How to use Kurzstrecke ticket to travel from Berlin to Potsdam?

I have question about using Kurzstrecke ticket to travel from Berlin to Potsdam. As I see it’s the most economic ticket plan for stay in Berlin with one planned visit to Potsdam. So I’d have to buy A+B ticket for Berlin and 2 Kurzstrecke tickets for 1,40 Euro each.

But, how to validate Kurzstrecke ticket in S-Bahn? Can I do it during the passage? Or I need to go out, validate the ticket and wait for the next S-Bahn train?

51k Euros annually for a family of 4 in Berlin: Is it enough? [migrated]

I am a Big Data Engineer in India with 5 years experience. I have been offered a job in a start up in Berlin with 51k euros fixed salary and 5k euros variable annually.

I have a family of 4. My wife, 1 son(who goes to school in class 2) and 1 daughter(6 months old). Is the salary sufficient to survive and possibly save a little?

How Berlin BVG yearly subscription works

I am new in Berlin. I liked the public transport system very much.

I ordered BVG yearly ticket online, and I didn’t received the ticket by mail, since there was an issue with address the mail bounced back to their office. And I went to nearby BVG office with my colleague(since I am not a German speaker, its difficult to get things done since I am not a good German speaker). They gave me chip-card immediately and I am using it for the current month. My doubt is, this card is valid for coming months also or should I get original card by mail. My doubt is because my name is not printed on the existing card(I read somewhere, for yearly cards, the ticket is valid for only person whose name is printed in it).

I have one more doubt, can two person travel with this card on weekends and holidays?(Heard something like that here)

How do you use Berlin crosswalk signal boxes?

I see these all around town and nobody seems to know how to use them – even my German colleagues. We’re engineers, so we feel pretty stupid and inadequate around them…

The majority of people I’ve seen either ignore them or look at them confusedly and try to slap the three black dots – like a cat to a printer – to no avail.

Obviously there are a lot of different kinds, ranging from old and busted to some having mini LCD screens – but only a few are actually press-able buttons.

What’s the deal with them? How do you use them?

Berlin Crosswalk Signal Button