No keywords being indexed for a page

We recently created a web page. It’s indexed on google and everything looks right when we check it through the search console but, for some reason, tools such as ahrefs and moz show there is are no keywords indexing for that page. This is the first time it happens to us and we are not sure why it’s happening.

Some other information that may be useful

  • We already have a couple of backlinks to the page from authoritative sites.
  • It’s a static site (gatsby / react)
  • We use for prerendering
  • We use netlify for hosting

Any ideas?


What’s the cheapest way for an Eldritch Knight to be able to wield two weapons while still being able to cast spells with somatic/material components?

For the purpose of this question, assume "two weapons" to include "a one-handed weapon and a shield".

Compared to other spellcasters, Eldritch Knights are sort of at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving dual-wielding and the like, as they generally cannot use spellcasting foci (except when using magic items such as a Ruby of the War Mage). Thus, they normally seem to require a free hand for casting spells with components other than verbal ones. For comparison, a wizard could wield a Staff of Power, which – due to being a staff – counts as an arcane focus and thus solves the issue of noncostly material components, but it can also be used as a +2 quarterstaff.

For an EK trying to trivialize somatic components, Warcaster is the obvious choice (no difference to other spellcasters in this regard), and the requirement of a free hand for material components (without a GP cost) can be avoided with a Ruby of the War Mage. However, the former requires spending a feat (even though Warcaster is a pretty good feat for EKs anyway, especially considering that fighters get more ASIs than the average class), and the latter blocks an attunement slot and doesn’t work for costly material components. Plus, if you happen to die in a battle, your attunements end, even if you get Revivified right away (although that’s probably a very rare or even legendary problem ^^).

Is there a cheaper way to get around the issue? For the purpose of defining "expensive", please consider this order (the higher up on the list, the more expensive):

  1. Multiclassing (and requiring three multiclass levels is obviously worse than requiring one)
  2. Requiring additional actions
  3. Feats
  4. Attunement Slots
  5. Requiring additional bonus actions
  6. Choosing specific (sub-)class options, such as a Fighting Style.
  7. Magic Items without attunement
  8. Ingame time (e.g. downtime training)
  9. Requiring your object interaction
  10. Money

I’m aware of other questions on almost the same topic, namely this one (warlock-focused or at best generic), this one (technically answers the issue, but some GMs might consider dropping and picking your weapon up cheesy, plus there are downsides and it only works with Sage Advice rulings), as well as this one (answers claim it’s not an issue, which is not true IMHO – for example, Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade, both great melee cantrips for an EK, have material components).

is the requirement of being in a lightly obscured area to gain the benefit of the Nature’s Mantle works in a heavily obscured area?

I want to make sure I’m not creating a problem by allowing heavily obscured areas to meet the requirement of being in a lightly obscured area for the Nature’s Mantle benefit of hiding as a bonus action. Since it is a more obscured area I intended to allow it but I’m not sure if I should since it is not explicitly written.

thanks again.

CSS Stylesheet not being Applied


I don't think the CSS stylesheet is getting picked up or applied properly and when using a browser inspector it says whatever styling there is, is on line 1 of the stylesheet.

I'm using Firefox, it is up-to-date, the cache has been cleared and my computers been restarted.

Some styling must be being applied because the width of the content has been restrained and centered.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your time!

Can Spells with long casting times be disrupted by being transformed?

bit of a dense and complex question here. My character was trying to cast leomund’s tiny hut as a ritual, which because it has a long casting time, requires her to maintain concentration. The group was ambushed (though we all passed perception checks so no surprise), and the DM assumed that if he were to polymorph my character, she would lose concentration, and wouldn’t be able to finish the spell because she no longer has a spell list as a CR 0 cat.

I know concentration shouldn’t matter, but is he right about the second part? Could she finish casting the spell as a cat? Does she have to turn back into a kobold first before the spell can resolve? Does anything change if she is casting Glyph of Warding, which isn’t a ritual?

Likewise, in a similar situation, if she later gets true polymorph and turns into a Planatar, while casting raise dead would break concentration as it takes more than 1 action, would she still be able to resolve the casting at the end of 1 hour, if she maintained concentration the whole time?

Can a druid cast wild shape mid-air to survive being dropped?

Let’s say that an Aarakocra picks up a dragonborn druid, and carries her up to an altitude of 125 feet. It would take her ~2.5 seconds to hit the ground when she’s dropped. Would she have enough time to cast wild shape during the fall into something that would survive the fall?

She wanted to be a mouse, which can theoretically survive a fall from any height due to its low terminal velocity. She also could’ve changed into something with a huge number of hitpoints and tanked the fall damage. Our main question is about casting the change mid-air.

We could not find any solid cast time for the change in the rules (5e).

Our group is all relatively new to D&D. We tried a quick pvp arena for fun and got crushed by the one guy who had been our DM for our first campaign, so he knew a bit more than us… Thanks for any answers!

Gaining a new type of movement speed after being hit by a Sentinel OA. New speed = 0?

In the following example, what is the spellcaster’s fly speed?


  • A character with the Sentinel feat, successfully makes an Opportunity Attack against a spellcaster creature.
  • The spellcaster in turn, casts the fly spell on themselves. Gaining a fly speed of 60. A new type of movement for the creature.


When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, the creature’s speed becomes 0 for the rest of the turn.


You touch a willing creature. The target gains a flying speed of 60 feet for the duration. When the spell ends, the target falls if it is still aloft, unless it can stop the fall.

From my understanding, there isn’t a so called "stack" like there is in Magic: the Gathering. The effect from Sentinel is very specific. It doesn’t matter if the creature gains a new type of speed after the sentinel effect has been applied. All of its speeds are 0 for the rest of the turn.

What spells or other effects cause a creature to make a saving throw to avoid being knocked out?

I saw that a hydra has "advantage on saving throws against being… knocked unconscious" and was curious as to what spells or effects would cause such a thing to happen. The only effect that came to mind is the sleep spell, which operates on hit points rather than a saving throw. What else can knock a creature unconscious?