Computer Vision Techniques to find Slope of beach in the 2D Images !!!?

What I am planning to do is to calculate the height and estimate the slope of the segmented Object. The camera will be static and the Object of Interest is the slope of the beach. I am finding harder to use depth camera, as the minimum distance between slope and camera is 150 meters. Please see the attached Picture for more information. If you require more information please let me know, 🙂 Thanks for your help !!!.

enter image description here

beach ball in bluetooth in System Preference when trying to connect to Anne Pro 2 keyboard

I have trouble connecting to my Anne Pro 2 keyboard recently after the latest firmware update (see screenshot)

enter image description here

Therefore I have tried to deregister the device and register it again.

The issue is: when I tried to connect to 28-ec-9a-9b-73-53 (presumably the AP2 keyboard), the bluetooth pane was frozen and a beach ball appeared and kept spinning.

enter image description here

I have tried the ‘Clean bind’ in the AP2 utility,

enter image description here

then retry the connection but it does not work.

What can I try in this case?

SEO Hardlinks for Miami Beach Real Estate website


I am doing SEO for a Miami Beach Real Estate the website Miami Beach Top Realtors and I am looking for places where I can post hard links to the site.

I have seen some people have a signature with a hard link on the forum. How can I do this?

Do you know websites where I can post this natural links by writting or posting?



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How to use a tripod on the beach without damaging it?

The site already has a good example of what to consider in regards to camera and lenses around sand, but I specifically am wondering what considerations to make when using a tripod near sand. Many years ago I took a cheap tripod with lever style legs, and sand really wrecked the entire tripod. I am hoping this time to avoid that issue. Is there a style of tripod that might be better, and how can I use it in such a way to limit any long term damage?

I don’t have any specific shots in mind, just likely some long exposure night shots of the beach resort, and I might get it out in the day time for some self portraits.