Is a bitcoin address collision possible if generating 90 million addresses every 4 hours?

I am running a test to see if I can obtain a successful bitcoin address collision after generating billions of addresses. I am not entirely sure how I would check them yet. Basically I have an extra 10TB hard drive and am running supervanitygen on my 32-core, 128gb ram linux work computer. It seems to be generating about 90,000,000 (90 million) addresses (address + private key pair) every 4 hours.

Do you think it’s possible or likely to run into an address collision this way? Or perhaps if everyone in the world did the same thing? Or what if I waited 10-20 years, and then checked the addresses?

This is all just a test to see if the bitcoin system is secure enough for big investment decision.

how bitcoin reject invalid transaction?

i’m studying ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ and have a questions,

in this book, we can send coin to other wallet by createrawtransaction but there is no enough secure method.

we can find other’s wallet addresses at and unused coin value too.

for example –

718ae88f0eb13d2f2d3bc74cbf18721a82739b80f1bfc0658ed699263fca76fd(Fee: 0.00002057 BTC – 3.11 sat/WU – 8.33 sat/B – Size: 247 bytes) 2019-01-14 04:57:04 34bN2MQcqA4JpbEVRU9KBsvhXgSEHQrqBz (1.13215222 BTC – Output) 32T5urH6uN4jhKenhW4LWM66WouzSCERbA – (Spent) 0.03213165 BTC 3LnZGyRAeCA3LAMBU2RSQn6dAkHw8rWquw – (Unspent) 1.1 BTC

than we can make fake transaction such as

$ bitcoin-cli createrawtransaction ‘[{“txid” : “718ae88f0eb13d2f2d3bc74cbf18721a82739b80f1bfc0658ed699263fca76fd”,”vout”:0}]’ ‘ {“MY WALLET ADDRESS”: 1.0, “3LnZGyRAeCA3LAMBU2RSQn6dAkHw8rWquw“: fee}’

in conclusion, it doesn’t works but i want know why this code not working

What is the origin of insecure 64-bit nonces in signatures in the Bitcoin chain?

In Biased Nonce Sense: Lattice Attacks against Weak ECDSA Signatures in Cryptocurrencies Joachim Breitner and Nadia Heninger use a lattice based algorithm to recover private keys from signatures in the Bitcoin chain that were produced by insecure signers that generated biased nonces.

One large category of insecure signature that they discovered were 5,863 signatures between July 26, 2014 and June 1st, 2015 that were used in multisignature scripts where the nonces were only 64-bits in size. In the paper when a single key was used multiple times to sign multiple messages (which could be multiple inputs on a single transaction) with a small difference between the nonces their algorithm was able to determine the actual nonces used and the private keys with high probability.

Using a small nonce in multiple signatures is just an especially simple case of having a small difference. Small nonces could also be attacked with simpler brute force search approaches without requiring multiple signatures but the paper’s approach was much faster than brute force. Their approach was also able to attack a number of 110 – 160-bit nonces which were used, a range that would have made a brute force search less realistic.

The authors were unaware of the origin of the 64-bit nonces but “hypothesize that this may be a faulty implementation intended for multifactor security, such as a hardware token”.

What do we know about the actual origin of these signatures?

What is the difference from Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash ABC? Its so confusing for noobs

I haven’t been following the silly bitcoin cash fiasco, but I see on coinmarketcap:

Bitcoin Cash ABC

Bitcoin Cash

What is the difference? And what is the latest news with this silly coin as of today?

What are the pros / cons of using Electrum 3.3.2 over Bitcoin core 0.17.1? And what about running your own Electrum Server?

Aside from not having to download the entire bitcoin blockchain when using electrum, what other advantages are there over using Bitcoin core 0.17.1?

Also if I chose to use my own electrum server, what advantage is that over Bitcoin Core 0.17.1?

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