Url structure for specific years in blog

I have an url like this one for an article with a good traffic. Now I want to update the content to 2020.


What is my best option:

a) Just change the url and text from website.com/best-x-for-2019 to website.com/best-x-for-2020

b) keep the website.com/best-x-for-2019 and add link to a new url website.com/best-x-for-2020 and have two indexed pages

c) Other?

Should I use Two or One Instance of WordPress for Main & Blog Site? [closed]

I have a main site https://www.example.com/ and a blog site under the subfolder https://www.example.com/blogs/ . Whether I should use two separate instances of WordPress for them or use one instance?

I have asked this question on https://wordpress.org/support/topic/use-two-or-one-instance-of-wordpress-for-main-blog-site/#new-topic-0 . But the question does not draw much attention. So I have to ask here.

Does the re-use of HTML email newsletter content for blog posts have SEO (or other) repercusions?

I am (in parallel) building both a newsletter subscriber list (using Mailchimp) and also a blog website (using WordPress). I want to be as efficient as possible with the use of my content / copy. I would like to send out newsletters to subscribers first and then re-use the content for time delayed blog postings. Using a WordPress plugin such as ‘postie’ I can easily send an email directly to my website that is then entered into my blog post stream automatically. If I prepare the styling of my email appropriately in Mailchimp, the posting should look like native content on my website.

However, my current understanding is that robust HTML emails tend to use A LOT of tables to force the email client to render the email correctly. Also, they tend to use A LOT of inline CSS and the like. If I simply insert this into my blog stream the website HTML is going to get ‘ugly’ and likely slow to load.

But, does this actually matter? Will webcrawlers & search engines have a tantrum?

If I need to avoid this scenario, should I search for a solution (hopefully not manual re-coding) that creates two versions of the HTML: one for newsletter use; one for blog stream insertion?

I really want to avoid the manual effort of having to create two versions of the HTML content from scratch each time.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts, advice and suggestions you can offer.

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Freelancing Motivation & Technology based Blog | Reasonable Price

Why are you selling this site?
Honestly speaking, I design this site for myself to earn some extra income via google adsense. I posted paid and self-written articles on this site and applied for adsense but the site gets rejected. I am no more interested in doing work on this.

How is it monetized?
It's not monetized but you can monetize it via google Adsense using paid service of any expert. I tried but failed. This is one reason to sell this site.

Does this site come with…

Freelancing Motivation & Technology based Blog | Reasonable Price

Multiple blog comments to 1 url

I have a list of auto approve urls that have my link posted on it 1 time. And I would like to re-use the list to comment with the same links 1 more time.

But when i try and re-post the same link, i get the message “link already present”.

I checked the option, Options > Scheduled Posting >  “allow posting on same site again

But still no luck, has anyone got any ideas on how to enable this please?

How to list blog post from subdirectory wordpress install to the main site

I have decided to separate my main website and my blog with different WordPress installs. I’ve installed my blog in the subdirectory (/blog/ folder) and my main WordPress is only contained homepage and pages related to my business.

The problem is, is it possible to create a section on my main website that lists 4 latest posts from my blog that are installed in the subdirectory? I have searched all over the internet for the solution, but I’ve found nothing.

Can you tell me how can I solve this?

HoneyTits.com – Tube Site with Blog

Hi Guys,

I'm putting HoneyTits.com up for sale. It is a fully functional tube site with:
– over 24,000 embedded videos (I picked a lot of them manually to ensure the site had high quality content)
– 100 photo albums
– 60 adult flash games
-> Flash update required to enable them.
– Blog
-> A fully functional separate blog attached to the site to make blog entries easier to add/manage
– 12 categories of content
-> To categorize the videos and picture albums

Why are you…

HoneyTits.com – Tube Site with Blog

Top 5 Plans for the best blog hosting in 2020 (Create and Host a Blog for Both Free a

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Thank you.

Warning message (re. php) on the blog page

I’ve got a message below (the part “xyz/blog-name.com” was changed). That error message is not because of a Plug-in, as the message doesn’t disappear even I stop all Plug-ins.

“Warning: Use of undefined constant php – assumed ‘php’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/xyz/blog-name.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/stingerplus-child/st-footer-content.php on line 20″

The line 20 in my wp currently reads as fallows;

<a href="<?php//echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>"><?php// bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></a> 

Can anyone please advise me what is wrong here…? Thanks