trying ti install 18.04.2 on a Dell Latitude E6500 with legacy BIOS

I ran Ubuntu 18.04.2 from the “live” disc with no problems. The installation appeared to go without a hitch – TWICE. However, after the installation completes, it will not boot. All I get is a blinking cursor up in the left hand corner of the screen. I followed instructions for boot repair. That also seemed to run fine from the “live” disc, but it did not solve the boot problem. From what I can tell, the Dell Latitude E6500 does not have a UEFI mode. There were some articles I read that suggested that THAT was the problem, but they offered no solution. Can someone point me to a comprehensive article on how to install Ubuntu on the Dell Latitude E6500. Perhaps there is a different version that WILL install. THANK YOU.

Frank Fiamingo

Ubuntu keeps on rebooting after enabling TPM 2.0 from BIOS (APTIO utility)

I am having Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed on to my system. I wanted to implement TPM functionalities. I enabled TPM 2.0 from Trusted Computing option in the BIOS. After this when I rebooted my system, the OS didn’t start. Rather it keeps on rebooting after the American Megatrends screen comes.

The system is stuck in this loop until I disable TPM from the BIOS again.

Really want help to solve this issue.

How to boot UEFI installed Ubuntu in BIOS?

I installed portable Ubuntu 19.04 to an external HDD in UEFI using a laptop. I then tried booting it through my desktop (BIOS only, Windows 10), but few errors popped up prompting “grub rescue>” I figured out the normal.mod is in some x86_64-efi inside /boot/grub/ basically UEFI installed. But BIOS is trying to find it in /boot/grub/i386-pc. I found answers telling me its not possible. Some are suggesting to format disk to MBR. Can i go to boot/grub and make copy of the x86_64-efi folder and name it i386-pc? Is that dumb thing possible or do I have format the disk/install in BIOS, can anyone suggest a lossless conversion method for GPT>MBR or vice versa. Thank You

BIOS contains WGDS but no WRDS, ubuntu 19.04

I had been getting this weird error when I put my laptop to sleep and then waking it up after a while. This error forces me to force reboot my computer in order to restart my computer. However wifi and ethernet works fine so I am not sure why this error appears. It usually appears when I put my laptop to sleep and then leave the network then reopening it in my home using my home network. When I last check this error is from iwlwifi. Below is a the return from command dmesg | grep iwlwifi

My wifi card is Intel Ac 9560

00:14.3 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless-AC 9560 [Jefferson Peak] (rev 10)

enter image description here

No grub in bios boot after install

This is a fresh install on UEFI system. I set up 5 partitions on an nvme ssd:

  1. 1GB /boot
  2. 16MB biosgrub
  3. 512MB efi partition
  4. 50GB / root
  5. 450GB unused partition (for steam)

/home is located in a separate physical drive, also new (no data in it)

After install, when I choose to boot from the nvme, I only see blank screen with blinking underscore. I tried boot-repair from a livecd but it says no internet connection. I tried to turn off internet related functions, and it asks me to add x86 efi repository. I don’t know how to do that

I tried to use update-grub but it says no canonical path for /cow. I mounted the efi partition and tried grub-install –efi-directory but it says “can’t find disk”

The partitions were created from scratch via ubuntu installer

Not sure what else can be done at this point