In a survey, will the color of the thumbs for choices bias the responses?

Many companies add satisfaction surveys to their emails and thank you pages. In the case of a thumbs up/thumbs down survey, is it smart to use color to increase the amount of responses?

I see two main disadvantages with the color red/green: in Asia, colors are used in the contrary and the colors hardly ever fit with the branding of the company. So survey usually looks unprofessional.

The advantage I see is that it is faster to scan for the user what is the “good” answer or the “bad”, because colors add redundancy to the meaning.

What do you think is best, red/green option or one color option?

Multi-color option

enter image description here

[ Politics ] Open Question : I’m working on a paper about possible news bias I just need a small bit of info from all of you.?

1. What state you live in. 2. What source (or sources) you generally use when looking at the news. 3. Who you supported and or voted for in the 2016 election. 4. What you identify as on the political spectrum.