Lectures and books for beginner to approach learning simulations

I’m an incoming undergrad with a math background up to single-variable calculus, but reasonably strong programming background through algorithms, data structures, web and mobile app development. Broadly, I’m really interested in learning to simulate molecular systems and game physics, etc, but have never simulated anything before. I’d also like what I learn to be transferrable to financial markets, climate models, etc–so really focusing on principles of simulation, analysis and motivation behind simulation algorithms, limits of simulations, and more.

I’ve gone through MIT OCW 6.0002, and spent some time learning about random walks and Monte Carlo methods, as well as frequenting a smattering of random pages on molecular dynamics, but I’d really appreciate some structured, motivated resources for an absolute beginner with a programming background to learn about using programming to simulate things.

Learncplusplus site vs accelerated c++ book, which is better for a beginner? [closed]

Which of them is best for learning c++ if I already know following topics in C control statements, functions, recursion, array, pointer, string, structure, file handling. I am switching to c++ because I have read it is better for data structure and algorithm due to it’s library support

Beginner looking to clarify how hiding works

I’ve just bought a starter set, and struggle a little to understand the concept of hiding. Do I roll a d20 + DEX (stealth) when I first want to hide, and note down the number. Then, for each turn that a creature is actively looking, roll a WIS (perception) for it and compare this against the written value?

What about passive perception? If a creature isn’t actively looking, do I instead compare its “WIS (perception) score + 10” to the written value?

And a slightly more general question – the rulebook isn’t clear on what happens when a “check” results in a draw. Who “wins” here? In the example of hiding, who does a draw count in favour of?

How to use Scrapebox as a complete beginner without using an API?

I have purchased as much as I can in the starting up of backlinking and I have followed advice from the best of them. I have bought Scrapebox, GSA, and The Best Spinner and Now I am out of money until next week.

Can anybody here guide me to using Scrapebox the best or only way possible without needing an api (just until next week) in conjunction with GSA Search Engine Ranker?

I have gsa set up and im just trying to get some lists because apparently my campaign has stopped because of that (it needs more urls to post to).

Can anyone tell me, am I able to extract Urls from Scrapebox and move forward with GSA just for the time being and if so can you tell me how?



Beginner question about mechanics of turn-taking in combat

I have never played tabletop DnD before. Lots of NWN and BG on my PC though, so I know the basics. I got a 5e DnD “Essentials Kit” for my birthday and I’m going to try to run a beginner module for my family.

I am confused on the mechanics of combat. Everyone rolls for initiative and takes a 6 second turn in that order. I don’t think that means every creature in the encounter takes a consecutive 6 second turn (does it?)

I am envisaging this:

Fighter – I run the length of the room and attack the nearest kobold with my sword (dice rolls, resolved)

Paladin – I do the same thing (dice rolls, resolved)

NPC Kobold – (roll to see who it attacks) attacks Paladin (dice rolls, scores some damage on the Paladin)

Cleric – I cast Healing Word on Paladin, then I go hide round the corner

So then which of these apply:

DM – “OK roll for your heal spell”


DM – “Wait a minute, when you started your heal, neither of the PCs were even in combat yet, how did you know which one to start healing? I am going to rule you chose one at random and will toss a D2 to decide if you guessed right.”

or even worse…

“You heal the Paladin and your spell lands just as he closes with the kobold, but since he was at full HP at the time…nothing happens.”

It’s a question of “do the creatures in combat see the effect of prior creature’s six seconds of activity before they commence their own?”


Star Wars Beginner Box Set [closed]

I’m 42 years with Emotional and Behavioral issues(Disabled). I have all three Beginner Box Set game. How do I get my niece and her boyfriend to play one of the Star Wars Beginner Box Set games?. Backstory: But, she just read the Star Wars Core Rule book and then said: I’m not playing it. If I brought it up again. She’ll say: “Ah” to me. I have a hunch that she wants to play. But the core rule book is preventing her. She thinks that the Core Rule book for AOR, EOTH and F&D are it.

I am a beginner [on hold]

My name is Daniel and I am 14 years old. I am from Moldova Republic Of and I’d like to start developing games, but the problem is that I don’t know where to start. I know I sound stupid! I searched for videos, tutorials, but I still don’t get it. I have experience in HTML, CSS and a little bit of JAVASCRIPT. I want to be a “member” of this beautiful community of game developers…

Thanks for your atention!

Hello am just a beginner with ubuntu 19.4, but i have already fallen in errors while trying to install netbeans and LAMP

Entiry this was after doing a system upgrade and i repeatitively keep getting this error when ever i try to install any software, what should i do

The following packages have unmet dependencies:  apache2 : Depends: apache2-bin (= 2.4.38-2ubuntu2.3) but it is not going to be installed        Depends: apache2-utils (=2.4.38-2ubuntu2.3) E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. 

Thats the case for installing apache,

and fetch errors when updating