What’s the best weapon for disarming?

Just like the title says. I’m working on a funny build based on disarming (typically suboptimal, yes, but this one’ll be hilarious). What’s the best weapon for this character?

I assume it’ll be a two-handed one, for the +4 bonus. Looking at the SRD, the heavy flail and the ranseur both give an extra +2 bonus, but the heavy flail has just slightly better damage and criticals, so that’s what I’m going with for now.

Is there anything better out there?

Which class has access to the best ‘stay at home’ adventuring methods?

Assuming a 20th level character, which class would allow them to remotely assist a party of adventurers without ever leaving a well-warded personal sanctum? In 3.5e/PF, there existed a plethora of spells mostly based around the Wizard to support this kind of ‘off-site meddling’ but I know less about 5E and what Wizards and their ilk can accomplish there (especially at higher levels).

For the purposes of this question, assume the following;

  • The character is completely unwilling to leave their sanctum unless they have some inherent way to cheat death that is 100% reliable (paying a powerful cleric to resurrect you after X time doesn’t count for our paranoid and suspicious protagonist).
  • Class features that are mobile (such as Familiars or Animal Companions) can leave the sanctum, as can summoned or bound creatures.
  • They have intentionally chosen their class and even found some way of acquiring reasonable magic items towards this goal – they are a purpose-built ‘remote assistance’ character.

‘Best’ is not simply damage-per-round but overall quality of assistance – a battery of divinations doesn’t directly do damage but does allow the party to bypass encounters, effectively doing all the damage of the enemy hp of that encounter. Remote healing is not damage but can keep party members alive to do more damage, so on. In this case I am not looking at any specific character level for the party being assisted, but rather at spells, techniques, or class features that would apply to the widest range of parties successfully. Consider this less ‘bob stays at home and still helps the party’ but more ‘Mordenkainen’s Magical Assist (MMA) Incorporated’.

What is the best way for a low-level, non-magical NPC to contact a player-character?

I’m looking for a solution roughly equivalent to “cast sending.” However, the NPC is not a wizard, and there is no wizard nearby who knows the player-character. The NPC does not know where the player is, so Animal Messenger will not work.

Message length needs to be at least a few words, although longer is fine. Ideally it should be affordable for low level characters without much wealth. Distance between parties is about 80 miles and on the same plane.

I’m looking specifically for a Rules-As-Written answer. I know that as GM, I can just make up anything I feel like; pointing that out is not helpful.

How to setup SQL Server on VMWare for best performance

We have Dell r940 server with 64 CPUs.

Processor Type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8253 CPU @ 2.20GHz 4 Sockets + 16 Cores per Socket and 128 Logical processors Memory 767 GB

We set the server up on a VMWare v7.0 hypervisor. One of the virtual machines runs Sql Server 2019 Enterprise Edition on Windows 2019 Standard where we have mission-critical workloads.

Can anyone suggest a virtual CPU (Cores per Socket) + RAM configuration for best performance from this machine?

SEO best practice for page that is the same for 50 US States

I have a calculator for each US state: for example let’s say you plug in your income and it tells you your state tax rate, which depends on your state.

The calculator has the same UI for ever state, one simple form. The only difference is the page title and H1 tag "PA Tax Calculator" and "Pennsylvania Tax Rates." Of course, your results depend on the state which is generated using JS.

I am trying to decide between:

  • 50 Unique URLs that I send to Google: example.com/calc/?state=PA and example.com/calc/?state=CA, then state-specific titles on Google: "PA Tax Calculator"
  • One URL for indexing (example.com/calc/) that then uses a select form or geolocation to select the correct state. Leave the Google page title generic: "50 State Tax Calculator"

I’d like to be able to put the state title in the Google search title as I think it would feel more personal for vistors, but it seems like if the 50 pages are too similar it’ll just be diluting to have 50 identical pages. This is my first time trying to figure out how to get visitors via SEO.

Best way to save game data in Unity

I am currently developing a game in unity and I want to add some sort of saving system that saves the following:

  • Locked / unlocked level.
  • The amount of money the player has.
  • Items / perks that the player has.

As you can see, the data I want to save is global, and has nothing to do with any specific scene.

How would you reccomend save this kind of data? I have heard about the EasySave asset but I don’t know if it is the right choice: it is pretty expensive and I belive that there has to be some easier, cheaper (even free) way to save the data.

I’ll appreciate any answer or consideration.

The best practice of Article / Web 2.0 / Blog submission in off-page SEO?

I am planning for my e-commerce new project. And I am stuck at the best practices of off-page submission for Articles / Web 2.0 / Blogs. I have some questions in my mind which are as follows:

  1. Can I submit the same Article / Post (or content) in different off-page submission sites?
  2. How can I measure that which off-page submission sites are important or useful (like any terms DA, PA or DR).
  3. And How much content submission will effect my domain progress or good link equity?