Sharepoint 365 the file has been modified […]

I have a simple document content type that has some fields. I have also attached a simple approval workflow to this content type. The workflow automatically start when a new item is created on the document library.

However some times, very often, after having uploaded the file and filled the form, I get an error saying that the document has been modified by (user that is making the upload) on <<date>>. This error will always save the document in the library but I need to reopen it and save it again because my modifications are lost. The file remains in checked out state.

This is a screen showing the error (i am sorry that s in italian)

enter image description here

I am seeing that the error is reported with the timezone of the server while the item is saved correctly with the site collection and user timezone.

I suspect that this modification is related to the fact that the workflow starts immediately and modify the item. Could this be a cause? How do I can solve this problem?

How can I check if Mint 19 home encryption has been enabled? [on hold]

I wanted home partition cryptography so I installed Mint as Ubuntu no longer has it by default in the installer. I selected the option to encrypt home folder at install time, however on my first boot the system had a weird crash after login (now it boots fine) and I don’t know whether the crypto has actually been put into place, also because on Ubuntu I was asked a crypto key, while here I didn’t put any key or password.

Unknown error has occurred. The form template has been published to the server but it can only be opened in InfoPath Filler

I have gotten this error before and to fix it, I created a new external list and new form. But when going back in and editing the new form, it doesn’t even publish and keeps giving me this error. I tried creating a new external list and form again, but it still keeps giving me the same error. I also tried the recommended sharepoint solution to add the Desktop feature, but my computer already has it installed. I am not locked out of my account either.

enter image description here

Should a Save button be disabled if there have been no changes made?

I have a desktop application, and in this application there is a non-modal dialog where a user can make changes to something. The dialog has a Close button and a Save button. The Save button does not close the dialog, because we expect users to be making these changes, checking the result, and then possibly making more changes.

The state of the dialog will always be valid, there are no required fields or anything like that.

We have come up with two options for the save button:

  1. Leave the Save button enabled at all times. When a user clicks it, it will briefly display a check mark or perhaps a short success message for a couple seconds.
  2. Disable the Save button until a change has been made, then enable it. When clicked, it will go back to being disabled.

I can see pros and cons to each approach. Is there any accepted standard or a reason why one approach is better?

Have there been any useful gambling based adaptions of the Deck of Many Things?

After seeing this recent thread I felt it might be fun to introduce my players to some sort of poker or native game to the forgotten realms with a slightly tweaked deck of many things. My players greatly enjoy card games and I feel that a game

Have there been any adaptions people have done to allow for playing games of cards with a Deck of Many Things? or for any popular card games within the realm that are easily adapted to a deck of many things?

I am aware the rules of that deck do not perfectly support card games, and I am fine doing minor homebrews to make the deck more appropriate.

Good ideas for card games which involve triggering and using a Deck of Many Things are also appreciated, and I am fine with content from before 5e though I will be using it with 5e.

Anyone with any personal experience in running gambling games or in running deck of many things games is also appreciated.