What is the best way to set up an OCSP responder (pkicreate, OpenSSL, other)?

I set up a root and intermediate CAs with OpenSSL and started issuing server certificates. For MS RDP (RemoteApp) it required OCSP, so I also set up an OCSP responder with OpenSSL. Testing with openssl ocsp command worked fine, but using MS RDP or even a webserver (IIS) with that issued certificate being accessed by Firefox complained the CA could not be contacted.

I posted everything here, but after a while I realized OpenSSL OCSP manual says this:

The OCSP server is only useful for test and demonstration purposes: it is not really usable as a full OCSP responder. It contains only a very simple HTTP request handling and can only handle the POST form of OCSP queries.

So, I´m guessing I should not use OpenSSL for an OCSP responder? What is the best way to set up one then, preferably using open software and CentOS?

Best way to Display Premium Artifacts

We are thinking to inform users about premium content before accessing some areas. Our main artifacts are in round shapes, therefore what will be the best way to visually tell users about paid/premium content. One method that i think is by giving price around the boundary of artifacts. It does not look attractive for a better user experience but it fulfills the requirement. Please suggest some visual representations. Thanks Visual Representation of paid Content

Best Graphic Design Company

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Best way to get a domain name on tld release

I’m interested in getting some “rare” domain namens on the release of the .dev top level domain. What’s the best way to do so?

Is there maybe a way to buy a domain at the first second it’s available? Or can I get access some hours earlier by using a vpn into a specific country or registering it from a registrar in a specific country?

Or maybe some other “cheaty” tricks to grab a desired domain name?

Best Facebook Auto Poster?

I'm looking for the best social network auto poster? Mainly something for Facebook to allow me to automatically post to hundreds of groups at the same time instead of going to each one. I've found a few free Facebook auto posters online but I'd like to know if anyone is using a auto poster and what they'd recommend?

Also should I be using one of these programs? Are there downsides?


What is the best solution for directory service for a medium size company (80 users), with heterogenous OS environment? [on hold]

I’m trying to figure out the best solution for directory service (Centralized user management) for a medium sized company,(right now 60 users but growing fast), which has different OS (Windows, Mac, Linux). Right now they are using mostly cloud services (Github, Tresorit, G suite) and all with different credentials. I would prefer for the directory service to be on premises. Any suggestions?