“Displays” app crashes even before opening

I am trying to reposition my external monitor in the Displays app. But as soon as I select the app in Search Your Computer, a loading icon shows up for a few seconds and then nothing shows up. I suspect the app is crashing but I don’t know why.

I looked into dmesg output and for every launch failure, I see one such log-

[20630.390686] unity-control-c[17258]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f5401945924 sp 00007ffd6178a030 error 4 in libc-2.23.so[7f540190a000+1c0000]

All other apps are opening just fine.

Does unit need any updating? If so, how should I do it?

Can we use reverse image search to bypass image CAPTCHAs? has this been done before?

So has there been any group that managed to bypass the Image CAPTCHAs using reverse image search?

whats stopping people from writing a script that bypasses these CAPTCHAs by reverse image searching via many services like google and make a choice?

and can anyone provide me useful web services that do reverse image search other than google?

the only one i know is https://tineye.com/

and also can this be done? i can imagine writing a python script that cuts one of the 9 images in the captcha and then reverse searches it using a website, but the real challenge is how to make sense of the results and come to conclusion that whether this is for example a store front or not? any ideas?

Need to fix this before adsense is activated [Need Help]

Okay, so i'm trying to set-up ad sense on a client's website and for reason there appears to be a policy that's being violated and i really don't know what it is.
Just for reference the website is: nouveautycoon.com

I will post down below images of what i'm receiving:
and this is a link to some content policies: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348688?hl=en

What are my options?

what to look Before Article submission/Guest posting?

Steps to be followed before guest posting / Article Submission :

1. need to check domain authority. above 40 is acceptable ( for B2B niche).

2. next need to check monthly traffic of that website we are posting obviously we are guest posting to get referral traffic to the source website should have high potential in traffic.

3. Social signal is the must. yes, check if they have good reach and user engagement in social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Is there a way to obtain improved critical before level 9?

Out of sheer curiosity: is there any build that makes you obtain the Improved Critical feat – and not an equivalent class feature or an enchanted weapon – before level 9 without limits to feats, magic items, classes and combination thereof?

Edit: “without limits to feats, magic items, classes and combination thereof” meaning that it doesn’t have to be Paizo only material, there is unlimited available money to buy any magic item (but not to cast wish or miracle) and characters can obtain more feats than standard.

Before Famous For Sale With Social Media Profiles. High Traffic Keywords & Brand

Why are you selling this site?
Selling to fund other endeavors.

How is it monetized?
not monetized. I only uploded 1 celebrity profile to show proof of trffic potential. Over 4k unique visitors in Nov 10th-11th and over 7k impressions. Add more profiles, you gain more traffic. All verified with Analytics. Scale up.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Subreddit (1550+ subscribers), Facebook (4000 followers), & Instagram (360 followers)

How much…

Before Famous For Sale With Social Media Profiles. High Traffic Keywords & Brand

If you have two recursive calls in a function and one terminates before the second how do you calculate the time complexity?

Suppose you have a function which calls to itself twice. So both go down recusively until they reach some condition. But one of them will go less times than the other. For example one would call itself n times until it terminates while the second calls itself merely n-5 times.

How do I go by, calculating the lower bound. I assume, for the upper bound you just go about calculating the bigger path of n levels. But how would you calculate the lower bound?