Python – best way to have interdependent variable in a class

Newbie Python questions: I want to model something that can have a several inter-connected instance variables and if I set one, I want to recalculate the others. Any can be set.

E.g. a circle – each instance has an area, circumference and radius (let’s ignore the diameter). If I set the area, I want the circumference & radius re-calculated and vice-versa. Should I :

class circle:     def area(self):        return cmath.pi*self.radius*self.radius     def circumference(self):       return 2 * cmath.pi * self.radius     def radius(self):       return self.circumference/(2*cmath.pi)  circle1 = circle() circle1.radius = 5 print "Circle1's area is {0} and its circumference is {1}".format(circle1.area, circle1.circumference)  

Now there’s nothing in the code sample to calculate the area once the radius has been set, so do I need @property with setters and getters for the radius, area and circumference to calculate the other attributes when this one is set or am I barking up completely the wrong tree?

What are the best tools to make a perfect environment to develop a Metasploit module?

I am developping my first Metasploit module. I read the starting page and no tools are mentioned to build a beautiful environment.

At the moment, I use gedit to develop my module on Kali Linux. The problem is I am obligated to read the documentation manually and gedit is not capable to add autocompletion and help me with the documentation. Is there a way to do that ?

Best Practice on REST POST endpoint resource ID (Path Params V.S. Body Param)

I am currently working on designing an API for a core banking system integration, the main theme is that whenever an action is triggered (e.g. account is created on the core banking system), another system gets notified (Through the REST API I am working on) and executes an action, example is below

PUT /v1/customers     //Creates a new customer, payload is set as JSON PATCH /v1/customers/{id}    //Patch a customer to change the ID DELETE /v1/customers/{id}   //Deletes a customer 

for the put and the patch, a JSON is being used as the main payload, an example JSON is below for adding a new customer

{   "branch_number": "123",   "cif": "123456",   "customer_id": "123-1231-11",   "customer_key": "I",   "customer_type": "Customer",   "customer_name": "Max Payne",   "open_date": "31/11/2011" } 

Since I am only allowing ID, and Branch change, the PATH operation has the following as the Payload

{   "new_id": "11-1234-12",   "branch_number": "111" } 

My Question is whether (if there is any best practice):

  • Add the ID to the PUT interface so that it would be /v1/customers/{id}, bearing in mind that the ID is being generated at the source system OR
  • Remove the ID from the PATCH and DELETE to include it within the JSON body payload.

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How to best approach adding a new template to an existing CodeIgniter project?

I am trying to add a new template to an existing CodeIgniter 3.0 project where the original developer had not planned for additional templates/themes.

The primary objectives are to:

a) make a usable copy of all existing views and css files and leave the originals unchanged.

b) allow for core updates as they are released by the original developer that do no overwrite my changes.

My question is: To meet the previous objectives and to avoid having to manually update everywhere the developer originally referenced a view file/directory…

Should I use a CodeIgniter hook? Should I make changes to CodeIgniter configuration files?

Project: CodeIgniter 3.0

Existing directory structure:

. ├── application |   └── views |     └── back |       └── index.php |     └── front |       └── index.php ├── template |   └── back |     └── style.css |   └── front |     └── style.css 

Proposed directory structure:

. ├── application |   └── views |     ├── back |     ├── front |     └── *new_template_view |       ├── *copy_of_back |       └── *copy_of_front ├── template |   └── back |   ├── front |   └── *new_template_css |     ├── *copy_of_back |     └── *copy_of_front 

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