With the Deflect Missiles monk feature, does the player know the damage of the attack before choosing to deflect?

The monk’s Deflect Missiles feature description says (PHB, pg. 78):

Starting at 3rd level, you can use your reaction to deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged weapon attack.

I take this to mean that the player controlling the monk gets to decide whether or not to use Deflect Missiles after they know whether or not the attack hits.

It continues:

When you do so, the damage you take from the attack is reduced by 1d10 + your Dexterity modifier + your monk level.

Does the monk’s player get to know the damage before they decide to use Deflect Missiles? Or is damage is rolled after they choose to use the feature?

Prevent Word from automatically recognizing text before caption number as label

I’m using Word for Mac 16.24. I followed this excellent blog post to set up decent-looking equations in my Word docs, however I have an issue that it doesn’t address. If I surround the equation number in parentheses, Word automatically assumes the opening parenthesis is the label and so instead of e.g., ‘1’, I get ‘(1’ for my cross reference. It’s easy enough to delete this on a case-by-case basis, but when I update the references, all the cross-references are replaced with the versions with a leading parenthesis. For the time being, I’ve resorted to removing the parentheses from the captions, however I’d really like to have them there, as many (most?) publishers require them. The only alternative I can think of right now is to write a macro that updates references and then replaces all of the reference texts with the correct, parenthesis-less version.

Flight departed from the gate 5 min before scheduled departure time. Refund options

This was Alaska Airlines flight from SJC to LAX. We ran later than we usually do on our way to flights and so we ended up reaching the gate 2 min before the scheduled departure time.

On our way from the security check to the gate we didn’t hear any call for our names asking us to make it to the gate asap. (Not that we were loitering around. We were running to the gate which was at the end of that terminal.)

So anyhow, we reached there 2 min prior but were advised that the flight already left and the gate was closed. We bought a ticket from SFO and continued with the rest of our trip because there was no point arguing as the flight had already left. We were very upset and I am looking into what can be done. A few things that I am not sure of here:

  1. Flights can leave ahead of time (but that is if all passengers have already boarded or there is a clear indication of no-show in that the gate is advised that some passengers didn’t even checkin at the airport AND they have approval by the ATC of course). We did checkin and so we shouldn’t have been marked no-show.
  2. Departure time is time to leave the gate and not take-off. Confirm this.
  3. How could I prove the airline left minutes ago? Could I ask the airlines for the record of the flight on that particular day?
  4. If I do prove this, can we ask for any sort of compensation?

Any other advice (other than “don’t go that late”). As I said, it doesn’t always happen but when it happens we should know our options.

Why does CTRL+U clear everything in terminal, not only the text before cursor, as expected

I always hear that in terminal (no matter which in MacOS or Linux), the hotkey Ctrl + U will erase the text JUST BEFORE THE CURSOR. However, I find it erases EVERYTHING in my MacOS terminals, no matter where the cursor is.

So I just wondering that, just my Macs do behave like this, or every mac does, and if they do, how to config it to behave like in linux.

Can you shove before Attacking with Shield Master using a Readied action?

Can you perform a ready action with the condition being that you complete your bonus action, then you do your bonus action and then complete your action from your ready action?

For instance, I have feat Shield Master, I ready the attack action with the condition that the enemy is prone, then I take the shove bonus action and knock him prone then I take my readied attack action.

Isn’t this legal exploit to reverse the action order?

Directed graph that returns before all its child nodes are visited?

Give an example of a directed graph in which a depth-first search backs up from a vertex $ v$ before all the vertices that can be reached from $ v$ via one or more edges are discovered.

My professor recently asked this question as a warm up to lecture, but never answered it. I still have not figure how that is possible. Why would it return if it’s not complete?

I just can’t see a scenario where this would happen.

It would never return, since DFS is (essentially) recursive and it can’t return without having hit all base cases.

Build automation tools before make?

I realized that make was “only” invented in 1976 and seems to be one of the first build automation tools (at least it’s probably the oldest still in use).

But we already had a history of large software projects in 1976. What did people use for e.g. OS/360 or the software for the F-14? Were there any real precursors for make or did make invent the concept of build automation?

Efficient way to add a colon before and after every word in strings inside a Series

I was working with twitter data, and extracted every emoji from the data. But, when I passed that data through CountVectorizer, colons where substracted from the strings. So, the string emoji :ok_hand: :thumbs_up: turned into ok_hand thumbs_up. I wanted to re-add those colons so then I could emojize them back. I managed to do that, but I’m quite sure my method is very inefficient. The emojis are the indexes of a coefficients DataFrame, like this:

    index              coef  ok_hand thumbs_up      0.4     airplane           0.2 

So what I did was this:

to_emojize=pd.Series(coef_mat_emoji.index) to_emojize=to_emojize.apply(lambda x: x.split()) to_emojize=to_emojize.apply(lambda x:[':'+i+':' for i in x]) to_emojize=to_emojize.apply(lambda x: emoji.emojize(x, use_aliases=True)) coef_mat_emoji.index=to_emojize 

Is there a better way to do this?