Can a Swords bard benefit from Blade Flourish’s speed increase again if they take the Attack action again?

The Swords Bard’s 3rd level feature, Blade Flourish, states:

[…] Whenever you take the Attack action on your turn, your walking speed increases by 10 feet until the end of the turn […]

So if a Bard took the Attack action multiple times (through something like haste or Action Surge) would they gain the speed increase multiple times as well?

What is the benefit of public Certificate Authority when using SSL mutual authentication?

I was working the other day and I had a question come up, that I want to ask here to make sure my assumptions are correct.

In terms of SSL Mutual Authentication a self signed CA and a public CA provide the same functionality, is that assumption correct?

Besides the part that, supposedly, a public CA is stored much more securely than a private CA, the functionality part is the same, right? Meaning the client will be able to communicate with the server only if both of them have the certificates issued by the same CA and the server has access to the CA, right?

So in this situation, the man-in-the-middle attack is only possible of the attacker has access to the self-signed CA, correct?

And if all of the above assumptions are correct, what is the benefit of using a public CA for ssl mutual authentication? Is it only that it’s stored very securely or is there also something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Can a Centaur wear and benefit from magical boots, slippers and other non-horseshoes?

It seems agreed upon that Centaur player characters (from Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica & Mythic Odysseys of Theros) can wear, and benefit from, magical horseshoes (of speed / of a zephyr).

But what about other types of footwear : slippers of Spider Climbing, boots of speed, etc ? Could a Centaur player character benefit from those too ?

What security benefit is there in 2020 to block outbound Ping [duplicate]

I’ve researched this and found the following on StackExchange and ServerFault, but they’re very old.

Is it a bad idea for a firewall to block ICMP?

Security risk of PING?

So, as of now (mid-2020) is there any valid security reason to block outbound ping on one’s server.

Does a vivisectionist benefit from a healer’s kit bonus?

The vivisectionist’s cruel anatomist ability allows him to “use his Knowledge (nature) skill bonus in place of his Heal skill bonus”. Does this mean that using this ability while making a check ignores the +2 circumstance bonus from a healer’s kit? If so, would the kit would still be required if one wanted to avoid the -4 penalty to treat deadly wounds?

Is my interpretation of somatic components, object interactions, and the second benefit of the War Caster feat correct?

The War Caster feat (PHB, p. 170) allows a player to avoid the somatic requirement of spells when casting. However, since you can drop a weapon for free and then pick it up as a free interaction, you can completely avoid the somatic requirement while still keeping a weapon equipped at the end of your turn.

Action economy used as follows:

  1. Drop weapon (free)
  2. Cast somatic spell (1 Action)
  3. Pick up weapon (Movement/free one-object interaction)

War Caster does have some additional perks, but considering other Feats (like Resilient) exist, War Caster seems almost useless.

I’ve discussed this with fellow players, and the consensus is that doing this works within the RAW, but it’s also silly to abuse the action economy in this way.

Is there a consensus on whether this sort of abuse of the action economy is allowed (i.e. not simply up to the DM) when using RAW?

Can you benefit from Bladesong while Shapechanged into a Marilith?

Shapechange allows you retain your Intelligence & class features, while taking up your new forms’ physical stats. In theory, this means that a Bladesinger could change into a Marilith and get 7 attacks with crazy modifiers using Bladesong, while having really high AC and Concentration saves.

However, a few questions came up:

  1. Swords Not Included™: You would need to supply 6 melee weapons rapiers to benefit get the most out of Song of Victory. How could you effectively carry these before Shapechanging, and effectively wield them afterwards?
  2. Assuming this goes smoothly, would your weapon attacks be at +11 to hit (+5 Dex due to finesse + 6 proficiency), or the Marilith’s +9 (which appears to be +4 from Str, due to longswords not having finesse, and +5 prof)?
  3. Would the damage be 6d8 + 60 for the sword attacks (w/ Song of Victory), plus 2d4 + 9 for the tail?
  4. Would AC be 18 + 5 (Bladesong) = 23 (+5 optionally with Shield) ; and +15 Concentration Saves?

Granted, it’s no Wish, but vs a handful of powerful targets (especially with Spellcasting), I feel like it could really bring enemies down quickly and hold the line, ideally if Hasted by a party member.

How can non-humanoids benefit from enlarge person?

I am playing a tiefling who is a native outsider. During play it has come to my attention that enlarge person will not work for me because I am not a humanoid. This seems like a silly restriction since there are many non-humanoid races presented for us to choose from. So how can I benefit from enlarge person or a similar spell (similar as in duration and spell level). Yes in theory I could use the rules for creating a new spell but I am hoping that there is already something that exists.

It seems that I was not clear enough. I am looking for a solution that will work for all non-humanoids. Not just tieflings.