What is the best way to modify existing creatures to make new ones?

I’ve been looking everywhere and just cannot find a way to create new animals. Yes I know the DM guide has a section on giving monsters powers and CR and stats but there is no statistic guideline for how to make something go from normal to giant or to add one or two stat changes.

For instance. in the Monster Manual owls are CR 0, 1d4-1 HP, 11 AC, with a +3 to perception, stealth, and to hit.

Meanwhile, the Giant owl has 12 AC (how?) 3d10+3 HP (I know d10 comes from Large size, but why three of them? its CR is 1/4. what makes it level 3?) All of it’s stats go up by leaps and bounds, even Int and Cha increased, and it’s perception increases to +5 even though it’s wisdom and proficiency havent increased enough to give it points, and it’s talons go from 1 damage to 2d6+1. I’m fine with this if there is a way to determine it based on how you change an animal, but can’t seem to find any solid rules for this, as they don’t follow the DM guide’s tables at all.

The animal in question I’m trying to make at the moment is a Gorilla, since “Ape” in the handbook is more like a chimpanzee stats wise, and “Giant Ape” is literally king kong.

So, What is the best way, or rules-given way, to modify an animal or monster?

What’s the best practice for screen navigation after invalid user input?

Consider an Angular app with many user inputs over screens A, B and C. Screen C needs valid inputs from A and B; B from A only; and A is independent. Suppose while on screen B the user enters invalid inputs.

Question: What navigation should I support for B in this case?

My current thinking is to disallow navigation to C due to data validity issues. But what about navigating back to B? On the one hand, there are no validity issues, and the user may want to look up screen A to help with screen B inputs. On the other hand, this would complicate the app’s state management. An alternative is to disallow such navigation, possibly with an option to restore the last valid inputs at B. As I lack experience in UX, I’d appreciate answers to help me with this trade-off.

What are the best Futuristic RPG? [on hold]

I started playing DnD October 2018 and I enjoyed it a lot and always wanted to play rpg since I was little, I have been in a couple campaigns and I DM one. Just for context, I was always fantasy guy and didn’t like sci-fi, but this year I discovered when trying to create a habit of reading that I can’t stand fantasy book, they usually are too mellow or too dramatic, heroic, and sincerely I don’t know exactly what I’m trying to find, but I got interested in some sci-fi and now I changed teams, I still love DnD gameplay and roleplaying, but I believe I would LOVE way more a sci-fi one.

I could just search for one but I believe I will have way better results from recommendation, I’m looking for something like cyberpunk, biopunk, dieselpunk and WOULD LOVE A CASSETTE FUTURISM style, I love 70’s 80’s and 90’s vibes but I’m not sure if there’s any RPG in that style.

Please comment on what do you think of the RPG you are recommending, I would love to read your experiences and recommendations 🙂

How best to display multiple data points in a single row in a list view?

enter image description here

Hey! I’m designing a list that needs to accommodate multiple data points in a single row under a single category, and I’m wondering if there are any UI patterns that are best suited for this need.

I’ve seen lists that have rows with one long chunk of text (like a paragraph), but it still represents one discrete chunk of data – whereas what I’m designing will represent many separate data points (ex. Protocol 1, Protocol 2, etc.)

The user basically needs to quickly and efficiently identify which Protocols are associated with their corresponding Rules. I’ve thought about an expanding row interaction, as well as a modal, but both seem kinda click-intensive.

Any thoughts? Thanks for taking a look, eager to hear your feedback!

What would be the best practice for creating an element with two actions?

Context: The user must navigate through a tree structure and select any one item from it’s contents (including its parents)

I find myself coming up against this situation often. I have a component that requires two actions of the user. In this instance, the user needs to be able to expand all the parents and children AND be able to select(or highlight) them.

enter image description here

I am struggling to find any good examples of this so I thought i’d put it out to the community to see if there is anything I could do.

Best non-horror RPGs for space zombies?

My players and I have been playing a DnD 5e campaign for a few months now and are already thinking about the next campaign, we want to do something involving zombies in space (both on space ships/stations and alien planets if possible) but since none of us have any experience playing before the current campaign, we don’t know which systems are best suited for that. I’d also like it to be more focused on action and maybe strategy than horror and we have a general light and humorous tone at the table that I’d like to keep. Does anyone have experience with this or is otherwise able to recommend a system or systems? The more recommendations, the better. Bonus points if there’s rules for zero G. Double bonus points if the core book(s) are available in German as one of my players isn’t that good at English and I don’t want to have to translate everything.

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