Best strategy for UK visa for a school trip (travelling alone or accomanpied child)?

I’m a teacher from a school in mainland Europe trying to arrange a trip to the UK with a Russian student who already has an accompanied child visa for the uk. I recognise you have have up to 2 endorsements – both of these are his parents. As his teacher they have signed power of attorney to the school but I don’t think that will cover it if I were to show up with this.

This leaves me with the following suggestions to the parents:

  • apply for accompanied child visa again with me as the named adult BUT will that invialidate the existing endoresments meaning that the existing visa gets binned and they’d not only have to apply for THIS visa for me but then ANOTHER visa as soon as they wish to travel to the UK with him again?

  • apply for travelling alone .. but the information on the adult being stayed with will be me

    • the name and date of birth of the person that you will be staying with (me)
    • an address where you will be living (the hotel)
    • details of your relationship to the person who’ll be looking after you (his teacher)
    • consent in writing so they can look after you during your stay in the UK (written consent from me)

<– but this latter option seems a little weird as I would actually be accompanying him on the flight.

.. or some other solution I’m not thinking of?

What is the best approach to ejecting disk while in sleep mode, scheduled?

So, I have an external HDD which is being used for Time Machine.

After getting to home, I usually connect my MacBook to a HDD via Hub and put it into sleep mode. Because I sometimes get back home late during the night, the Time Machine backup may happen during midnight. However, in the morning I have to wake up my mac, only to safely eject the HDD and put the MacBook into sleep mode again for bringing my MacBook out.

So I searched in order to create a scheduled disk eject job that can be run during sleep. I looked for solutions like crond, launchd, but even launchd cannot run a script during sleep mode if I properly understood the documentation – even if I set up a job with StartCalendarInterval it will not be invoked until the MacBook is woken up.

Is there any commercial app or another approaches that can be used for my situation?

My OSX is latest version of Mojave.

Best way to promote my adult site?


Currently I'm trying to get more traffic to my adult porn search engine. I'm trying to add links on every related page. If you guys have any tips please send them to me.

I heard some things about:

  • Watermarking videos
  • Link exchange (but isn't this bad for google? cant your site get banned?)

I don't think facebook and twitter allow you to post adult related content….

The site I want to get more traffic to is

Thanks for the help!

Best Examples of SharePoint Websites and Document Libraries

Is there any good examples of SharePoint website online ?

We want to modify our SharePoint that is very well organized and good looking for the eyes.

The second part would be what is the best folder structure for Document Libraries ? We have folders due to the fact that it seems easier for the users to find things out. The problem we are facing is the limit view of 5000 because we have around 10 thousands items in our doc library

Do WordPress Speed Optimization for seo Best Performance for $10

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