How do I disable wpautop for a specific block?

I’ve registered a custom editor block with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and am using render_template with a PHP template partial to display the block contents.

Inside the template is some HTML (section with a figure and an a inside it). When the block is called and the template generates the HTML, it’s exactly as I author it, but when displayed on the front end, the a gets wrapped in a p tag, and a couple of br elements are added (I assume from wpautop()). This isn’t happening on the editor side, just on the front end, which leads me to believe the block HTML is getting run through the_content or some other filters that run wpautop() before display.

I’ve tried running the block content through buffering, which breaks the editor but fixes the front end, and tried disabling wpautop from running in the_content filter, but have had mixed results.

So my question is how to tell WordPress that I like my markup, thank you very much, and please leave it alone for this specific block?

Here’s a Gist of the block template:

Why are block header bits necessary? (Valid difficulty is already implied by chain history)

Difficulty or target is implied by chain history, so why does it need to be explicit in the header? I suppose it exposes miner-intended-difficulty, but I don’t see why that would be relevant without chain context.

So it seemingly represents redundant data in the header, unless there are any historical reasons for this design choice?

Block for spam when sending out notifications in the catalog.

I bought script of the catalog of organizations and firms , uploaded more than 2 million enterprises. During the activation of each organization, a notification went off.
As a result, the entire site hoster for spam cut down. Went to another. He completely disconnected the entire account.
Where can I find a normal host that does not block for mailing? Or maybe there are some other workarounds?
By the way, the newsletter also gets into spam, even when it comes to it. This is also not…

Block for spam when sending out notifications in the catalog.

If you’re suffering from Writers’ Block today (like I am)…


  1. Start with a headline (try something like
  2. Start with a punch line (like someone else's slogan that can be repurposed with your content – like "Beauty outside, beast inside", "Between love and madness lies obsession", "Be stupid" etc)
  3. Start with an image (like the one above that I found today on

I try and trick myself into doing little chunks or work…

If you're suffering from Writers' Block today (like I am)…

Drupal 8 Content Block Layout

I am not sure how to explain this as I have very little experience with Drupal. I built a site with Drupal 7 and now I am trying to recreate it in Drupal 8. I have a problem with the Content area n Drupal 8 that did not happen in 7.

I have set up a view that looks like this. enter image description here

The arrow point to a title name link.

When I click the link, I want to see additional detail not shown in the view. This works. However, there is as an additional view that looks like a “teaser” view that I do not want to be displayed. The area at the top in the rectangle I want and is part of the “Entity View (Content) with a category of Chaos Tools. The bottom part near the x is the teaser part and is a duplicate of the top part I don’t want. How can I remove the bottom part? enter image description here

Which VoIP service does not block short code SMS – i.e. e-banking and verification?

I have gone through many different VoIP providers where I can get US number and use anywhere in the world and I can also make/receive calls including sending/receiving SMS too. But, the only problem I am facing is that all service providers are blocking receiving SMS through short code SMS number – i.e. e-banking and verification.

Anyone know how which supports it, so I donot have to bear the huge expenses of roaming.