Configure CWP module to work in Blesta [on hold]

I have a VPS running Centos Web Panel and am trying to configure the CWP Blesta module so it will automatically provision Web hosting services on the VPS.

I have setup 3 other modules (Virtualmin, Cyberpanel, Vultr), however after trying to configure cwp module it is just throwing error 500’s in browser and not provisioning.

Trying to check the server logs is useless…it’s not showing anything in logs. I also cannot find anything in Blesta logs either.

Webserver is nginx btw

Blesta docs have zero guide on how to setup this module…even thoguh they are the omes who made it in the first place. I have tried their support, however i dont really think they know either. I gave them my CWP server and blesta logins and they supposedly checked (saying its fine).

I replied back to them saying, “if its fine why are there no services provisioning?” I have had no more replies in the 2 days since!

Part of the procedure is creating an API key in CWP and providing that to the module (which I have done)

Anyone got a step by step on configuring this module to work with CWP?

WHMCS or Blesta


First of all, sorry if those questions already answered but I would like to have your suggestions in which should I go.
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