Best practice for organizing DDL SQL files

I am developing a postgres database with the following approximate number of entities:

  • 60 tables spread across 7 schemas
  • 20 functions

What’s the best practice for organizing all the DDL SQL?

I currently have a single SQL for the table definitions, another for the views and yet another for the functions. But two of these files have grown to over 1,000 lines each and become unwieldy. That said, there are relationships between tables in different schemas and one file makes these easy to manage.

Would it be better to organize the DDL by schema? Or finer grain still, at the entity level?

I am using JetBrains DataGrip and would appreciate that the solution still enable Intellisense and error checking. The SQL is stored in git.

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Best tools/libraries for web analytics [closed]

I’m creating a react & node the app is similar to the link in bio apps like

So a user creates a link example:, now I need analytics for this page to show on the user’s dashboard, analytics like page views, location, what was clicked, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

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What is the best 2nd level spell to concentrate on to maximize damage?

In a party full of crowd control, the Magus wishes to dish out as much damage as possible. What concentration spell will allow them to do that, under the given circumstance:

  • The Magus is 4th level, any race, any class/multiclass, feats available
  • The damage is dealt out over 1 minute maximum
  • The rest of the party is focused on their own goals, so any preparation or buffs on the Magus will have to come from themselves: (no time limit)
  • Assume things go perfectly 100% of the time: ie enemies will always fail on saving throws, the Magus will always succeed on an attack roll, disregard advantage and disadvantage
  • The only source of damage tracked comes from the Magus’ concentration spell; no need to worry about ensuring their action is free every round to cast another damaging spell
  • Assume all damage is average: 1d6 = 3.5 damage, don’t round
  • If a spell can hit multiple targets, there are 2 available each round
  • These 2 enemies behave optimally for your damage: if an enemy must end its turn in the spells area to take its damage, then 2 enemies in a round will do so.