FREE Optimized GSA SER Project Template for Beginners

Setting up campaigns in GSA can be intimidating with all the options it has. After years of using it I eventually made a default template I use. I’m sharing the template and settings here to help out those starting out with GSA.

This template is aimed at building contextual backlinks.
Right click inside GSA SER and click Modify Project -> Restore

Then edit the URLs, add your articles, and add your e-mail address. It’ll pull target sites from your Verified Folder

Download at

Any good premade campaigns for beginners? [closed]

Does anyone know of some good premade campaigns for a small (not more than 5) players, all of whom are new to D&D?

I want to start them at low level since they haven’t played before. I’m finding lots of good single shot adventures, but want to have something that is tied together. I’m looking for something that I could probably get a good 5-10 sessions out of, then hopefully wraps itself up nicely.

Class method for beginners in python [closed]

can someone PLEASE explain how to use class methods between the class call. We are currently making a tic tac toe game that requires a 3X3 grid, and we want to make a list of list with designated numbers, which will be replaced with either an X or an O in later versions.

Again, for now, I just want to make a 3X3 grid, including the class method call somehow with this format: @… def example

Long tail keywords or short keyword? and why? For beginners

As you might already know that Google prefers long-tail keywords over short keyword but you may not know the reason behind it.
Here I will give you an example of why long-tail keywords are more preferred over short keywords.
Take example,
If you want to learn to make french fries at home,
You'll always search "How to make homemade french fries or How to make french fries at home" (Long-tail keyword)
and probably will not search "homemade french fries" (short keyword).
As you can see, in this…

Long tail keywords or short keyword? and why? For beginners

Building blockchain application step-by-step for Hyperledger Sawtooth for total beginners

I have seen many beginner to advance articles on Ethereum blockchain development like Blockchain-as-a-Service Apps Using Ethereum and Quorum and Ethereum Blockchain Application Dev with Java and Web3J API

Below is good for Hyperledger but not Sawtooth

However, I am looking for similar articles for Hyperledger Sawtooth. Any suggestion? Online search gives me links mainly to documentation

[GET] Beginner’s Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software

Do you want to create a basic logo for your home/small business or do you just need some simple branding? Don't want to spend money or time learning complex expense software? Looking for the simple answers to just get a basic logo? Discover how to create basic logos with Canva, Ucraft, Vectr, Design Evo, & Free logo design. This course is designed for complete beginners and will cover only the information that you need to start making basic logos. This Is A Basic Logo Design For Beginners…

[GET] Beginner's Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software