Should casting Confusion centered on yourself from Wild Magic Surge be trivial to end because it’s a concentration spell?

The entry for a roll of 13 or 14 on the Wild Magic Surge table is:

You cast confusion centered on yourself. (PHB, emphasis mine)

Confusion is a 4th level concentration spell. The rules for concentration state that:

If a spell must be maintained with concentration, that fact appears in its Duration entry, and the spell specifies how long you can concentrate on it. You can end concentration at any time (no action required). (PHB)

The intent of the entry on the Wild Magic table seems to be for everyone nearby, including the caster, to be hit by confusion, essentially a less-bad version of casting Fireball centered on yourself. However, since the table doesn’t specify anything special about concentrating on the spell, the caster needs to maintain concentration on it, and consequentially the spell should end if they stop concentrating on it.

RAW, is there any reason someone who rolls this result on the Wild Magic Surge table couldn’t immediately drop concentration and end the spell?

If the Phantom Steed spell ends because the steed takes damage, do you still have 1 minute to dismount?

The spell states:

When the spell ends, the steed gradually fades, giving the rider 1 minute to dismount. The spell ends if you use an action to dismiss it or if the steed takes any damage.

So, if the steed takes damage, does it still last for 1 minute, or does the spell end automatically if it takes damage?

One of my players want to carry his familiar on his body and says it should not be targeted by enemies because it can hide on his body?

One of my players (of a rogue) said that he heard of DM’s allowing the familiar to be carried on the players body. He use his familiar to help him in combat and get advantage on the attack roll.

I said it’s okay for me and allowed it. But later in fight I played a goblin and obviously attacked his familiar in his pocket, to take his advantage away. He said that it shouldn’t be possibly because his familiar hides in a pocket and can’t be targeted. I didn’t allow that because it would obviously break the game. He said that many DM’s bend the rule like this and allow this.

I would like to hear whether anyone has ever allowed this change of the rules, and whether it did or will break the game.

Does a spell with verbal components that is cast because of Contingency take effect in a Silence spell?

I GM a campaign where the main villain is a 20th level wizard called EM (short for Evil Mage), with the spells contingency and dimension door. EM has a contingency spell, set to go off when xe drops to below 1/3 of xer max HP, with dimension door as the contingent spell (teleporting xem 450 feet straight up, although the destination really doesn’t matter).

Today, one of the players cast silence on EM, preventing xem from casting spells (they were in a space where EM couldn’t move out of the silenced area), and eventually the other players brought EM to 1/3 of xer max HP.

However, when I said that xe flashed away, the player argued with me, saying that the silence spell prevented casting spells with a verbal component, and because dimension door has a verbal component, it can’t be cast in the silenced area, even if it was cast by contingency. I said that no, the spell was already cast when the contingency was cast, so it didn’t need verbal components and silence didn’t prevent it from going off.

Does a silence spell prevent a spell with verbal components cast through contingency from going off?

Because nofollow links verified decrease?

Hello guys!
I am carrying out 3 campaigns at the same time, generating a total of dofollow and follow links, see image:

As you can see, most of the links are nofollow, but I would like it to be the other way around.
So, what I did was edit each project selecting only dofollow links each one, so see the image.

After modifying the project I am observing that the number of nofollow links is slowly decreasing and the dofollow links are increasing.
Why should they get off? If they are supposedly already created and verified, you should only follow the course.

Query to polybase external table giving error “Access to the remote server is denied because no login-mapping exists.”

we have successfully created all pre-requisite of creating external tables using SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition CU22 Polybase.

The issue we have is the non-sysadmin login can’t query those external tables .It shows below error.

Msg 7416, Level 16, State 2, Line 29 Access to the remote server is denied because no login-mapping exists.

The sysadmin login can query external tables without any issue. Is there anybody saw this issue and can help to resolve it.

Hello, I’m trying to do the QR decomposition using Gram Schmidt but I’m having problems because I can’t find the R matrix. Could you help me?

First of all I don’t want to use the reflection method. Only Gram-Schmidt.

So here’s the program for Gram-Schidt:

GS[A_] := Module[{u = {}, col, e = {}, ae, t},   col = Transpose[A];(* list with the column vectors of A *)   u = Append[u, col[[1]]];   e = AppendTo[e, u[[1]]/Norm[u[[1]]]];   For[i = 2, i <= Length[A], i++, ae = 0; t = 1;    While[t <= i - 1, ae = ae - (col[[i]].e[[t]])*e[[t]]; t++];    u = AppendTo[u, col[[i]] + ae];    e = Append[e, u[[i]]/Norm[u[[i]]]]]; {u, e}] 

with this simple matrix:

B = {{1, 3, 1}, {2, 2, 1}, {3, 2, 3}}; 


{{{1, 2, 3}, {29/14, 1/7, -(11/14)}, {14/69, -(49/69), 28/69}}, {{1/    Sqrt[14], Sqrt[2/7], 3/Sqrt[14]}, {29/Sqrt[966], Sqrt[2/    483], -(11/Sqrt[966])}, {2/Sqrt[69], -(7/Sqrt[69]), 4/Sqrt[69]}}} 

Now the code for QR decomposition is:

QR[A_] := Module[{Ak, i, Q, R = {}, a = {}, col, k},   Ak = FullSimplify[GS[A]];   col = Transpose[A];(* list with the column vectors of A *)   Q = MatrixForm[Transpose[Ak[[2]]]];   For[i = 1, i <= Length[Ak[[2]]], i++, a = {}; k == 1;    While[k <= Length[col], a = AppendTo[a, col[[k]]. Ak[[2]][[i]]];      k++];     R = AppendTo[R, a]];   R = UpperTriangularize[R]; {Q, R}] 

but I can’t find matrix R, once it’s giving me a list like this{{},{},{}} and I’m stuck. Please help me.Thanks!

Do you get advantage on Steel Wind Strike’s attacks because you “vanish”?

The spell steel wind strike says that you

vanish to strike like the wind.

(Emphasis added)

At first glance you might read this as an inconsequential part of the description. But strictly speaking there is no flavour text in spell descriptions. Vanishing implies being unseen, which (if we carry on the logic) grants advantage on attacks due to being unseen.

I’ve seen this argument appear in a couple of answers recently and thought it deserved a question of its own.

However, steel wind strike looks like a pretty strong spell without advantage, and granting advantage on all the attacks seems like something too important to leave to a bit of rules lawyering, which makes be doubt this interpretation.

Do you intrinsically gain advantage on all of steel wind strike‘s attacks?

I can’t use the wifi because of permission issues [closed]

I wasn’t able to create an account other than root for a while, then i learned how to do it in the terminal. I made the non root account, and I noticed that it doesn’t have the content that the root user has, and it isn’t even the administrator. I went back to the root account (I’m 99.9% I still had wireless connection), and made the account an administrator. After that I went to the main storage, and changed the permissions of the main storage (computer) as a whole. Then I went back to the normal account and noticed that I didn’t have the option of wireless connection anymore, and neither do I on root (I have the driver installed still, and it worked perfectly before). What could I do to bring wifi back? Your help would be much apriciated!

Reseting GSA SER keeping projects because high usage of CPU e RAM

How to reset the GSA SER in relation to memory usage and keep only the posting settings in general and the program?
My GSA SER has done a lot of submitted and verified and is now out of memory and with a lot of CPU usage. I would like to keep the projects but reduce the memory and CPU usage. I am currently running on a VPS with 5 Core and 150GB of SSD.