Being an experienced player in a group of new ones

We have recently started playing DnD 5e with a group of real life friends. I have many years of experience with various PnP games under my belt and have also played DnD for a good amount of time and would call myself experienced.

My friends on the opposite have never played any PnP games. They are enthusiastic and willing to learn and creating our characters already went quite well – everyone got a character they are very happy with and understands their strengths and weaknesses.

The first campaign we played was led by me, it was a short, simple introductory adventure I made myself and was mostly built to show them the game mechanics by more than subtly hinting towards what they could potentially do in a situation (being on the look out for traps while in a cave system or maybe checking if the intentions of their opposite are what they seem to be, stuff like this). I think they got a good grasp of the game and when we ended the campaign at level 3 they were looking forward to playing another one.

For this second campaign one of the players now asked me whether they could lead it this time around. I would join the group with a fresh level 3 character. I agreed to this as I personally prefer playing over DMing. However, them being new they aren’t too sure about most mechanics, how to balance out encounters in a decent fashion and so on. They created their own story, set in resemblancy of a fantasy universe they really enjoy, but in many occasions started asking me how to overcome some obstacles they are facing. Those are often related to language barrier problems as English is not their native language and it is sometimes hard for them to follow the English material and guides.

I have helped whereever I could, but it becomes increasingly hard to do so without getting to know the whole story beforehand.

So, with all of that backstory (sorry for the chunk of text) let me come to my questions:

  1. How can I help our new DM to lead the campaign to be successful without getting to know all of it before we even started?

  2. How can we all enjoy the campaign without me leading the group by pointing out mechanics/ideas all the time (which gets obnoxious I fear) that they might not have considered yet?


Thank you for all your input, wanted to give a quick update: I talked to them regarding NathanS’ answer regarding Co-DMing and they reacted really positive. We talked about the whole first chapter of their campaign and already found some issues and places where the PCs will probably not do what the DM intended. It was definitely a good idea to do this, I am now really looking forward to the campaign and how the others are going to play along (or not).

HellSaint’s answer to give them DM tools is also definitely something I will keep in consideration for the future. I already translated some of my spreadsheets and will do so for some more and give them to them to work with. I will definitely try to provide them with tools in our native language so that the language barrier towards English is as minimal as possible. I started translating all spells and mechanics for that reason, too so that they have resources they can build upon.

Thank you all again for your input! I am now looking forward to a successfull campaign.

SVG is not being rendered properly on mobile

I have a landing page, with some full-height sections, and a SVG triangle

<section id="section1" class="monokai-green">     <div class="card slide-in-down monokai-black">         <h1 class="monospaced">Agricultura orgânica</h1>         <p>Alimentos orgânicos são os alimentos produzidos com métodos que não utilizam agrotóxicos sintéticos, transgênicos ou fertilizantes químicos. As técnicas usadas no processo de produção respeitam o meio ambiente e visam manter a qualidade do alimento.</p>     </div> </section>  <!-- The SVG triangle --> <svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 100 100" preserveAspectRatio="none">     <polygon fill="#F92672" points="0,100 100,0 100,100"/> </svg>  <section class="monokai-red">     <h1>Definição</h1> </section>  <section class="monokai-blue">     <h1>Hello World!</h1> </section> 


* {     transition: all .25s; }  body {     margin: 0; }  section {     display: flex;     flex-direction: column;     flex-wrap: wrap;     align-items: center;     justify-content: center;     height: 100vh;     font-family: Arial;     color: #fff; }  svg {     position: absolute;     bottom: 0;     width: 100%;     height: 10vh; }  #section1 {     background-image: url("organic-wallpaper-1.png");     background-size: cover;     background-repeat: no-repeat;     background-color: #A6E22E;     background-blend-mode: multiply; } 

The SVG triangle is displayed properly on responsive mode (developer tools) svg-working

But, it’s not working on real mobile devices: svg-not-working

Is there any relationship between grammar being ambiguous and the language itself?

According to my understanding, a grammar is ambiguous if it generate strings which can be interpreted in more than one ways ( that is , more than one parse tree), but when it comes to the language itself , is there any kind of relationship between the language itself and the ambiguous nature of a particular grammar that could generate it. Also , I am having another doubt , Is it possible that there should exist,infinite number of grammars that could generate the strings of a particular language ?

How can my character seed a thieves’ guild with out being disruptive to the rest of the group?

Background: D&D 5e with a steam punk flair.

My protagonist is a changeling rogue (can assume the role of other people) with a small bit of magic (Arcane Trickster). My deity has requested that I seed a thieves guild to act as a network of spies that will slowly grow as the protagonist progresses in their adventure.

