Is there a way to change the damage type being dealt by a weapon?

Last night I was playing as my level 20 Barbarian, when our party encountered an enemy who was immune to all damage, unless it was of a specific elemental type.

This was particularly unfortunate for me, since my Barbarian deals exclusively in piercing and slashing damage. This resulted in me effectively standing around acting as a damage sponge while the party’s spell-casters dealt all the damage.

While not a disastrous situation, it got me thinking:

Are there any ways to effectively change the type of damage I am dealing?

To be more specific, I am curious if there are any spells, enchantments, magics, magical weapons, etc which can change the type of damage a weapon’s normal attack would have dealt. For example, my Barbarian’s weapon deals slashing damage – I am wondering if there are ways to change the damage type into something else(eg into instead dealing fire or poison damage, or even piercing or bludgeoning).

I’ve read this similar question, but am playing 5e, not 3.5.

What gestalt law is being used on main page of youtube for videos thumbnails?

I’m a bit confused on what law is being used on the video thumbnails, in the main page of youtube. The thumbnails are closer together then they are from the 4 lines of text below them, yet I see a group composed of image and text and not see all the images together as a group. Shouldn’t the elements closer together, in this case all the images on the horizontal row be seen as a group? Also, if proximity isn’t the prevailing principle here, what is?

Rules for being stealthy while mounted

Are there official rules or rulings for attempting to use stealth while mounted?

My research on the internet has found a number of opinions on the matter, but none of them seem to be backed by a reference to a book or a ruling. Is using stealth allowed while riding a mount?

For example, I do not see how a horse could be commanded to be stealthy. If you tried, then would that be an animal handling roll? Lets say that you could give the command, then how would a less stealthy mount like a horse even move stealthily?

I am playing in a 5e campaign. My ranger on horseback will move through a forest, outside of combat, and I want to be stealthy while scouting out possible enemy locations for the rest of the party to strike. I could do it without my horse, but if I get spotted, I really will want to get out of there fast.

How can i tell the difference between fishing for rolls and being involved?

I have recently started playing BW and i decided to go in a new direction(Mainly because i couldn’t make a druid.) and made a charlatan with some bard sprinkled in. A noble woman in her early twenties that were to receive formal education at a religious institude but bailed out after learning superficial knowledge about pretty much everything and she has been using those skills to be a jack of all trades that seems like she knows a lot but only has enough to fake it.

With that i thought i would play her as someone that will try to help with everything. Someone wounded?I’ll help. Need to interpret stars?I’ll help and so on. My problem is that with such a diverse skillset in the first session i ended up asking to roll for things far more than other players coming up with a bunch of stuff i wanted to try.

My problem is that I fear that i may advance quicker than others and end up being a munchkin or something similar. So what i wanted to ask was that how can i play my character as someone who tries everything without turning her into a munchkin that can do everything better than everyone else?

DNS and sometimes TCP packet are being sent out upon disconnecting and connecting wifi connection

I am monitoring my network interface and noticed that I can reproduce a behavior where some cryptic DNS packets are being sent out as well as TCP sometimes, without me opening any browser or application for that matter.

All I have to do is turn off WIFI and then turn it back on. Then a number of DNS packets are sent out automatically.

Here is the cap file:

enter image description here

This doesn’t strike me as normal behavior, why are DNS packets being sent out?.. Upon following the TCP packets I noticed that they are being sent to an EC2 instance on AWS.

Secondary display in dual display system not being used

After a recent reinstall of Ubuntu to get full system encryption working, I haven’t been able to get my secondary display to work. I think it did when I first installed using an 18.03 install iso I had. But, when I updated using apt, it just hasn’t worked since. My system: Asus Crosshair VII Hero motherboard, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, Asus Geforce GTX 1060 graphics, 32GB DDR4-3200 G.Skill memory, HP EX920 1TB M.2 boot drive, 3TB WD Green data drive.

I have run nvidia-xconfig. Still no luck in activating the secondary display.

How do I communicate to my players that a door is, for the time being, absolutely locked to them?

I have a small dungeon in my campaign, a temple, that is a significant location for the broader story of my world. The players might very well enter this temple pretty early on in their adventuring. There is a door in this temple, however, that must remain securely locked from to all intruders until a much later date – this temple, particularly what lies inside the locked door, will come back as an important location in the future. Ideally, for now this door will evoke mystery and intrigue for my players. However, I am worried that my players will be convinced that the locked door is some type of puzzle. How do I effectively communicate that this door is 100% locked to them, something to be revisited at a later date? How do I stop my players from wasting excessive time guessing passwords and looking for keys?

This is a question that probably fits many tabletop rpgs, but if it matters, we are playing D&D 5e in an pretty standard medieval fantasy setting.

How to remove most recent kernel / how to stop old kernels being removed?

The 3 most recent kernels will not boot and I don’t know why. My concern is that my only remaining old kernel will soon be automatically removed and then I have nothing. How can I remove the new kernels and more importantly, prevent the one older kernel from being removed automatically? Or, ideally, why are the new kernels failing? I have a blank screen. No error whatsoever. Where do I even start to investigate that?

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Kernel (working) 4.15.0-20-generic x86_64 Asus E402M

Is it possible to prevent new kernels being installed? I keep the to LTS versions to avoid these failures!