Do’nt believe and pay to its just a fraud company?

Dont believe and pay Do’nt believe and pay , dont subscribe for any of the plans offered by this Srilanka based Best Apps Builder, this is not best apps builder, this is the only one worst of worst app builder. Please dont trust and do’nt pay. after that you will lose your money. they will not respond to any of our mails. source code will not send to our mails. its just a fraud company. I am going to file a legal complaint against this site.

Can’t get on crouton (I believe is a stripped down version of ubuntu)

trying to get Dwarf Fortress to run on my chromebook that i have dual booted with crouton, which i believe is a striped down version of ubuntu (I could be wrong), the game needs 32bit library files to run but a few i am unable to get using the apt-get command, mainly a few libSDL files. Looked at a bunch of other similar questions but with normal ubuntu and none of the solutions worked.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can you believe that our government has found “no motive” for the Las Vegas shooter’s murder spree?

Sorry, but I ALWAYS follow up on these mass shootings and the criminal who did them. I have a need to know his history. I CANNOT ACCEPT that someone so heavily armed and such a well planned and staged series of murders had absolutely no motive whatsoever in doing this. As though this was just circumstance or a joke.