I am trying to make a homebrew campaign. I have been trying to brainstorm the idea for the start. Is this good enough?

The player’s characters were hired by Tulmund Bilsh, a silk merchant from Alablast, a diverse town which also happens to be the player character’s home town, to help escort him and his goods to a primarily human city, Vern, and will pay the players once the journey has been completed.

They begin in a tavern in a small swamp village named Stillwater, where they plan to rest and stay the night. Right before they hit the hay, though, the village is attacked by a tribe of lizardfolk, and Tulmund disappears during the attack. With enough questioning of the locals, the players will find out that lizardfolk in this region are nearing extinction, and they lurk in the ruins of a once proud city, the only building intact being a temple.

Assuming the players still want their pay, they will assault the temple, and fight their way through brainwashed villagers, strange constructs and a few lizardfolk sprinkled in. They find a multitude of cells along their way, but all of them empty or containing corpses, none of which are that of the silk merchant’s. They finally fight their way into a large room with an altar at the center, with a strange blue orb sitting on a pedestal. They find the silk merchant being forced to his knees, facing towards the orb by two brainwashed villagers as a blue mist begins to emit from the orb and make it’s way towards the merchant, this is presumably the way the lizardfolk brainwash people. A robed lizardfolk stands behind the altar, chanting and the players will engage combat with two constructs, some lizardfolk and some other brainwashed people.

If the players take out the ones holding Tulmund, the orb is taken off the pedestal or interrupt the robed lizardfolk, Tulmund will not be brainwashed. If the orb is taken off the pedestal, the altar will open and a shadowy aberration will begin to rise from the altar and the players will have to get 13+ on a wisdom saving throw or be inflicted with Crown of Madness.

Yes, I am aware that this is a sloppy mess and does require more finer details, but this is the general idea I had to start out my campaign without it being a basic “you start in a tavern” kind of deal.

How to confirm that party member hasn’t been replaced or charmed?

How can my PC confirm that the other PCs haven’t been replaced by a shapechanger such as an incubus or doppelganger, and haven’t been charmed/controlled in some way to work against the party?

One idea is have a password/code to check for shapechangers, but that only goes so far as if a PC is controlled but not replaced they would know the code.

Ideally answers would be methods a Bard could use.

How to know whether a textfile has been edited or tampered with on the local system?

Related to “How to know whether a textfile has been edited or tampered with?”, I wonder if it’s possible to detect file tampering on the local system?

Typical threat model: the old “Hack” computer game. I want to write out saved game state and later, when the user continues their saved game, I want to confirm they haven’t edited the saved game file.

We can assume that the user has access to both the saved game file and the game executable.

Can this be done entirely on the local system, without resorting to storing hashes or signatures on a secure remote system?

I fear that the answer is “it’s not possible”, since any hash seed or signature key I apply to the saved game can be extracted from the executable.

Its been a while! Looking to automate a specific list of websites, not platforms – Any GSA software.

Hello All.

So its been 5 years since i was active on here! 

I am no longer building a quarter of a million links a day, or breaking my brain writing SVM captcha breakers, but am still very much into SEO.

I am now looking for a tool that can be used to automate custom sites, primarily for building business citations.
I raked my brain for the stuff i used back in the blackhat days, but most of the stuff is dead (what happened to sick submitter?).

Then i remembered that Sven was working on a platform trainer back in 2013 – does that exist now?
If it does, is there a tutorial anywhere?

If not is there any other GSA software, or 3rd party, that people can recommend?

I did waste a bit of time trying to write something myself with chrome headless but i would rather just pay for something that works and get on with the job in hand.

A quick note that i am not looking for a service like whitespark, Marketeers centre – i use them already but have a slightly blackhat idea brewing that will require a volume/cost ratio that only software can provide.


Has there been clarification of the Random Weight Table in the Player’s Handbook?

I was reading through the Player’s Handbook today to make a character when I saw the Random Height and Weight tables. Looking at that, I saw that the weight, for a Tiefling, was 110 lbs * (2d4). Surely, I thought, a 220-880 lb tiefling is a little bit much compared to their 4’11” – 6’1″ height, so I looked at the others, and they are all similar.

Amusingly, the Mountain Dwarf has a weight of 130 lbs * (2D6), which can result in a character of the range of 260-1560 lbs, or close to a full ton of dwarf.

Has there ever been any clarification on this?

Have any RPGs ever been based on the world of William Blake? [closed]

In William Blake’s more famous poems, the highly detailed personal mythology he created is not evident. But in everything else he wrote, characters such as Los, Enitharmion, and Rintrah recur perpetually. Not only that, but a whole mythology of the creation of the world, in which “entering the void gave birth to Albion’s lovely land,” and “Los erected towers that stretched past the sky and re-arranged the magnetic poles,” et cetera. Reading Vala, the unpublished sketchbook for all of these ideas, I have to ask myself, Is this really the year 17XX?

Has anyone made his world into an RPG?

My Huawei’s software details has been changed(build number , kernel version and baseband

My Huawei phoned is being controlled remotely. When I download apps on play Store, their permissions are being changed by that device using java. App permissions are continuously being changed, on my Google activity it shows apps that were downloaded but those apps were not downloaded by me and they are not visible on my phone. When I connect to public WiFi(Tshwane free wifi)it shows that it is not safe as it shows that the user is not the same as the page shown(it shows that it is Router board)

If my team-mate absorbs a creature we have been fighting, will the rest of the party still gain EXP?

My DM is playing a DMPC along with our party, as well as the standard DM role.

During an encounter, his PC absorbed a gelatinous cube, and is saying that because it was not a true kill, the rest of the party doesn’t gain experience, even though we did damage the cube.

Is this in line with the rules, or are we getting screwed by our DM?