What effect does being blinded have on grapple checks?

If a creature becomes blinded while grappling, what effects does that have on its grapple checks? From blinded:

The character cannot see. He takes a -2 penalty to Armor Class, loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), moves at half speed, and takes a -4 penalty on Search checks and on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and Spot checks) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) to the blinded character. Characters who remain blinded for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.

It appears that there might actually be no effect on grapple checks. Is that the case? Or it could be that it is extremely powerful with grappling, even moreso than with regular attacking. I am not asking for clarification on attacking, casting spells, etc. while grappling, as I feel those are already quite self-explanatory. Where I am confused is when it comes to activities that require a grapple check only:

  • Does grappling rely on vision and thus automatically fail, making the act of blinding your opponent in a grapple an automatic “I win” setup?
  • Does concealment affect grapple results in any way (i.e. can it miss?)

Can an ISO file harm my computer without being executed by me?

This is very related to this question: What damage can a malicious .iso file cause without explicitly executing it?

An ISO file got downloaded to my desktop. I immediatly tried to delete it, but when I did, I got the error message “Can’t delete this file. This file is in use by System. Close the file and try again.”

I never opened the file, how can it be in use? Has it harmed my computer? Am I safe?

PS: I rebooted Windows into safe mode with command prompt and deleted the single file from there, but if it did something before I deleted it, I do not know what to do.

Does the Otyugh’s Tentacle attack allow a saving throw to avoid being grappled if the attack hits? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Is an Otyugh's grapple different from a standard grapple? 2 answers

Per the Monster Manual’s statblock for the Otyugh (pg 248), a successful tentacle attack results in the following:

If the target is Medium or smaller, it is grappled (escape DC13) and restrained until the grapple ends.

Does the target get a chance to do a save of some kind to avoid being grappled in the first place? I am aware that the target can use an action to escape after being grappled, but is there any way a Medium or smaller creature can avoid being grappled on a successful hit with a tentacle attack?

Keep getting “SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045]” despite database credentials and permissions being correct

I’m trying to install Magento 2.3.1 locally, and I keep running into this error when I adding the database. The problem is not the credentials. Everything I’ve read about this error implies it’s a problem with the database name, user, or password. I’ve tried different databases and users – with and without passwords – and get the same result each time.

I was able to install Magento 2 once after uninstalling and reinstalling MAMP Pro. Then, I updated my PC, and the site was no longer working. Instead there was an error message telling me to view the details in the exceptions log. This is roughly how the first line of that log file said:

main.CRITICAL: exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) 

I deleted those site files and tried installing Magento again, and I was back to getting that error message. I don’t know what else to try. I’m not reinstalling MAMP Pro every time I restart my computer.

I have a somewhat unusual setup in that I use Windows 10 with MAMP Pro 4. I don’t know if that has something to do with it.

How do readied actions involving movement interact with being charged?


On her turn, Alice uses the ready action. She specifies the condition “a creature attacks me,” and an action that would take her out of melee range (like teleporting away with dimension door).

On Bob’s next turn, he charges Alice. The attack he would take at the end of his charge meets the trigger conditions for Alice’s readied action, so she teleports away.

What exactly happens?

  • Does Bob get to make his melee attack before Alice teleports?
  • Does it matter whether Alice teleports somewhere that would have been within Bob’s original charge range, versus somewhere he could not have charged in the first place?
  • If Bob doesn’t get to attack, does he still lose his entire full round action for charging? Or has he only spent a move action if he never gets to attack? What if he’s already moved farther than he could have with a single move action (since you can charge twice your speed)?
  • Would it matter if Alice had chosen a different trigger condition for her readied action, like “a creature comes within 20 feet of me?”

Ruby Array being passed wrong to the javascript layer

I have an application, where I have an Array of elements on my controller. I want to pass this Array to a Javascript view, and then convert it to a JSON and parse it.

This is my View:

<% content_for :page_meta do %>     <script>         const filterItems = "<%= @filter_options %>";         const productItems = "<%= @mdms_products %>";                </script> 

If I debug @filter_options. I have this on IRB:

@filter_options.class = Array 

And the value:

[{:name=>"Solution Type", :uid=>"application", :component=>"HierarchicalListFilter", :props=>{:rootUrl=>"/insulation/commercial/enclosure/applications", :rootText=>"Enclosure Solutions"}, :values=>[{:name=>"Walls", :slug=>"walls", :children=>[{:name=>"Framed", :slug=>"framed", :children=>[{:name=>"Steel Stud", :slug=>"steel-stud"}, {:name=>"Wood Stud", :slug=>"wood-stud"}]}, {:name=>"Masonry", :slug=>"masonry", :children=>[{:name=>"Concrete Masonry Unit", :slug=>"concrete-masonry-unit"}]}, {:name=>"Concrete", :slug=>"concrete", :children=>[{:name=>"Precast", :slug=>"precast"}, {:name=>"Tilt-up", :slug=>"tilt-up"}, {:name=>"Cast-in-place", :slug=>"cast-in-place"}]}, {:name=>"Metal Building", :slug=>"metal-building"},  

Everything looks perfect right? But, on my javascript console debug, when I get the value of productItems I get this weird String:

[{:name=&gt;&quot;Solution Type&quot;, :uid=&gt;&quot;application&quot;, :component=&gt;&quot;HierarchicalListFilter&quot;, :props=&gt;{:rootUrl=&gt;&quot;/insulation/commercial/enclosure/applications&quot;, :rootText=&gt;&quot;Enclosure Solutions&quot;}, :values=&gt;[{:name=&gt;&quot;Walls&quot;, :slug=&gt;&quot;walls&quot;, :children=&gt;[{:name=&gt;&quot;Framed&quot;, :slug=&gt;&quot;framed&quot;, :children=&gt;[{:name=&gt;&quot;Steel Stud&quot;, :slug=&gt;&quot;steel-stud&quot;}, 

And of course, when I try to do a JSON.parse(filterItems) it shows a parse error.

So, Whats is the better way to pass an Ruby Array, to a Json in Javascript?

Will my Windows driver stop being reported as malware if signed?

I have developed an IRP hooking based driver for one of my clients. Avast oes not complain about it but his AV suite reports it as malware. The lient will eventually sign this driver, but will it still be reported as malware by a handful (or more) AV suites or will it get green light everywhere ? I guess writing a filter river for the same purpose would not pose this problem, or ?