Medical Blog with millions of backlinks DR 63

The url is and I just put up a new site today because the content was not well written on the old site but the site shows 6.2m backlinks on semrush with a Authority score of 50

And on the Domain Rating is 63. It is very rare to find domain names on here for sale with this high…

Medical Blog with millions of backlinks DR 63

Delete own comment in someone else’s blog

Is there a way to delete a comment I made on someone else’s WordPress blog over 9 years ago? It’s harmless, but it really bothers me that I did it using my full name, and now if someone searches my name on Google, that specific comment appears on the search results.

I’ve tried to contact the blog owner to no avail (probably forgot about the blog ages ago).

Cryptocurrency Product Review Blog with Great Brand Name

I've been in crypto since 2013, and created this blog a couple years ago as a hobby. I was too busy to continue with it shortly after. Now I thought someone else might be able to take over.

This is a starter blog with 4 unique articles and a custom logo. No traffic or earnings.
I wrote all the articles and designed the logo myself.
The domain name is great, short and catchy.
The blogging software is ghost – Ghost is very…

Cryptocurrency Product Review Blog with Great Brand Name

How to use a page template on the blog

I have home.php handling my main blog page. I am trying to set up an additional page template to be able to change the layout of the blog occasionally. I am able to choose the custom page template attribute from any page …. but there isn’t any page templates available on the blog page. Is this not possible? Thank you.

Adsense Relationship Blog For Sale With 450 Daily Page Views

Why are you selling this site?
No Motivation To Continue The Project.

How is it monetized?
Adsense and A-ads

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
It is a blog and the only thing to be done is to add more contents which is not done daily.

What challenges are there with running this site?
All the traffic are coming from search engines so there is no challenges whatsoever. The only thing is to…

Adsense Relationship Blog For Sale With 450 Daily Page Views

Site rankings tanked after removing 1750 Blog tags

I recently removed 1750 tags from my company’s blog. Many of them were irrelevant or synonyms created by someone who didn’t know how to use tags, some were even misspellings. I removed 1730 of them, removing them from the tag section in WordPress, as well as from the actual article in the QuickEdit section.

I was under the impression this would add to SEO efforts, as many articles detail that, such as this one from Yoast. However, rankings for the keyword "recruitment software" dropped from #17 to #30. Other more niched keywords lost rankings for the homepage altogether, and a blog post appeared there instead (albeit a few ranking spots lower).

I’m worried that removing all those tags have produced 404 errors which have caused the nose-dive in rankings :/, should 301 redirects be created for each lost tag webpage? In the WordPress backend, Yoast was suggesting I do that with their app’s premium version as I was deleting. Any ideas would be much appreciated, as you can imagine the fright and dread I got from losing rankings like that overnight.

FYI, it has been a week since the fall in rankings, fluctuations seem to have slowed.