Do best practices eliminate the need for a CSRF token when writing an API server?

I realize that OWASP recommends CSRF tokens but I rarely see them used with public standalone HTTP APIs. This would seem to indicate that they’re not always necessary.

To make this a little more concrete, I would envision the following scenario:

  • The API server serves a limited number of frontends with an explicit CORS whitelist.

  • HTTP method semantics are followed religiously (no writes in GET).

  • All routes require authentication.

  • All POST routes require a request body[1].

  • All routes that take a request body require a JSON content-type header.

  • Cookies are httpOnly but not sameSite.

Based on my understanding of SOP setting a JSON content-type header on requests should trigger a preflight request which would fail for untrusted origins. If all POST routes require a JSON content-type header, that should then mean they’ll always fail the preflight, leaving only GET requests.

So this would not mitigate CSRF attacks against GET routes but as these can’t be used for exfiltration (as SOP prevents the response from being read) and the GET routes should not cause any data modification, guarding these requests with CSRF tokens would not appear to make a practical difference.

Given how viciously some people defend CSRF tokens, I can’t shake the feeling I’m overlooking an obvious problem here. I realize redundant protections may be valuable in their own right, but what I’m trying to understand is whether in the scenario described the CSRF token would really be redundant or not.

[1]: I realise this might be a practical limitation of this approach as in some real-world APIs there are legitimate POST routes that don’t take a request body or there may be routes that need to take a content-type like form-data that won’t trigger a preflight.

best way to handle subscriptions with a licence?

I have a product with 3 packs: – 14-days trial (user should not have to enter paypal details) – monthly – yearly

We used WooCommerce with “WooCommerce Subscriptions” and “WooCommerce Software License”. And we want to use PayPal.

There was also a problem with recurring payments and PayPal Plus so let’s assume we use PayPal Standard which is supported by WooComemrce and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

The problem is the “14-days trial” logic:

  1. If I create a subscription with a 14-day free trial then it would charge the user after those 14 days because it’s only a delay.

  2. If I put the price to $ 0 then the user could renew it for $ 0

  3. I can create a simple product and only use the licence manager and creating a licence which expires after 14 days. But then the user will not be able renew it. He would have to go to the page again and order the correct subscription.

Does anyone has some experience with subscriptions, free trial and licences?

What is the best way to host a site with many images without it being too slow?

I have a friend that wants me to help them with their WordPress website that has about 150 images for their gallery. Their site is quite slow even after I optimized the images using the ImageOptim app. They are using SiteGround as their web host provider, but they are only using the StartUp package because it is the most affordable. I know that the site is slow to load because of the images, but not sure what the best approach is to try and speed it up without paying for a more expensive hosting package.

I am thinking that perhaps the best way to go about doing this would be to have them just put their images on Google Images and use that as their gallery instead, or maybe an Instagram feed like Smash Balloon.

What would you all suggest?


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How to get the best resolution of image from srcset

I have an image code with srcset and sizes like this:

    <img src="/uploads/2012/12/Multitronics-TC-750-300x175.jpg"  class="attachment-medium size-medium wp-post-image lazyloaded"  alt="Multitronics TC 750"  srcset="/uploads/2012/12/Multitronics-TC-750-300x175.jpg 300w, /uploads/2012/12/Multitronics-TC-750-513x265.jpg 513w, /uploads/2012/12/Multitronics-TC-750.jpg 1260w"  sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px"> 

How to get the maximum image size (like Multitronics-TC-750.jpg 1260w) using the function? For example wp_calculate_image_srcset ()?

Best practices or advice to convince IT admins not to map network drives in privileged sessions with users

Why are currently trying to enhance the security posture of our company, and this means changing how some IT personnel work.

Precisely, our IT helpdesk now have 2 separate accounts: 1 for normal day to day usage (mails, internet, etc…), and 1 for administrative tasks. The later is a privileged account having several rights on the AD and some servers.

The way they work is not very secure when it comes to supporting the users: they use their privileged account to login to the user’s workstation and perform tasks where admin rights are needed.

But my question is more accurately related to network drives being mapped in their privileged account’s profile. They insisted on using the same logon script as with their standard account.

Do you have any recommendations, references to guidelines and/or best practices in such a case ? I’d like to present them some resources to convince them it’s not secure to have network drives mapped in this profile.

I tried to explain to them that if they log in a ‘contaminated’ workstation, their privileges might spread the infection to the network… But they did not understand and argued they need to access some files on the network while assisting the users. They don’t want to waste time typing UNC path, etc…

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