Migrate data to adopted/adoptable storage AFTER adopting process has been finished

How do I migrate, say, /storage/emulated/0/DCIM and /storage/emulated/0/Pictures photo directories from internal to adopted storage “after the fact”, meaning after adopted storage is already set up??

After migration, I expect any program (app) to work against the new location — this I presume is the proper definition of a successful “migration”. What I don’t understand is whether migration of such common data as Pictures is supposed to take place via an app setting, i.e. in an “app-centric” fashion? What I am really looking for is a way to move the data and have all relevant apps/programs still be able to access the data without any further actions.

I have not been able to find any menu or mechanism for doing this. I have root and shell access on a moto-e4 android 7.1.1 N Nougat.

AMD-V is disabled it worked last week. There has been one upgrade from Ubuntu since last using VM

any one else have this happen last week. Failed to open a session for the virtual machine antix.

AMD-V is disabled in the BIOS (or by the host OS) (VERR_SVM_DISABLED).

Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) Component: ConsoleWrap Interface: IConsole {872da645-4a9b-1727-bee2-5585105b9eed}

Interpreter raises an error that has already been corrected

Guy, I’d really appreciate your help, I am a complete newbie to Python and to programming in general. This error is raised when I am trying to execute the code below from command prompt:

(base) C:\Users\KOLYA>maindataversion2.py Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:\Users\KOLYA\maindataversion2.py”, line 28, in import indatapy2 ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘indatapy2’

As you can below see I replaced that line of code and updated the script, but error is still raised every time I try to run it.

client = Client(API_KEY, API_SECRET)

MSE = mean_squared_error

def sFunction(arg): from .indatapy2 import aggTrades from . import processdata as ps

ps.read_csv(aggTrades)  from .processdata import model from . import testdemonstratefit with open(testdemonstratefit, 'w') as outfile, open(model, 'r',                                                 encoding='utf-8') as infile:     print ("Mean Squared Error:", MSE) csv.writer(MSE)  from . import regresseddata as rd rd.read_csv(aggTrades) from .regresseddata import mean_MSE csv.writer(mean_MSE)  import researchpy as rp from scipy import stats  df = pd.read_csv(MSE.csv) df = pd.read_csv(mean_MSE.csv)  x = MSE y = mean_MSE  np.corrcoef(x, y) plt.show()  index = np.corrcoef(x, y).index  if index >= 0.70:    try:       from . import bidaskspreadbuysellorder       exec(bidaskspreadbuysellorder)    except ImportError:           print("exception raised")    else:        pass 

Has there been any research on one-handed Dvorak layout and smartphone (swipe) keyboard travel distance?

The Dvorak simplified keyboard is optimised for low finger travel distance, leading to faster typing and less wrist pain compared to the Qwerty layout. On a smartphone, most people effectively only type with one finger, either by touching the letters or by swipe typing. Dvorak may therefore not be optimal for smartphone keyboards; see also this question on a swipe specific keyboard.

However, Dvorak also designed right-handed or left-handed single-hand keyboard layouts, such as this right-handed layout:

right-handid Dvorak

I would suspect that a single-handed keyboard layout is a better approximation of smartphone typing than a dual-handed keyboard layout. Has there been any research comparing the hand travel distance when “typing” (either by touching keys or by swiping) on a small touchscreen (such as a smartphone) using either Qwerty, normal Dvorak, single-handed Dvorak, or even a totally new layout optimised for smartphone usage?

Closely related: How to improve the smartphone keyboard layout?

Can you still travel to America on the ESTA waiver program if you have been to Iran on transit?

Me and my wife travelled to South East Asia in 2017 and on the way back to the UK we had to do a layover in Iran. We didn’t leave the airport nor did we get our passports stamped.

My wife would like to visit the USA soon but is wondering whether she will fail the ESTA application as it asks if you have travelled to countries like Iran since 2011? She would like to travel within the next two weeks and is aware that if she has to go through the US embassy route she might not make it in time. Please let me know your thoughts.

It’s been a while…

Good Afternoon,

It has been many years since I have been on these lovely DigitalPoint Forums and I have spent the last hour having a look round and catching up on old threads and new ones.

It is nice to see that the Forum has lot's of new members; and I am glad to be back as an active member.

So, hello from the United Kingdom.

Deleting Messages on Messenger That Have Not Been Delivered Due To The Persons Settings Set NOT To Receive Messages From You

Can I Delete A Message Where The Person On Messenger Can NEVER SEE OR READ IT That Has Their Settings Where They Are Not Receiving Messages From Me Since They Are Marked w A White Circle w A Grey Checkmark Indicating The Message Has NOT BEEN DELIVERED ???? It Seems Like Since The Messages Were Never Delivered That I Should Be Able To Delete Them.

Android(Oreo) 8.1.0 Set DeviceOwer app causes “Workspace has been locked”

I’ve been using my app as a deviceOwner App since lollipop. I have a new device here which I want to be DeviceOwner too.

It is a Samsung galaxy Tab A 10.5(2018) SM-T590.

I am currently running this Version of the rom: T590XXU2ASC1.

I am not using NFC method. I usualy create the /data/system/device_owner.xml file by myself. But since it is not working I tryed this method:

1-Factory reset the tablet in recovery mode

2-Pass through the annoying startup menus

3-Set lock screen to none

4-Enable Usb Debugging

5-Install my app adb install MyApplicaton.apk

6-adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.example.myapplication/.MyApplicationReceiver It always says success when i execute the command.

7-Start my app, i can pin/unpin my app without problem.

8-Reboot, and then the famous message appears everytime: Workspace has been locked Unauthorized software has been installed on your device.Workspace has been locked to prevent any unauthorized access. Contact your admin.

Then if i press on the FACTORY DATA RESET button the workspace app crashes then pops back.

I tryed the kioskModeDemo app and the androidDeviceOwner sample app and they all do the same problem.

Anybody have any hints of why this is not working anymore on Android 8(oreo)?

Thanksenter image description here