addnode in bitcoin.conf doesn’t work (Regtest mode)

I’m trying to make to nodes on the same computer communicate. I set up two bitcoin folder with two bitcoin.conf files. bitcoin.conf in the second node is the following:

rpcuser=bitcoinrpc rpcpassword=roiroiroiroiroi addnode=

while in the first node is just I’ve just set the rpcuser and rpcpasswords

Now I start the nodes with the following command

First node ./bitcoin/src/bitcoind -regtest

Second node ./bitcoin/src/bitcoind -regtest -rpcport=5444 -port=18888 -datadir=/Users/tommaso/.bitcoin/

But they don’t connect to each other.

Only if a run the command ./bitcoin/src/bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcport=5444 -datadir=/Users/tommaso/.bitcoin/ addnode "" "onetry" they finally connect

Why does addnode= in bitcoin.conf doesn’t work?

How to use Bitcoind walletnotify in bitcoin.conf?

I want use walletnotify command and request my node.js restfull api but have exception

system(curl –url returned 32512

I using; walletnotify=curl –url

how can use walletnotify command?

Security implications of bitcoin.conf location

I’m setting up and hardening a dedicated headless bitcoind and lightning daemon and wanted to have a discussion about location of the bitcoin.conf.

Item #1:

Bitcoind defaults to using ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf, presumably because keeping all relevant files in one location makes it easier to copy and/or share the blockchain between different machines. Are there security implications to this? Is it substantively safer to store bitcoin.conf in /etc instead (such as /etc/bitcoind/bitcoin.conf)?

One argument against using ~/home/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf I thought of is the RPC Password is be stored in the .conf file and could be viewed by anyone with read access. So it is less readable in ~/home or in /etc?

I’d get +1 POSIX-style-points for using /etc…

One argument against using /etc/bitcoind/bitcoin.conf is portability. It is less convenient to have the .conf file in a separate location. Less convenient means greater chance of mistake or error sometime down the road.

Item #2 Similar to #1, besides +1 style points, is there any advantage to moving logs to /var/log? My understanding is bitcoind already rotates logs, but is there an advantage to how systemd does log rotation in /var/log?