Can I use RSA to encrypt an AES256 key that I put at the beginning of my AES256 encrypted file?

I have a master server generating large files for other (known) servers to download.

Those files:

  • Are quite big. From 20MB to 5GB.
  • Are written once by the server and then it forgets about them.
  • Nobody should be able to read the content of the file except the server it has been generated for.
  • Will be downloaded over HTTPS using a library such as RequestJS

Based on this knowledge, I planned to generate an RSA key pair for each server, store the public key in the database of the master server along with the servers’ specific data (like unique identifier) and only keep the private key on the server it belongs to.
I thought I would just have to encrypt the whole 5GB file using the server’s public key and only it would be able to decrypt it.

However, after looking around on the internet, I noticed that it’s an extremely bad idea to encrypt big things using RSA. It’s not meant for this purpose at all.

I also heard a lot about AES and decided to take a look at the way the TLS works and noticed it uses RSA encryption for the symmetric AES keys.
Now, I’m thinking that I should encrypt my files using AES with a randomly generated key per file but I need to transmit the key to the server.

My idea is the following:

  • Generate a random 256 bits key per generated file.
  • Use this key to encrypt the whole file.
  • Use the public key of the target server to encrypt this key.
  • Prepend the encrypted key to the file so that it’s a whole package.
  • Sign the whole thing with the master private key (but I haven’t thought about that yet so I’m open to suggestions regarding the algorithm)

And, on the reception side, the server would just read the first 256 bits, decrypt with its private key and use the decrypted payload as a key to decrypt the file itself.

Since I have no deep knowledge of security, I would like to be sure that it a good idea. I see no real downside but I may not know what I’m talking about enough to judge that.

At first I thought HTTPS would be sufficient but I don’t want anyone to be able to get the file so I still need more encryption than the connection itself.
Moreover, I wouldn’t want a “slave” server to be able to decrypt the content of another. And I should be able to revoke a server by changing its key pair.

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