MS Word typing in Red as default in a doc that is black font

I’ve a document which is in black font as usual. I need to make some comments inline at various points which I want in Red. I can select and change each text block and that works. However that takes a lot of selecting.

I tried changing to Red the Font Color icon however everytime you type it reverts to the default style of the block which is black.

Is there a way to set the font color so that all the text I type from now on will be in red irrespective of the black text in the rest of the doc?

Does the “Black Tentacles” spell do damage twice at the start of turn to an already restrained creature?

The spell Black Tentacles has the following text:

When a creature enters the affected area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, the creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and be restrained by the tentacles until the spell ends. A creature that starts its turn in the area and is already restrained by the tentacles takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage.

Each of the two sentence has a condition that results in damage. Note that there is no “or” or “instead” in the second sentence. The second condition is more specific than the first, but it never says they’re exclusive

Does a creature starting its turn restrained by the tentacles receive the damage twice?

Pygame Flappy Bird Clone Black Screen

I am new to coding python, and I followed everything in a 4hr video tutorial but however, I get a black screen when I run my game. I am trying to finish this game for my long-term-project in high-school. I greatly appreciate everyone who helps me with my code.

Here is my code:

    import pygame import time from random import randint,randrange  black = (0,0,0) white = (255,255,255)  sunset = (253,72,47)  greenyellow = (184,255,0) brightblue = (47,228,253) orange = (255,113,0) yellow = (255,236,0) purple = (252,67,255)  colorChoices = [greenyellow,brightblue,orange,yellow,purple]  pygame.init()  surfaceWidth = 800 surfaceHeight = 500  imageHeight = 43 imageWidth = 100  surface = pygame.display.set_mode((surfaceWidth,surfaceHeight)) pygame.display.set_caption('Helicopter') clock = pygame.time.Clock()  img = pygame.image.load('helicopterbettersized.png')  def score(count):     font = pygame.font.Font('freesansbold.ttf', 20)     text = font.render("Score: "+str(count), True, white)     surface.blit(text, [0,0])  def blocks(x_block, y_block, block_width, block_height, gap, colorChoice):      pygame.draw.rect(surface, colorChoice, [x_block,y_block,block_width,block_height])     pygame.draw.rect(surface, colorChoice, [x_block,y_block_block_height+gap,block_width, surfaceHeight])   def replay_or_quit():     for event in pygame.event.get ([pygame.KEYDOWN, pygame.KEYUP, pygame.QUIT]):         if event.type == pygame.QUIT:             pygame.quit()             quit()          elif event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:             continue          return event.key      return None  def makeTextObjs(text, font):     textSurface = font.render(text, True, sunset)     return textSurface, textSurface.get_rect()  def msgSurface(text):     smallText = pygame.font.Font('freesansbold.ttf', 20)     largeText = pygame.font.Font('freesansbold.ttf', 150)      titleTextSurf, titleTextRect = makeTextObjs(text, largeText) = surfaceWidth / 2, surfaceHeight / 2     surface.blit(titleTextSurf, titleTextRect)      typTextSurf, typTextRect = makeTextObjs('Press any key to continue', smallText) = surfaceWidth / 2, ((surfaceHeight / 2) + 100)     surface.blit(typTextSurf, typTextRect)      pygame.display.update()     time.sleep(1)      while replay_or_quit() == None:         clock.tick()      main()   def gameOver():     msgSurface('Kaboom!')   def helicopter(x, y, image):     surface.blit(img, (x,y))   def main():     x = 150     y = 200     y_move = 0      x_block = surfaceWidth     y_block = 0      block_width = 75     block_height = randint (0,surfaceHeight/2)     gap = imageHeight * 3     block_move = 4      current_score = 0       blockColor = colorChoices[randrange(0,len(colorChoices))]      game_over = False      while not game_over:          for event in pygame.event.get():             if event.type == pygame.QUIT:                 game_over = True          if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:             if event.key == pygame.K_UP:                 y_move = -5              if event.type == pygame.KEYUP:                 if event.key == pygame.K_UP:                     y_move = 5          y += y_move          surface.fill(black)         helicopter(x ,y, img)           blocks(x_block, y_block, block_width, block_height, gap, blockColor)         score(current_score)         x_block -= block_move          if y > surfaceHeight-40 or y < 0:             gameOver()          if x_block < (-1*block_width):             x_block = surfaceWidth             block_height = randint(0,(surfaceHeight / 2))             blockColor = colorChoices[randrange(0,len(colorChoices))]             current_score+=1          if x + imageWidth > x_block:             if x < x_block + block_width:                 if y < block_height:                     if x - imageWidth < block_width + x_block:                       gameOver()              if x + imageWidth > x_block:                 if y + imageHeight > block_height+gap:                     if x < block_width + x_block:                         gameOver()             # if x_block < (x - block_width) < x_block + block_move + block_move:            #     current_score += 1              if 3 <= current_score <5:                 block_move = 5                 gap = imageHeight * 2.9             if 5 <= current_score < 8:                 block_move = 6                 gap = imageHeight *2.8             if 8<= current_score < 14:                 block_move = 7                 gap = imageHeight *2.7               pygame.display.update()         clock.tick(60)  main() pygame.quit() quit() 

In Go, how do you setup a black box test package with a local dependency import?

