Photo Project & Challenge Ideas For 2019 & Beyond

I got my first bridge camera ( Lumix FZ80/82 ) last year, but unfortunately didn’t use it nearly as much as I’d have liked – Just taking a few local wildlife photos, etc.

So into the new year I really want to up my photography and thought that a great way of doing this would be to start a 365 photo project / A photo a day for a year ( but really an ongoing project ).

I initially thought of this as an open themed project, where I take photos of anything that catches my eye, be it wildlife, people, places, events, etc. But then I saw that there were several different ways to get creative using themes:

  • Set January Challenge – Day 1: Self Portrait, etc
  • A to Z Photography ( A: Apple / A: Abstract )

I’ve found a couple of set challenges made in previous years, but they’re all kind of similar, and I have some vague ideas of themed projects to try out, but I was wondering what sort of projects some of you have done in the past. Are there any good themed projects that you can try as a complete amateur?

Please bear in mind that I’m looking for projects that will allow me to photograph a range of different subjects.

Also, I’m looking to get into photo editing using Photoshop (currently Elements), so I’m interested in hearing if anyone has done a similar thing for Editing Projects/Challenges.