BattleTech vs MechWarrior Character Stats / Conversion

BattleTech & MechWarrior used to be ‘mini combat’ & ‘rpg’ respectively; and have gone through various versions; changing core aspects of the game & how the math works. In MechWarrior, here’s what I remember:

Characteristics             Attributes Athletic        18-Bld-Ref  Build Physical        18-Itn-Ref  Reflexes                             Intuition Mental          18-Itn-Lrn  Learn Social          18-Itn-Cha  Charisma 

But in some of the older “scenario/lore” books, I find reference to the following “stats”:

  • bod
  • dex
  • lrn
  • cha
  • pib
  • htk

Which source book(s) describes the above stats? (note: I know the “scenario/lore” books ‘use/list’ them, but they take it for granted “what they mean” and/or “how they’re used”.)

How are the two related?.. 20+ years ago, I vaguely remember that one of the many books had ‘how to convert’ in the back; but it’s been too long so perhaps I’m mistaken.