Have the “celestial beings” from Hunter: the Reckoning been confirmed/denied as angels in fluff?

In the Classic World of Darkness’ game line Hunter: the Reckoning the player characters are usually visited by some angelic looking beings. Or they get messages from them or otherwise communicate. At any rate, it’s assumed that angels are sending them out to seek out and stop the evil and unnatural. But it’s always been a bit vague with both the beings and the mission.

In the game line Demon: the Fallen, the titular demons are (also titular) fallen angels who escaped their imprisonment recently and just now being back and exploring our world. From their point of view, things have changed – not only with the passage of time, but there is a very distinct lack of God or the other of God’s agents and former brethren and later opponents – the angels.

So, that puts the two game lines a bit at odds – one claims angels exist, others that they are very definitely not around any more. These two game lines do have angels as a core concept – other game lines tend to take different stances on this and it varies on the individual and the cosmology view, so it’s not at all clear cut if there even are “angels” and whether angels are actual angels or something that looks like ones. So, I won’t get into those.

My question is – has the Hunter: the Reckoning angelic beings ever been more or less definitively explained? Perhaps by in official sources but not in official books – e.g., blog post, interview, etc. Or have they always been left vague?

Can we use reverse image search to bypass image CAPTCHAs? has this been done before?

So has there been any group that managed to bypass the Image CAPTCHAs using reverse image search?

whats stopping people from writing a script that bypasses these CAPTCHAs by reverse image searching via many services like google and make a choice?

and can anyone provide me useful web services that do reverse image search other than google?

the only one i know is https://tineye.com/

and also can this be done? i can imagine writing a python script that cuts one of the 9 images in the captcha and then reverse searches it using a website, but the real challenge is how to make sense of the results and come to conclusion that whether this is for example a store front or not? any ideas?

New Tools Just Been Launched

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New Tools Just Been Launched

I’m curious if the definition 2.2 found in this unpublished paper at http://polynomial3sat.org/ has been defined elsewhere in the math literature?

I found a definition in an unpublished paper and I’m curious if the edge-sequence definition 2.2 found in this paper at http://polynomial3sat.org/ has been defined elsewhere in the math literature?