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Best background for 5e character who is secretly a dragon? [closed]

I’m making a character for an upcoming D&D 5e campaign who is secretly a dragon who permanently polymorphed itself (so, no mechanical advantages, just story background). Wondering what background would best reflect the fact that – rather than having a typical human upbringing – my character spent the first hundred or so years of his life as an avaricious fire-breathing gold-hoarding dragon before deciding, for reasons of his own, that being smaller and friendlier was better. My DM is open to homebrew content, so if there’s something out there already or modifications that could be made to an existing published background that’s fair game. I thought about maybe modifying the flavor of the Noble background, but mechanically I’m not sure if there’s something that makes better sense.

How to best survive the explosive egg from a Magic Beans magic item?

The magic item Bag o Beans gives permanent ability bonuses about 10% of the time – specifically with this (random) result:

A nest of 1d4 + 3 eggs springs up. Any creature that eats an egg must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, a creature permanently increases its lowest ability score by 1, randomly choosing among equally low scores. On a failed save, the creature takes 10d6 force damage from an internal magical explosion.

The point? One could gain up to 30 in any / all scores pending enough successful Con-saves. That said, simple & easy constitution saving throws are hard to come by. Given vast time, energy, money &/or magical resources (dragons, vampires, elf lords, etc.), how would they prepare? The 35 damage (approx.) is not the issue – a failed save appears to give no ability bonus.

Basic Question: How can one improve &/or guarantee successful constitution saving throws given infinite time, money, support &/or magic to prepare?

All tricks are welcome / hook or crook: be that by advantage, use of luck, rare feat, class or race skill, potent-portent class features, advance preparation, stacking spells, phase of the moon &/or even advice from a ‘Heim’ Lich . Even the stress wish counts. Anything.

Note / FYI: This is of great interest to ültrapowerful creatures that have one ‘flaw’ ability. Take most ancient dragons (lacking dexterity), Beholders (low strength and dexterity), giants (often low dex) – or even some demon lords (Yeenoghu is a bit stupid, relatively speaking).

Best DPR using the Horizon Walker’s teleporting feature?

I am hoping to play a 20th level character in my new campaign. We are starting from level 20 and using a homebrew progression from there.
What is the best combination my levels, ASI, feats, magic items, etc, with the optimization objective being to maximize Damage Per Round(DPR). Multiclassing is permitted.


The Character requires at least eleven levels in Ranger(Horizon Walker) to use its teleporting ability.


  1. All official WoTC books allowed
  2. Unearthed Arcana allowed
  3. Anything RAW allowed
  4. All magic items available – but only one artifact, and two legendary items
  5. No wish/wish-granting
  6. An answer including setup, and optimal buffs from another player, is helpful, but only as an extra – do not rely on the others for damage
  7. Aim for consistency – things like Wild magic surge aren’t good

How to align prefab to a accurate position with the best practice?

I’m making a plumber game, I have a pump prefab, and pipe section prefab, which allows the user to connect the pipe during game, the pipe needs to be connected seamlessly during game, which means pipe prefab needs to be aligned in pixel level, please check below enter image description here

User needs to add more and more pipe to connect the with each other, pipe is fixed length prefab.I’ve got choices,

1.Is the pipe prefab instantiated during game play a good practice? Because it might have many pipe prefabs, if the pipe goes a long way to another position, than there will needs to be so many pipe prefabs, compared to have procedrually generated pipe mesh during runtime, then a long pipe will not have to be cut off to the same small pieces?Which is good way to adpot?

2.If I use the same pipe prefabs to fabricate the piping system, how to accurately connect each other in pixel level, I can make the whole piping system in blender, then cut the system into pieces as my prefabs, then import to Unity as my first choice, this can do pixel level connection, but it seems to have better choice solely solved pixel level connection in Unity?

3.If I do it by generating the mesh during game play, then it could be complex especially it is hard to make elbow pipe mesh during runtime, or could you please advise me of some known library or package can do the work?

Which is the Best LINK LIST for TIER 1 Article Submission?

Hey, I’m looking for the Best Link List’s for GSA – I want to do TIER 1 Article Submission.
I wasted a lot of money/burned my Money Sites using the SErocket Link List (Comments), but the Article Submission didn’t worked with it.
Now I’m looking for a Better Alternative. I checked a few Providers but I would love to hear your suggestions!