H2 On Blog/Article Page Gets Assigned a Class

This question is for a WordPress website that uses a custom theme.

When I add an H2 to a blog, I noticed there is a spacing issue. I inspected the page and for some reason H2s on blog/article pages get assigned their own class (.searchresults h2).

enter image description here

This does not happen for other headings such as H1, H3, etc…

I am not sure where the “searchresults” class came from, so I don’t want to make custom changes to the “.searchresults h2” element style.

I have thought about adding a new element style to the custom css section, such as: “.searchresults single-post h2”, but not sure if that is the best approach or would even work.

A user on Stack Exchange suggested using Javascript that will revert the searchresults h2 to h2.

[... document.querySelectorAll('h2.searchresults')].forEach((heading2) => {  heading2.classList.remove('searchresults');  }); 

Is it possible to use a function to achieve this?

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

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