How can I become an invalid target for spells that target humanoids?

One of my players is a druid who would like to be able to change their creature type so that they become an invalid target against spells that target humanoids. First party WotC content (including UA) is preferred, though items from previous editions are also acceptable that can be supported by gameplay in 5e.

A spell scroll of Nystul’s Mystical Aura in D&D5e is the closest I’ve found so far by allowing the target’s creature type to be changed for divination spells, but the target is still physically its original type and may still be valid against spells targeting humanoids.

What Classes Should a Communication Design Major Be Taking in college to be better prepared to become a UX designer?

Sorry if this is not the correct place for this but I am a Communication Design Major writing about how to become a UX designer for my Comp 200 class.One of the questions I want to answer in the paper is what classes I should be taking while I’m in school.

Can any corpse become undead?

The shabti are the only race I know of which seem to have a built in defense against becoming undead. But dont they become corpses once they die and lose all their abilities, thus becoming able to be raised?

I know animate dead has some restrictions like must have a skeleton to become a skeleton, and create undead has its own requirements for creating those undead. But is there anything from creating an undead zombie out of an elemental that has been called, gated, or anything but summoned?

Immune to Undeath (1 RP): Shabti can’t become undead. Spells and abilities that would transform a shabti into an undead creature have no effect.

The shabti thing is not the focus of my question, its creating elemental undead. I thought some exist, but I havent been able to find any examples of an elemental undead, or constructs that have been turned into undead, not to be confused with a undead construct.

How to become a trusted user on a website

Let’s say I want to become a future fugitive. I start by becoming a trusted user on a website let’s say I further intend to post some obnoxious videos which would stir the world economically on which reddit couldn’t prevent consciously because I am a trusted user.

So basically I want a clarification about the security privileges of a trusted user with an intention to disrupt the website services.

Breath of the wild has become the best-selling zelda game in American history

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella released the north American game sales chart for July yesterday (August 16). Adding new content today (August 17), Mat Piscatella made zelda: dead in the wilderness the best-selling zelda game in U.S. history.

"Not sure how I forgot this, zelda: dead in the wilderness has become the best-selling zelda game ever. Here are the top five best-selling zelda games in the us."

The legend of zelda (physical edition) Top5 in the us

1. The legend of zelda: a breath in the…

Breath of the wild has become the best-selling zelda game in American history

When does the Spike Growth spell’s area of effect become visible?

The spike growth spell states:

When a creature moves into or within the area, it takes 2d4 piercing damage for every 5 feet it travels.
The transformation of the ground is camouflaged to look natural. Any creature that can’t see the area at the time the spell is cast must make a Wisdom (Perception) check against your spell save DC to recognize the terrain as hazardous before entering it.

I’m uncertain how recognizing the terrain works:
Does succeeding on the Wisdom (Perception) check reveal the entire area of effect or only the square(s) you were about to enter?
If you take damage from spike growth are you now aware of the area of effect or is it still camouflaged?

When did Karsus’s Folly become a canon part of the FR lore?

In a recent discussion following the question about edition transitions in the Forgotten Realms, the exact point when Karsus’s Fall became part of the canon of FR lore was debated. When the Arcane Age was introduced in 1996, there was the boxed set Netheril: Empire of Magic, which detailed Karsus’s Fall and how that caused Mystryl to reincarnate herself as Mystra, and there was also an adventure named How the Mighty Are Fallen, in which the player characters could participate in the final days of Netheril. However the adventure as it was written did not really give the opportunity for the characters to stop Karsus.

On the other hand, it might still be possible to argue that the whole Arcane Age scenario was an optional component, and the DM could entertain the possibilty of having her players stop Karsus, or even claim that Netheril was not even the way described in the boxed set. It could be that Karsus’s Fall arc was not really canon; until it appeared in the many 3e products, like the Grand History of the Realms.

So my question is: when did Karsus’s Fall become a canon part of FR lore? The question is mainly about which edition of the game, but more detailed data, or some sort of in-game information are also welcome.

How to become A Social Media Manager by Facebook Clients for $7

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is it a bad Idea to stick with one Programming language Such as Java and One Web Framework to become an expert?

I have been working with diverse technologies to develop software and websites, now i would to become an expert in developing software/solutions in banking and financial industries. Is it a good idea to stick with one programming language and one frameworks to better performance ?