Why binance sends small amount into another utxo while sending to cold wallet?

I believe address 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s belongs to Binance

If you look a this transaction for example https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/transaction/aa107ebc0a7f00e558048a01e327ff20e21c65356bc64a0b92eb975f067eb7aa They seem to send clients funds into this address but everytime they do that they also send a small amount into a fresh address. Here it is 3QZQ7S8v9mWWAUaSf8R4D4nzsGEMXnMjvw and after they send thoses utxo into their main cold wallet (like this tx https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/transaction/380acebfd4c1c84086b3c872cf916ef1219787b28720563b92c61a12df4ad7e3 ) and again with a little to another address etc.

Whats the point of doing that? why they just dont send into one single utxo belonging to their main address?


binance advanced indicator api

I know how to extract basic info like bid/ask/open/close prices on binance, but on advanced trading charts on binance I see more price indicators like EMA and I dont want to compute them from price log since they wont be 100% accurate. Is there a way to extract all indicators I see in advanced mode? Can’t find any reference in APIs

Binance limit order not being filled even with correct price and amount

Any of you other bot writers on here ever experience a limit order being rejected on Binance when the price and quantity are available? Verified this to be true many times and yet, the order is being marked as “expired”. This does not happen each time. It is also not tied to one coin or market. It appears random. But it happens enough times a day that I need to figure out why. Maybe the question is, what other parameters besides price and quantity need to evaluated? And yes, I have applied correctly all of the proper exchange filters, etc. Thanks for your help!

If I send bitcoin or some other crypto from my wallet to Binance and I don’t see a deposit, what could be going wrong?

I am still very new to the world of cryptocurrency but as of a couple of years ago I realized its significance and now I am afraid I have a lot of catching up.

Anyway, what happens if I send Bitcoin, Ether, XRP or Dash from my wallet to Binance and I don’t see a deposit, what could be going wrong there? How do I troubleshoot something like that?

When was the binance ICO?

Writing a research article on Binance, and I’m trying to work out when their ICO was, and when they opened doors to their trading platform. Does anyone have an authoritative source for this?

I can see on crunchbase that they raised 10m USD in 2018, and it also lists an ICO in September, although some ICO websites claim their ICO was Dec 31, and others in July. Sites seems to agree the ICO was 15m USD.

Is there an authoritative source for when Binance started, and when and for how long their ICO ran?