Best Reseller Hosting | $4 Per Month | 15 cPanel

As you are aware that the reseller hosting is an inexpensive way for web hosting entrepreneurs or beginners to start a company based on the reselling. Reselling can be of two types either reselling someones services and earn partial commission or buy big space service and resell customized web hosting as per the client needs. For such needs Raisinghost has perfect and Best Reseller Hosting plan for the clients where they can customize the web hosting plans as per the packages shown on their own sites.

We have packaged our best reseller hosting services such a way where we offered maximum cpanel accounts than the others in low budgets also service is totally white laballed and no one identify easily. So imagine if you have our reseller service of $4 per month where we have allowed 15 cpanel accounts without any limit..if you resell one cpanel out of it and which will help you to earn $1 for each cpanel and total should be around $15 so its just money saving option and keep you and your clients under highly secured environment. This plan also unmeterred traffic, no limit addon domains, parked domains, ftp account, email accounts, free migration service, free ssl , lets encrypt ssl, cloudflare, seo tools, single click installer, private name-servers etc. So dont wait…go ahead

Features With Best Reseller Hosting :

>Web Host Manager Control Panel
>Money Back Protection
>White Labeled Hosting
>Free Migration
>SSL Supported and Lets Encrypt Too
>Cloudflare Supported
>Monthly and All types of billing cycles
>DDOS protected servers
>Max cpanel accounts
>max php memory
>latest php versions
>latest database servers
>remote connection allowed
>easy upgrades available

Best Reseller Hosting Plans :

Regular_HR = $4 Per Month
>15 cPanel Accounts
>Unlimited bandwidth
>Money Back Protection
>Free Migration
>Free SSL
>Web Host Manager
>Unlimited sites can be hosted under each cpanel

Regular_HR = $7 Per Month
>30 cPanel Accounts
>Unlimited bandwidth
>Money Back Protection
>Free Migration
>Free SSL
>Web Host Manager
>Unlimited sites can be hosted under each cpanel

Plus_HR = $14 Per Month
>70 cPanel Accounts
>Unlimited bandwidth
>Money Back Protection
>Free Migration
>Free SSL
>Web Host Manager
>Unlimited sites can be hosted under each cpanel

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Thank you.

What is the best way to create default page when access to a protected directory is Cancelled through onclick?

I have a protected directory on an hosted IONOS server. It correctly works when the correct credentials are entered, but when a user hits cancel, it redirects that user to the hosting provider’s promo default page.


eg current htaccess

AuthUserFile /path/to/the/password/file/.htpasswd AuthType Basic AuthName "Protected Page"  <Files "index.php"> Require valid-user </Files> 

If the user hits cancel you are redirected to the host’s default page. Tried adding a default, but I doubt this is the way to it.

DefaultIndex [filename]  

Preferred outcome: popup box opens in a small window on the web page and where cancel is executed, it closes the popup and stays on the same page.

For anyone working with Apache I assume this is standard stuff, but not for me.

Best approach to send 0.5 million emails with lowest cost [closed]

I am from engineering background. I have to send 0.5 million emails to users. I already have email addresses of the users.

I have few confusions

  • Sending mail through sendgrid etc, do I need to buy subscription which can hold 0.5 contacts?

  • I want to send via API, is there any API only approach?

  • What if I send via gmail SMTP?

Any kind of information is highly appreciated.

Best Way to loop through huge mongodb collection every minute?

I need to loop through mongodb collection EVERY MINUTE which will be huge in future, I have to loop through each object and then use some if else conditions and then perform an http post request inside IF condition. I am planning to use this library for the purpose that will run a task every minute. In this task, i will get a mongodb collection, loop through all the objects using ForEach loop and then do some actions using if else conditions. Is this approach okay or there is better/efficient way?

Show that the best case time complexity of Quicksort is $\Omega(n \log n)$

I am trying to show that the best case time complexity of Quicksort is $ \Omega(n \log n)$ .

The following recurrence describes the best-case time complexity of Quicksort:

$ $ T(n) = \min_{0 \le q \le n-1} \left(T(q) + T(n-q-1) \right) + \Theta(n).$ $

But I have difficulty in proving that $ T(n) = \Omega(n \log n)$ using the recurrence above.

So how to solve this recurrence?

Find Best N Points From a Graph

I’ve given a task and wonder if there are any better solutions.

Inputs of task are:

  1. Distance of district pairs

  2. Population of pairs

Goal is:

  • Find n districts at which its population and districts x miles range districts’ population is max.

Extra information:

  • Unique district size is tens of hundreds.

As an example, if I pick up district A, population will be A‘s population plus other districts’ population which are less than x miles far away from it. Total population will be n districts at which population is calculated as I mentioned.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Brute Force
  2. Generic Algorithms

What I planning to do:

  1. A* Search

My question is, there may be any other solution (optimal if possible) instead of these one. i.e. sorting districts by their population, merging x miles nearest to them into one until I get n districts.

Any ideas?