I have another question in world building about how to go about this story-wise. In this question, I would like to focus on how I could go about doing this without being disruptive to the main storyline, or others at the table. I want to do this for fun, but not detract from the fun others are having.

On Page 186-187 the PHB discusses “Between Adventures”:

Between trips to dungeons and battles against ancient evils, adventurers need time to rest, recuperate, and prepare for their next adventure. Many adventurers also use this time to perform other tasks, such as crafting arms and armor, performing research, or spending their hard-earned gold.

In some cases, the passage of time is something that occurs with little fanfare or description. When starting a new adventure, the DM might simply declare that a certain amount of time has passed and allow you to describe in general terms what your character has been doing. At other times, the DM might want to keep track of just how much time is passing as events beyond your perception stay in motion.

While this doesn’t explicitly talk about seeding a underworld super cult that you will one day use to take over the world, I think this would be the appropriate place for this activity so as not to be disruptive. What I don’t know is how much time/money investment should go to this.

I remember reading about player housing / guild halls in one of the official D&D books, but for the life of me I can’t find it at the moment.

How can I do this within the rules of D&D 5e without being disruptive to the existing game?

Recently changed domain name. Home page widgets are now not in the customize menu yet still being on the page

I recently changed the domain name on my wordpress website. Since doing so I am unable to edit the current widgets I have on the home page. They are still on the actual home page however when I go into customization I see the following “Your theme has 8 widget areas, but this particular page doesn’t display them on page with widgets”.

I can still edit them in the widgets area but I am concerned why I cant do it the normal way in customization. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Disk apparently full despite only ~25% being reported in baobab

The problem

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1 and have an encrypted home folder.

I am having this weird problem where baobab only reports on ~95GB of my data, whereas df -h tells me my Ubuntu partition has 480GB with a usage of 100%.

The usage of 100% is something I cannot explain, but bothers me a lot and creates problems.

My home directory, with ~78GB (reported by baobab), makes up for most of the 95GB mentioned above.

I don’t really know how to proceed from here. Please help me find out what is going on and where 75% of disk usage come from that I cannot account for.


df -x squashfs -x tmpfs -h -T

Filesystem               Type      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev                     devtmpfs   16G     0   16G   0% /dev /dev/nvme0n1p7           ext4      480G  447G  8.7G  99% / /dev/nvme0n1p1           vfat      646M   77M  570M  12% /boot/efi /home/sebastian/.Private ecryptfs  480G  447G  8.7G  99% /home/sebastian 

sudo du -hs /* | sort -h

0       /initrd.img 0       /initrd.img.old 0       /proc 0       /sys 0       /vmlinuz 0       /vmlinuz.old 4.0K    /cdrom 4.0K    /lib64 4.0K    /srv 16K     /lost+found 40K     /media 48K     /dev 176K    /root 3.0M    /tmp 3.2M    /run 5.8M    /lib32 6.5M    /libx32 13M     /sbin 14M     /bin 21M     /etc 234M    /boot 516M    /mnt 848M    /lib 1.2G    /opt 6.5G    /usr 12G     /snap 146G    /home 712G    /var 

Are $A$ and $B$ necessarily be decidable if $(A∩B¯)∪(A¯∩B)$ is decidable and $A$ & $B$ being exhaustive?

I found the following question

Suppose A and B are recursively enumerable languages such that $ A∪B=Σ∗$ . Further, suppose $ (A∩B¯)∪(A¯∩B)$ is decidable. Which of the following is true?
A- It is possible that either A or B is decidable but not both
B- None of them can be decidable
C- Both of them are regular
D- Both of them are decidable

My attempt: It is possible for $ A$ & $ B$ to be mutually exclusive and yet be exhaustive. Now this can happen even when one of them is not decidable. So $ A$ .

But answer given id $ D$ . Are my arguments flawed? If yes, how and where?

The source of the question is reputable test series, but still there are chances of it being wrong.

I’m Being Bullied, How Do I Avoid Being Suspended?

I've recently gotten attention from an "exposure" account – someone who goes around looking for people he doesn't like, putting them on display, and telling his 800+ followers to report them.

I ended up on his bad side and I've likely been reported on several accounts by this guy and his rabid followers. 5 of my accounts in total have been targeted by him (because I stupidly listed them all in my Lists).

So I'm sitting here waiting for Twitter Support bots to decide whether to suspend me…

I'm Being Bullied, How Do I Avoid Being Suspended?