I’m trying to setup blackbox testing of my go package. I’ve read this answer on blackbox testing in Go, using the package myfunc_test strategy, also discussed in these posts: Lesser-Known Features of Go Test and Structuring Tests in Go.

The problem with this approach, is how to import the local copy of the library under test?

This is the example from Structuring Tests in Go:


package myapp type User struct {     id int     Name string } func (u *User) Save() error {     if == 0 {         return u.create()     }     return u.update()  } func (u *User) create() error { ... } func (u *User) update() error { ... } 


package myapp_test import (     "testing"     . "" ) func TestUser_Save(t *testing.T) {     u := &User{Name: "Susy Queue"}     ok(t, u.Save()) } 

Both files are in the same directory (this is the one case where you can have two packages in the same directory).

The problem here is that the testing will be done against the remote copy of the library under test (from in this example). How can I execute this blackbox test against my local copy of the library? This is necessary during development, and pre-merge Ci runs.

Huawei honor 3c u-19 black screen, vibrates

I usually install custom roms on my android devices, a friend of mine asked to install lineage os to his huawei, I usually go and search for steps, watch videos and then flash twrp and install custom rom I have never had any probelms. In my case here I searched and downloaded sp flash tool, chose write memory and wrote some addresses from 0x00 to I think 0x1be or something like that first step went ok, and there was a green circle, 2nd step never completed, phone is vibrating and has a black screen whenever I place battery inside. This is my first question here, I really need help, I tried repair store but didn’t help either

running XQuartz: display background is black after screen is unlocked or awakened

I use XQuartz 99.9% of the time I’m on my Mac. When I lock my screen (using Lock Screen in the apple menu) — or the screen saver kicks in — and the screen remains locked/darkened for more than a few minutes — not sure what the minimum amount of time is for this — the screen background is often black when I unlock the screen or wake up the display. I am still able to see and use everything on the desktop — mac icons, mac apps, X window apps, etc. — but the screen background is black — really hard on the eyes! If I exit XQuartz, my screen returns to normal but this is not a solution since I then lose all my X applications. If I lock the screen and immediately unlock it, I don’t see the problem.

I’m running macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) and XQuartz 2.7.11. I have had my Mac (it’s a work mac) since May, 2017. The Mac came with Sierra and I installed High Sierra early last fall but did not start having this problem until January. It mysteriously went away for a few months but has now returned.

Any ideas or suggestions? I’d be happy with a reasonable workaround that doesn’t involve killing XQuartz.

Black screen with only the Wi-Fi and Battery Status visible – RCA Mercury 7L / RCT6773W22BM

Make and Model:
RCA Mercury 7L – RCT6773W22BM

Android Version:
Unknown, but research shows it was made in 2017.

Exact Issue: Tablet will power on. However, when it reaches the home screen all you see is the Wi-Fi and Battery Status Icons on the top bar. When you power off the device, the normal shutdown message appears with only the back button on the navigation bar appearing.

Work Carried it out so far:
I have booted the tablet into recovery mode and reset to factory settings. However, the following issues have popped up;

  • Wi-Fi Connection: The tablet can detect and connect to the Wi-Fi network, but says the connection fails when you test it.
  • A “Google Play Services has crashed” constantly pops up.
  • Unable to get past the part after the PIN has been set, unable to skip past it.

Following info comes from the Recovery Mode Screen: Android Recovery 1.2 RCT6773W22BM-ANDROID6.0-V06-V9.15.20-M12

That’s as far as I have gotten. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much experience with Android devices so I’m pretty unsure where to go from here, so any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.

Cyclic startup problems (black screen -> superblock checksum wrong -> kernel panic after e2fsck -> ok startup -> black screen -> …)

I have these problems on every boot. Basically, the booting my system acts like a state machine.

The first state is booting into a black screen. I’m forced to power the PC off.

After this, the next boot results in e2fsck detecting a problem with the superblock checksum. The message is below (I apologize for taking pictures of the screen with my phone, but I have no way of taking a screenshot in this state, as you might guess):

enter image description here

As shown, I run an e2fsck -b 32768 /dev/sda11 -y

The result of this is the following – directories, free inodes counts wrong => file system modified (and the values are identical on every startup):

enter image description here

I type exit after this, and get this kernel panic message:

enter image description here

This forces me to power off the PC again. However, the next boot works just fine and I get into the system.

Unfortunately, the moment I turn the PC off and want to boot again, I revert back to the first state, basically forcing me to go through this whole procedure every time I want to boot. How can I fix this permanently? Maybe this could somehow be related to the fact that I have a hybrid hard drive?

Black screen with white cursor when trying to boot from Windows partition

I’ve been trying to install Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro (Late 2011) for a while now; digging on the internet, i ran with this tutorial on how to install Windows without a USB stick: No bootable device USB 2.0 MacBook Pro mid 2014

It Is a pretty well written tutorial, i tried to comment on the answer to ask my question but since i’m new here, i can’t do it.

After the step 8, when it’s time to reboot the computer and enter the Windows partition to install it, as soon as I hit Enter, a black screen with a white cursor on the top left corner appears and doesn’t go away. I had some trouble with the previous steps and I was able to solve them, but this one I can’t.

I really hope you can help me. Thank you!