Professional Music Producer – Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop – Best beats! for $75

Hello! I’m a Music Producer from Indiana with a degree in Music Production with a focus on Pop, Hip-hop, and EDM music! I will produce a beat of your choice with hooks, drops, etc. just let me know what you need! Once you buy it, the beat is yours to use and post anywhere you want! Message me if you have questions.

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How big is the risk for using “Sinatra Beats” as my channel name?

I've been uploading and selling hip hop/trap instrumentals to Youtube for a couple of months now but I'm worried about getting sued for using "Sinatra Beats" as my name. My real name is Sina so I think that should justify the use a bit more? I'm still quite small so it's not a problem right now but I'm thinking for the future of my business and the potential complications.