How can I shoot time lapses with Nikon P900 beside the built-in 10 seconds programs?

I’m sweating blood to find any product or how-to to make time lapses with my Nikon P900. It seems to me, that my only option is to use the built-in time lapse modes, which sucks. I mean, it shoots in 2MP and the result is horrible. I’ve tried the interval mode as well, but the smallest interval is 30 seconds. I need simply a tool, to remotely shoot a picture like every 3 seconds and I gonna make a video after that from the separate images. The problem is I neither was able to find any shutter release compatible with P900 that can do this job. I’ve contacted a photographer shop and they also said that there is no compatible product for P900. Can you recommend me anything please?

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Slim Fit 180 kind of be healthier a lot of people will you know say oh he'll talk beside chemicals a