Choose $n$ out of $2n-1$ boxes containing at least half of all white balls and half of all black balls

We are given $ 2n – 1$ boxes with black and white balls. In the $ i$ -th, box there are $ w_i$ white and $ b_i$ black balls. It is required to choose $ n$ boxes so that, the sum of the white balls is at least $ W/2$ , and the sum of black balls is at least $ B/2$ . Solve for $ O(n\log{n})$ .

What I am currently thinking is this:

Generate some hashtable to be able to track the boxes that we chose.
Sort the boxes by the quantity of the white (in increasing order) balls and chose the last $ n$ balls every time keeping them in our hashtable.
Sort by the quantity of the black balls and do the same. Check every time to see if we already chose the box or not. Here comes the problem: Suppose we didn’t. Then we can face a situation where we already have $ n$ boxes that have in total at least $ W/2$ white balls but at the same time, they have in total less than $ B/2$ black balls. How can we overcome this problem?

We can’t just switch the chosen boxes that have the least number of white balls with the one that have the maximum available number of black balls since the box with white balls can contain significant amount of black balls on its own.

black adidas trainers

This is the shoe that comes to mind adidas slides whenever i see or someone mentions the name adidas in this particular white and black colorway. If adidas could figure out a way to add Boost to the Superstar without changing the classic look, we would have a huge winner on our hands. They already added a Primeknit upper so why not a Boost midsole next? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.What adidas kicks do you wish were hit with Boost technology? Let me know your choices in the comments below.

The Collaboration between Adidas and Neighborhood had a really unique design to it. The brown leather upper is accompanied by a white midsole and gives a very classy look. The toe box is given special Neighborhood marking along with a skull on the tongue in place of the Stan Smith portrait. The heel has details on ht e collaboration and certifies the custom design.Pharrell took adidas terrex the Stan Smith tennis shoe and made it& well, a tennis shoe. The shoes look like they skinned a tennis ball to upholster their upper.

The shoes are a simple yet classy look but then again, when doesn’t the Stan Smith look Classy?The adidas Stan Smith has a very rich adidas cloudfoam history.  Named after the famous tennis player in back 1971, Smith was an icon of the sport.  So adidas saw his fame as a opportunity to grow their line. This is probably one of the simplest designs Adidas has, and the simplicity has carried over through the years and has found its way into the fashion world. 

The Jordan Team 1 was Kicks On Fire’s my choice for the best retro of 2014 , but sadly, we did not get one of the OG colorways during its fantastic return. With adidas currently the outfitter of the Wolverines, it makes sense for Jordan adidas tubular Brand not to bring back that colorway, but would anybody have noticed if they had dropped them anyway and just called it a Marquette or Cal colorway in case anybody asked? Nah& ÿþThe reason I want that particular book is partially for academic purposes (and for how awesome it would look on my coffee table), but also because I think it would give me the same feeling I get when I own a pair of well-made adidas retros. 

Well, there’s that and with that book, I could probably come up with a hundred other classic adidas sneakers that I would love to see return.  So until that day happens, here’s 10 Classic adidas Kicks That Need A Retro Release (that I know about).Before everybody and their sneaker grandma started calling this particular style the “Wheat” (thanks, LeBron), these boot-inspired kicks’ biggest draw was that they were designed to be worn on the court during the day and in the club at night.  With this particular style and color scheme coming back into favor again, adidas could really make some noise and drop these in a number of different colorways (*cough* get Kanye to play in an all-red version and watch it go viral *cough*). 

It’s probably still adidas forest hills too early to think about bringing these back, but if they can get all of the licenses again, sneakerheads and hardcore three stripes collectors would love a second chance at all of them.The adidas SL 80 did make a comeback back in 2010, but with the shoe celebrating its 35th anniversary next year and with a renewed interest in the shoe thanks in large part to the recent Packer Shoes collab that saw the EQT Running Support get embellished with the SL 80’s blue, red and gold, another go-around in [Image: adidas%20slides-725mea.jpg] 2015 probably won’t be the worst thing in the world.

Confusion with “every path from a given node to any of the leaves goes through the same number of black nodes” property of RB trees

One of the properties of Red Black trees is: “every path from a given node/vertex to any of the leaves goes through the same number of black nodes”

Two related questions about this property:

1) is the vertex we start at counted in this black vertex count?

2) is the leaf we end at counted in the black vertex count?

I have a secret theory about both of these questions, but am hoping for confirmation and so shalt not yet reveal it.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why was storm played by a biracial woman instead of a black woman?

In the comics storm is an african black woman surely halle berry doesn’t fit that description storm was married to black panther in the comics they had a child with electricity powers my point is why did they get halle berry who is biracial and not a black woman like what storm is supposed to be.

Why can I not adjust the point color? It just goes black

Here is my code here.

Please help me correct this.

How to make these 2 points Blue and Orange respectively?

Manipulate[  pp = ParametricPlot[{{r1 Cos[Min[w1 x, 2 Pi]],       r1 Sin[Min[w1 x, 2 Pi]]},     {r1 Cos[w1 x] + r2 Cos[w2 x], r1 Sin[w1 x] + r2 Sin[w2 x]}},    {x, 0, t}, PlotRange -> 10 {{-1, 1}, {-1, 1}},     AxesLabel -> {"Time"},    PlotStyle -> {Automatic, Red}, BaseStyle -> Thick];  Legended[   Show[pp, Epilog -> {Black, AbsolutePointSize[5],       Point@Graphics`Mesh`FindIntersections[pp[[1]]],      PointSize[Large], {Blue, Orange},       Point[{{r1 Cos[w1 t],          r1 Sin[w1 t]}, {r1 Cos[w1 t] + r2 Cos[w2 t],          r1 Sin[w1 t] + r2 Sin[w2 t]}}]}],   LineLegend[{ColorData[97]@1, Red, Blue, Orange},    {"Earth Trajectory", "Moon Trajectory", "Earth", "Moon"},    Joined -> {True, True, False, False},     LegendMarkers -> {None, None, "Point", "Point"}]],  {pp, None},  {{t, 1, "Time"}, 0.01, 10 Pi, 0.01},  {{w1, 1, "Angular Velocity"}, 0.2, 5, 0.01},  {{r1, 2, "Radius"}, 0.2, 10, 0.01},  {{w2, 1, "Moon Angular Velocity"}, 0.2, 5, 0.01},  {{r2, 2, " Moon Radius"}, 0.2, 10, 0.01},  TrackedSymbols :> {t, w1, r1, w2, r2}] 

enter image description here

If you are pushed out of Evard’s black tentacles while restrained, are you still restrained?

In our game, a monster was restrained by a party member’s spell, Evard’s Black Tentacles. The wording of the spell is:

…the creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and be restrained by the tentacles until the spell ends.

On the next turn, the Warlock Cast Eldritch blast, which is affected by the Repelling Blast Invocation. The invocation causes a creature hit by the spell to be pushed back 10 feet. However, this caused the monster to be pushed outside of the effect of Black Tentacles. The wording for the spell seems to imply that the tentacles are still miraculously restraining the creature though, which is now 15 feet outside of the area of effect.

Should the monster still be restrained or not? Are the tentacles in fact made of silly putty, or do they happen to have the powers of Mr. Fantastic?

For reference this question may have relevance. It references the Web spell, but the wording for this spell is more specific. It states:

…the creature is restrained as long as it remains in the webs or until it breaks free…

For reference, The Black Tentacles spell is a whole 2 levels higher than the Web spell.

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