Does Swashbuckler’s Fancy Footwork apply if the attack was made with Booming Blade?

The Roguish Archetype Swashbuckler (SCAG/XGtE) has the following feature:

Fancy Footwork

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you learn how to land a strike and then slip away without reprisal. During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can’t make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn.

The cantrip Booming Blade (SCAG) says the following:

As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell’s range, otherwise the spell fails.

First Question:

Does Fancy Footwork apply (no OA from the attacked creature) if you attacked it with Booming Blade (or Green Flame Blade)?

Second Question:

More generally, since it does not specify a weapon attack, does Fancy Footwork apply to melee spell attacks as well?

Does the Symbiotic Entity damage apply to a creature hit by the secondary damage of Green Flame Blade?

For a Circle of Spores Druid, they are able to add 1d6 Poison Damage to their Melee Weapon Attacks while their Symbiotic Entity feature is active.

At 2nd level, you gain the ability to channel magic into your spores. […] While this feature is active, you gain the following benefits:

  • […]
  • Your melee weapon attacks deal an extra 1d6 poison damage to any target they hit.

These benefits last for 10 minutes, until you lose all these temporary hit points, or until you use your Wild Shape again.

Circle of Spores, Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, pg. 27

When a [melee weapon] attack from Green Flame Blade hits a target, the spell causes an adjacent creature to also take damage:

[…] On a hit, the target suffers the attack’s normal effects, and green fire leaps from the target to a different creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of it. The second creature takes fire damage equal to your spellcasting ability modifier.

Green Flame Blade, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, pg. 143

For the purposes of Symbiotic Entity (or any other feature that adds damage to “any targets hit by Melee Weapon Attacks”), does the extra damage (on the second target) associated with Green Flame Blade count as being hit by that damage, making them eligible for the extra poison damage from Symbiotic Entity, or does being “hit” by an effect necessarily involve an Attack Roll?

Can an ally use your shadow blade without it dissipating?

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything includes the spell shadow blade, which seems intended to be used only by the caster. It creates an actual weapon (XGtE, p. 164):

You weave together threads of shadow to create a sword of solidified gloom in your hand.

However, the spell also says:

If you drop the weapon or throw it, it dissipates at the end of the turn.

Instead of dropping or throwing the sword, what happens if the caster hands it to an ally? Can that ally attack with the sword on subsequent turns (in particular, without either party using Ready to act on the same turn)? Would the sword dissipate if an ally was the one who dropped or threw it?

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Can you combo attacks with the Booming Blade cantrip?

I understand that so long as conditions are met, you can Sneak Attack as part of the melee attack from the Booming Blade cantrip.

Can you dual wield and attack with both weapons after casting Booming Blade? I understand that you probably need something like the War Caster feat and Subtle Spell to pull this off, but I don’t know if the melee attack as part of Booming Blade is a bonus action or not.

Can you extend the combo if you had Extra Attack like those from either fighter, ranger, monk, or bard, and use damage-increasing spells like Hex or Hunter’s Mark? It’s safe to say this build is around Lv 5 or higher.

So is the following combo possible?

  • Build (Human Rogue 4, Ranger 3, Sorcerer 3)
  • 1st Round: Full round act: cast Hunter’s Mark and Hex.
  • 2nd Round: cast Booming Blade swing with main hand weapon [weapon + d8 + 2d6 sneak attack]
    then swing again (if with extra attack) [weapon + hunters mark 1d6 + colossus slayer 1d8],
    then swing with off hand [weapon + hunters mark 1d6 + colossus slayer 1d8]

Now if you dip in fighter, can you add Action Surge so you can get two more attacks from your main hand for a possible [2x weapon + hunter’s mark 2d6 + colossus slayer 2d8] damage? And 2d8 thunder damage if the targeted enemy goes after the attacker (me)?

Can a College of Swords bard use Blade Flourish multiple times in a turn?

Bards of the College of Swords have a feature called Blade Flourish that lets them use their Bardic Inspiration to add a modifier to their Attack action:

Whenever you take the Attack action on your turn, your walking speed increases by 10 feet until the end of the turn, and if a weapon attack that you make as part of this action hits a creature, you can use one of the following Blade Flourish options of your choice.

The feature then goes on to read:

You can use only one Blade Flourish option per turn.

Does this last clause mean that you can only use the feature to affect one attack in that turn, or that you can only use one of the three options for any attack you wish to affect during that turn?

For example: Could I hit my first attack and choose to use Mobile Flourish, and then hit a second attack in the same turn and expend a second usage of Bardic Inspiration to use Mobile Flourish again?

Does a Flametongue and Booming Blade work together?

I’m planning a magic initiate Rogue with the Booming Blade Cantrip. He will have a Flametongue as it is a higher level character. I already know that Booming Blade and Sneak Attack work together but what I’m unsure of is if the extra damage from the Flametongue would work as well. Example is at 5th level Booming Blade adds 1d8 Thunder damage to the normal attack and the Flametongue adds 2d6 Fire damage, so if I use a Rapier I would get 1d8 Piercing + 1d8 Thunder + 2d6 Fire + 3d6 Sneak attack (assuming I qualify for sneak attack) + Mod. I’m not concerned with the secondary damage from the target moving. This attack would average (with everything factored) 30.5 damage with a modifier of 4, Double with a crit. Would this work?

How to build a dynamic aura blade type of power?

A player of mine wants to play a Sword master and sword collector type of character. I want it to build the power, if possible, with hero-lab (since is the standard in the group). The general idea is that the character can use most of his damage related powers without the swords but not as efficient as if he had one. For example, imagine a PL 10 character with an strength of 5, and the following power

Aura blade

  • Strength-effect: Extra: Reach 5 (melee, 5pp).

This would let the char to use his fist, for example, to do a type of Aura attack with some reach. But my problem is how do I build that, when he is using a sword, the Extra reach is increased to 10. Something like:

Aura blade

  • (A) Strength-effect: Extra: Reach 5 (melee, 5pp).
  • Strength-effect: Extra: Reach 3 (melee, 3pp), Stacks with (A). Flaw: Power-loss (Not using a sword-type weapon, -1pp)

But I have no idea how to build the second part in Herolab or if that is correct using the rules of M&M 3e at all.

Is the spell combo Booming Blade into a quickened Thunderwave legal? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Casting multiple spells in a single round 9 answers
  • Which uses of Bonus-Action spellcasting are legal? 1 answer
  • Does order matter when casting a cantrip with a casting time of a bonus action and another spell? 2 answers

I’m sure this topic has been beaten to death, but I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for. That being said, maybe I’m just not seeing the answer for what it is and I just want to feel special by having my specific question answered. In either case, if the question doesn’t say it all, basically level 3 sorcerers have access to both Thunderwave (1st level spell) and Booming Blade (cantrip.) Bonus action spells don’t let you cast anything that isn’t a cantrip afterwards so:

Healing Word into Firebolt in one turn is allowed but, Shillelagh into Cure Wound in one turn is not allowed.

That means Bonus Action Leveled Spell casted first, then Action Cantrip in one turn is ok to do,but Bonus Action Cantrip casted first, then Action Leveled Spell in one turn is not ok to do.

I ask about case 3, Action Cantrip casted first, then Bonus Action Leveled Spell in one turn, is this ok?

Can you move between the attacks of a Twinned Booming Blade

Under “Moving Between Attacks” it says:

“If you take an action that includes more than one weapon attack, you can break up your movement even further by moving between those attacks…”

If you were to twin booming blade then this would be an action that includes more than one weapon attack. Does this really mean you are able to move between the two attacks of a twinned booming blade?