BEWARE OF Affinity ad network (

Just a quick warning, if you receive email from ad network called Affinity (, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER REPLYING.

They are total garbage, promise decent CPM rates for banners, but actually deliver total shit ads for next to nothing. The eCPM for 300×250 above the fold with majority of US/UK traffic was $ 0.01 – what a joke!

This is the screenshot of their amazing CPM rates from their dashboard:

View attachment 245414

It also took them 6 days to even display stats in their…

BEWARE OF Affinity ad network ( SCAM Company. Beware of it! SCAM Company. Beware of it!

That will happen to you with this company as follows:

– They will accept your request and give you the code.
– On payday you will receive a message that you will receive your profits. And leave the code as it is to win.
– Waiting and waiting … and do not reach any profits.
– No one answers your messages.

According to my experience with this thief. These are just young people. You see everyone doing… SCAM Company. Beware of it!

Beware, Flippa themselves a scam

The marketplace for selling/buying websites/domains/apps Flippa, is a complete scam!!

Even though many of you're gonna tell that it's not Flippa, but some of its users are scam, i will not agree with it. They are INDIRECTLY scamming!

Because they don't really care about the authenticity of the listings, rather their focus is on making sales so they get their fee. (Just like Fiverr, who don't care about the false gigs)

I have seen many website listings which claims it has that & this & bra…

Beware, Flippa themselves a scam

Beware of

I've been a publisher of for over 5 years. Recently after their rates went way way down I've decided to split their banner places with a different company. That was two weeks ago. They sent a warning low quality traffic email last week, today I've had my account shut down. There will be no payments made. There is 0 support these days. So basically a big scam network.
Just to mention today was also pay day. Also their recent Paypal problems. (they no longer support Paypal since…

Beware of

BEWARE: Affiliate Program Scammed $30,000/year in Affiliate Comissions

Im here to tell the story behind my frustrated relation with and its Affiliate Program
Forgive my poor english if not 100% correct, since is not my 1st language
Long time ago in 2002, I started a sitebuilder service based on a flash website builder script that allowed users to create a free flash website under their own domain name or a subdoman under my brand
I still remember it when launched 14 years ago, it was my very…

BEWARE: Affiliate Program Scammed $ 30,000/year in Affiliate Comissions

Beware of this scammers ”Premium Technologies”

I purchase a 20tb server for a total of $ 1800usd on and (paid by payoneer and paypal), they gave me access to clients area (as a final client/customer) and after they got the money they kicking me out of clients area, they bloked me on skype and they ignorig me on email. They simply took my money, scammed me, ignoring me and kicking me out from the hosting clients area, support, etc.. ID: paypal ID:…

Beware of this scammers ''Premium Technologies''