USB Flash Disk with block-chain

I am thinking of buying USB flash disk with Security Element(stores Private-Key/Secret-Key/X.509-Certificates) and some encrypted data(8 Megabyte). The disk has to be protected against cloning and possibly maintains logs of insert history with UNIX timestamp & USB Host ID when inserted.

I found YubiKey & NitroKey, but they does not have additional storage. Is there a USB Device like that satisfy above requirements.

(Or) Is there any cost effective SoC+Security Element Over USB with flash storage available to implement my requirement using Opensource?


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How to Start a Career in Blockchain Security [on hold]

I’m a Software Engineering Fresh Graduate, My Only knowledge is in Application Development. I wanted to start a career in Blockchain Security but i don’t know where to start from. I’m basically doing a career shift and i don’t have any background. can Someone explain to me how to start? What are the courses and certificates that i need? how long will it take me? and what is the best path i can follow to reach that goal? Thanks For Your Time.

Lastly, if I’m asking in the wrong site can someone tell me where i can submit my question?

Building blockchain application step-by-step for Hyperledger Sawtooth for total beginners

I have seen many beginner to advance articles on Ethereum blockchain development like Blockchain-as-a-Service Apps Using Ethereum and Quorum and Ethereum Blockchain Application Dev with Java and Web3J API

Below is good for Hyperledger but not Sawtooth

However, I am looking for similar articles for Hyperledger Sawtooth. Any suggestion? Online search gives me links mainly to documentation

Incentive for block creation in a private blockchain

Bitcoin miners are incentivized to produce valid blocks via a trasactional reward. But let’s say I wanted to implement blockchain as part of my private data system. Who would my miner’s be? I think could just have one automated miner (on a dedicated machine) with the proof-of-work difficulty being set to something very easy. But then I’m wondering, what’s the point? Is there anything to gain by using a blockchain like this?

In other words, can someone please give an example—no matter how crude—of how someone could use a private blockchain to log transactions, or whether such a thing has any practical benefit to the users?