How to delete certain cards that has been used from player hand? [closed]

I am programming the game in Java. I am using Java ArrayList to store the cards. But do a ignore case string check on the cards, the problem is it is deleting the cards with the name "Trooper", but it always leave one trooper card in the player hand. I wanted it to leave all trooper cards.

Card Display in Java Console: Trooper Agent Agent Agent Trooper Trooper

Jave Code:

if(mouseCursor.getRectangle().intersects(placeList.get(i).getRectangle())                         && mouseCursor.isPressed() )                         {                              if(attackPower >= placeList.get(i).getAttackPower())                             {                                 for(int j = 0 ; j < playerDisplayDeck.size();j++)                                 {                                     System.out.println(playerDisplayDeck.get(j).getName());                                 }                                                                  for(int j = 0 ; j < playerDisplayDeck.size();j++)                                 {                                      if(playerDisplayDeck.get(j).getName().equalsIgnoreCase("trooper"))                                     {                                         playerDisplayDeck.remove(j);                                     }                                 }                                                                  for(int j = 0 ; j < playerDisplayDeck.size();j++)                                 {                                     System.out.println(playerDisplayDeck.size());                                 }                                                                  attackPower = attackPower - placeList.get(i).getAttackPower(); }                              

Has it ever been officially stated how long it takes for a soul to transform into an outsider after death?

Okay, correct me if I’m wrong:

In the Pathfinder Universe, souls travel along the River of Souls after death, then hang around Pharasmas Boneyard for a while, get judged and then get send to whichever Outer Sphere plane matches their alignment. There, they become so-called petitioners, suffer/enjoy themselves for a while and with sufficient piety/malice/effort, eventually turn into a plane-appropriate outsider.

Now, has is ever been stated how long this process roughly takes? Years, decades, centuries, millennia? The only reference to time I found was about hammer archons:

Those archons who continually proves themselves in battle, either by striking down hordes of demons or by holding back a single pit fiend long enough for reinforcements to arrive, may get promoted to the rank of hammer archon. This process can take centuries, even millennia, but the lawful-aligned outsiders would brook no shortcuts. Many hound archons and shield archons with martial inclinations ceaselessly endeavor to rise to the heights of power that being a hammer archon represents.

But this is more about “rising in the ranks”, so to speak. And “brook no shortcuts” implied that shortcuts are apparently a thing(?).

(Honestly, the most interesting question to me is – would it be feasible for someone’s wise old mentor figure to return as an archon or for a former BBEG to reappear as a devil? I know they don’t really keep any proper memories of their old selves, but it would still be cool!)

Can You Cast Mass Cure Wound On Someone Who Has Been Swallowed by a creature?

Mass Healing Word and other healing spells specifically say that you have to see someone in order to cast the spells. Mass Cure Wounds just says that you choose a point and then choose 6 creatures within a 30 foot radius. Do you need to see a creature in order to choose them? For example, would you be able to cast it on someone who had been swallowed?

How a website knows if a video has been watched or downloaded?

there’s a video lecture streaming in a university platform that runs javascript, Can the owner detect if i’m downloading the video (via IDM) rather than just watching it ? In other words, How a website knows if a video has been watched or downloaded?

After much trouble such as quality fluctuations, unexpected changes in playback speed and frozen screens (also experienced by other users), I’ve decided to download the videos using (Internet Download Manager). That, however, violates the terms of the university, even though I obviously don’t intend to make any commercial use of the videos and I’m going to be the only one watching them. I’d like to know if the content provider can notice, that I’m not streaming the videos but downloading them.

What happens when a Shadow Blade on which Darkness has been cast disappears?

The darkness spells states the following:

If the point the darkness spreads from is an object you’re holding or one that isn’t being worn or carried, the darkness comes from and moves with the object.

However, there is no prescription for what happens if the object that the darkness is following is broken (What happens to the darkness spell if it is cast on an object that then breaks?) or destroyed, such as when shadow blade disappears after being let go of by the wielder/caster. What would happen to the darkness spell and its positioning? What would happen if the same object were to reappear in space, as is in this case suggested by the phrasing of the shadow blade spell (emphasis mine):

While the spell lasts, you can use a bonus action to make the sword reappear in your hand.

To me, the most reasonable outcome in the event of the object outright being removed from existence is that the darkness stops being emitted, as the darkness is stated to ‘come from’ the object. The darkness would then reappear should the same object reappear, provided that the spell hasn’t ended (no trigger for which has been activated).

Has Dungeons & Dragons ever been officially translated into Hungarian?

So I was talking with a friend from Budapest, Hungary who told me that he had played Dungeons & Dragons back in the 1980s. However, he explained that at the time they were playing “bootlegged” versions because there was no official Hungarian translation.* According to him, D&D was seen as a tool of Western influence (being based on Western folklore and glorifying capitalist ideas in that you work to get treasure for yourself, I guess) and with Hungary being a Soviet bloc nation it was banned from import.

Today, Hungary is a democracy like many countries in the former Soviet Bloc. My friend hasn’t played D&D for years and he wasn’t sure about the current status of the game. He imagines that an English version could be found at some bookstore, but he wasn’t sure if it was ever officially available in Hungarian. Was any edition of Dungeons & Dragons ever officially released in Hungarian since the fall of the Soviet Union?

* Fun fact: he said that the bootleg Hungarian translation he used had all sorts of amusing errors that he discovered later when he learned English. For instance, Clerics’ “Turn Undead” ability used the definition of “Turn” meaning “Turn Into”, so for a while they played where clerics had the ability to become undead a limited number of times per day!

Have I really been hacked or am I falling for a phishing scam

I received an email on the 14th saying that a hacker has access to my pc it says that at the time of hacking my account ( had this password (it was a version of my password but not one that I’ve ever used for my gmail) and it claimed to have been watching me for months and that it had infected my pc through a adult website and had video of me when I was on the site doing you know what and that it would send it to my contacts and correspondence but I don’t have any contacts on my pc and also I use a different user and email when I do that, also why didn’t it send it to that email and not any of the other emails I have saved on my pc. Am I falling for a bullshit email or do I have something to worry about? Also it said I have 48 hours to pay them in bitcoins and that it would track when I opened it and start the countdown and I just opened it last night

Has there ever been a class that creates magic by drawing it?

In the long history of Dungeons & Dragons, has there been a character class that can only create magical effects by drawing on surface? For example, a class that needs to draw a circle on the floor then activate that magic circle to use the circle’s powers.

If so, what’re these classes called? Further, what names are given to their styles of magic?