Dual boot laptop having blank screen only when booting into ubuntu 18.04

This is a really peculiar case that I have, so I’m going to write out as many details as I could.

I use an asus laptop with graphic card nvidia 960m. I installed windows 10 in my ssd drive and ubuntu 18.04 in hdd, using grub to manage my booting options.

When I use windows 10 everything works fine. If I boot into ubuntu, use it and shut it down, then the next time I press the power button, the power button would light up, and the fans would start to rotate, but the screen wouldn’t show up anything, not even asus logo, let alone the grub. The same thing will happen again even if I force shutdown and press the power button again. I can’t even get into bios.

The temporary solution I found is very strange: When I shutdown ubuntu, I close my screen lid and open it up, then press the power button. This blank screen issue would be gone and the grub will show up, then after choosing the system I want to use I could boot successfully… this time. I have to force shutdown and perform the rather stupid solution every time I get this blank screen, but it just doesn’t happen when I shutdown from windows.

I have tried to purge and reinstall grub, purge and install nvidia driver 435, use nouveau.modeset=0, boot-repair. I still couldn’t solve the problem. So I’m not sure where the problem is. It might not be the graphic card driver that cause the problem at all, judging from the simple solution I found. Then again I couldn’t find the cause. The hardware might not be the problem because when I shutdown from windows 10 I wouldn’t get blank screen the next time I press the power button.

I hope there’s someone who can identify the problem. Thanks for reading this long post.

apptoken cannot be blank Xtremepush

Hola Estoy intentando conectarme a la API de XTREMEPUSH. El código de error en PHP :

stdClass Object ( [success] => [code] => 400 [message] => apptoken cannot be blank. ) 

A través del programa Postman , a través del body le mando el campo apptoken , y no tengo problema alguno , pero en PHP no se lo estoy mandando bien(Adjunto código que uso):

$  url = 'https://external-api.xtremepush.com/api/external/list/profile'; $  ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_URL, $  url); curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_POST, TRUE);  curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, array()); curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(             'Content-Type:application/json',             '**apptoken**: CODIGO-TOKEN'         ));  curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); $  result = curl_exec($  ch); if(curl_errno($  ch)) {     echo 'Curl error: ' . curl_error($  ch); } curl_close($  ch); print_r(json_decode($  result)); 

El código que me proporciona esta API es el siguiente:

curl -X POST -d '{"apptoken":"YOUR_APPTOKEN"}' https://external-api.xtremepush.com/api/external/list/profile 

Blank Purple Screen When Booting Into Ubuntu After Installation

im trying to dual boot ubuntu with windows 10 in my ASUS S430FN Laptop, the installation went right but after i rebooted and select to boot ubuntu, is goes blank purple screen, not even any ubuntu logo or any error messages.

i’ve tried anything like nomodeset, nouveau.modeset = 0, changing the quiet splash to no splash, changing the acpi to zero etc.

im using ASUS S430FN Laptop with intel i7-8565U, 8 gigs of ram, 512 SSD, NVIDIA Geforce MX150, and original windows 10 version 1903. im trying to install desktop ubuntu 19.04

can anyone help please

Dual monitor setup failing to go into blank screen power save (ASUS monitor is waking it up?)

I’ve got two monitors, it seems that one of them is preventing the system from sleeping when both are connected.

The monitors are an ASUS VG255H and a Samsung S24E650DW, with a AMD RX470 GPU.

What seems to be happening is that when the screens blank, both screens start to go into power save mode, but the ASUS takes much longer than the Samsung. Both screens go black, and then both switch on again. My hunch is that the ASUS’s shutdown is somehow waking up the system.

I also see this issue if only the ASUS is switched on (with the Samsung connected, but switched off).

If I run with only one monitor connected (either), power save works as expected, it also works if I run with the ASUS connected but switched off.

I’ve tried upgrading the drivers by installing amdgpu-pro as per https://askubuntu.com/a/1075790/3475 but that hasn’t changed things.

This occurs on Ubuntu 18.04 and with a live USB of 19.04, it doesn’t occur on Windows 10.

Any suggestions?

How can I get past the blank purple screen on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system?

After coming back from a 2 week holiday, I discovered that I couldn’t get to my desktop PC’s Ubuntu desktop. After entering user and password information, the information is accepted but the screen becomes a blank purple, and the mouse disappears.

What I’ve tried so far: 1. I can boot into CLI by adding a ‘3’ to the appropriate line in grub. 2. I can log in remotely via ssh. 3. I can get a remote desktop GUI.

What hasn’t worked: 4. Adding ‘nomodeset’ to the linux line in grub. If I do this, my screen goes black after logging in. (I can still SSH in and RDP in.). If I press the return key, I see a white X in the middle of the screen. I can get a shell with Ctrl+Alt+F3. 5. I messed about with recovery mode, but it didn’t seem to help.

System is fully updated including new kernels (I now have kernels 5.0.0-27, 5.0.0-25, 5.0.0-23).

My system: Dual boot Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS & Win 7. Ubuntu has ubuntu-drivers-common installed.



Can an invisible creature with Mind Blank be seen by a creature with True Seeing?

True Seeing is a Divination spell that states

For the Duration, the creature has Truesight

While Mind Blank states

one willing creature you touch is immune to […] Divination Spells

Let’s say that the Rogue was cast Invisibility and Mind Blank, and the Wizard cast True Seeing on himself. The discussion at my table hinges on the fact that True Seeing doesn’t target or affect the Mind Blanked rogue, so his immunity is not relevant. The Wizard would simply gain Truesight and would spot him.

How do these spells interact?