Search bar – Top Nav vs Left Nav? Which is better suited?

In the search bar which experience is better? That is having a left nav or navigation below/above the search bar.

a - Swift Type

b - Google

Cons for the top nav: Scalability wise left nav works the best.

I’ve seen many websites like,,, algolia, etc. have navigation below the search. In a few other websites like swiftype, atlassian, etc. have the left navigation.

By experience wise which is better and why?

What’s better action after click on the “Add To Cart” button?

Reading about the add to cart flow on e-commerce on the web and here on Stack Overflow, I observed that is a very common question but is difficult to take a decision considering that nowhere we are comparing all alternatives and not pointing why to decide for each strategy.

My question is:

In which situation should I choose each of the alternative bellows?

After click on “Add To Cart” Button:

1. Keep on the current page, make animation on the “Add to cart” button to show the item was added and show a bubble message on the mini-cart at on the header.

enter image description here

2. Keep on the current page, scroll the screen to frequently bought together and show a message that the product was added on the cart.

enter image description here

3. Open a modal with continue buying and go to checkout buttons and frequently bought together items.

enter image description here

4. Go to an intermediary page like Amazon are doing.

enter image description here

5. Redirect to the shopping cart and guarantee that has a continue buying button there.

Ps: I already read Do we need to show Cart page after user clicked “Add to Cart” from list page? and What is the best eCommerce add-to-cart flow?

I know that each one has your own good reason and interesting conversion and would be awesome if you can list pros and cons for each one to argument about your usage suggestion.

A better way to Unrar to a certain folder and then delete source folder

Below works for UNRAR to a certain folder. “unrar e -r -o- /home/username/source/directory/*.rar /home/username/copy/extracted/to”

But I want to delete the source folder when its done.

File structure is .r00, .r01, .r02…

In this “unrar e -r -o- /home/username/source/directory/*.rar /home/username/copy/extracted/to” Where would I put the delete command when the extracting is done?

Is Figma or Photoshop better for designing mobile apps and handing them off to development?

I’m a UI designer in a large organization. I’m using Figma to design an app and need to hand off the design to the developers, who are used to receiving Photoshop files and do not know Figma. I’m trying to push for Figma but want to know if developers can get what they need to build the app from Figma, or if I absolutely need to transfer everything into Photoshop and hand it off to them that way.

Is Newton’s algorithm really this much better than conjugate gradient descent?

I have a function I’m minimizing. I’m using conjugate gradient descent and the Newton algorithm.

I am experiencing that the Newton algorithm is absurdly faster. Like, it finishes it 5-6 iterations, while the conjugate gradient takes 2000 iterations (and regular gradient descent takes 5000 iterations).

I know what’s causing the problem too: the learning rate. In Newton’s method, a learning rate of $ \alpha = 1$ works. But I can’t use this in the gradient descent methods, where such a choice of $ \alpha$ diverges. In these methods, I am forced to use $ \alpha = 0.01$ .

But anyways, 5 iterations vs thousands of iterations is still an absurd difference. Is Newton’s method really this good??!

Best Generic Email Providers For GSA SER – Better and Much real than catchalls

Hello GSA fellas :)

I am back to start my GSA camping arsenal and seems there is nothing much have not been new changes.(from last 3 years ).

I installed my GSA SER + GSA CB + Capmonster + SER Verified Lists in my VPS.

I also purchased semi 100 private proxies from buyproxies + catchall emails (seremails)

Few days of running i could manage decent contextual links and do follows for my proeject.  Pretty decent lpm and vpm. But i still belive i can make alot more if i use real emails like yahoo. gmail etc.

I used to use nokia and seems the provider is quit it. .

Any ideas using real emails with GSA SER ? Any good providers ?

I know its a mess but it really worth..

Don’t you guys using gmails hotmails with serengines ? anyone guys ?

Can you trade tool proficiencies to better fit a character? and what tool is used in carving?

I’m designing a Wood Elf Outlander Warlock (in DND 5E) who only has one hand. This makes my arm near to useless. As an Outlander, I am proficient with a musical instrument, and have skill proficiency in Survival.

I have designed the character as a self-sufficient hunter, who uses everything from a kill: hides for clothes, meat for food, and bones as a carving medium.

What I would like to do is trade the musical instrument proficiency for a proficiency with a type of artisan’s tools that would be used in carving bones into practical things I could use, or decorative items I could sell.

So… my question(s) is/are:

1- Would this trade-off be acceptable?

2- If so, what kind of tools are used in carving?