shift, Space and ESC on start but none of them helped. I also tried putting the old battery back and it doesnt show up on that either.

What other options do I have to get my Ubuntu OS back with all my files and programs?