Official Blogger Blog: An update on Google+ and Blogger February 2019

Read how the closing of Google+ affects your Blogger widgets and comments that used Google+:


Following the announcement of Google+ API deprecation scheduled for March 2019, a number of changes will be made to Blogger’s Google+ integration on 4 February 2019…

Official Blogger Blog: An update on Google+ and Blogger

How to duplicate a blog on Blogger?

I am wondering how to duplicate a blog. I would like to copy the contents of my original blog and house it under a new URL. The two blogs would not be linked to one another and would be able to grow separately with new posts. Basically I want to have the same blog with same existing posts under two different URLs.

How can this be done?

Writing blog posts + uploading on WP, Blogger got cheap

Hi all,

Writing blog posts bundled with uploading on WordPress or Blogger with relevant image or/and video have got cheap. The offer is only limited to long-term client provided we start with a small package of 15 short news of 150 words each on any niche and both are comfortable with each other.

15 posts bundle – $ 15 only


How To Automatically Open External Links in a New Page And Set The Nofollow Tag in Blogger

External links One of the inevitable components of blogging is to explain or download a file but there are two problems associated withexternal links:

  • Open the link in blog window and this makes the visitor leave the blog and may still be reading
  • External links become Dofollow which negatively affects the blog that has its most presence

Of course, there is a manual way to make external links open in a new page, which is to be given the…

How To Automatically Open External Links in a New Page And Set The Nofollow Tag in Blogger

¿Cómo mostrar showItemThumbnail en widget Feed de Blogger?

Busco poner una imagen que acompañe los títulos del post en el widget Feed, en Blogger. No aparece entre las opciones del widget, pero vi hay una propiedad que permite esto(showItemThumbnail, con los valores true y false). La añadí, pero no se ve nada. ¿Alguna sugerencia, o si se puede hacer con javascript? Quiero mostrar los contenidos por “labels” o “etiquetas”, con su imagen y su título. Dejo el código y una imagen de lo que busco. De antemano gracias.

 <b:widget id='Feed1' locked='false' title='' type='Feed'> <b:widget-settings>   <b:widget-setting name='feedUrl'></b:widget-setting>   <b:widget-setting name='openLinksInNewWindow'>true</b:widget-setting>   <b:widget-setting name='numItemsShow'>3</b:widget-setting>   <b:widget-setting name='showItemDate'>false</b:widget-setting>   <b:widget-setting name='showItemAuthor'>false</b:widget-setting> <b:widget-setting name='showItemThumbnail'>true</b:widget-setting> </b:widget-settings> <b:includable id='main'> <h2><data:title/></h2> <div class='widget-content' expr:id='data:widget.instanceId + &quot;_feedItemListDisplay&quot;'>   <span style='filter: alpha(25); opacity: 0.25;'>     <a expr:href='data:feedUrl'><data:loadingMsg/></a>   </span> </div> <b:include name='quickedit'/> 

Busco que la imagen quede a la izquierda

Feed Blogger

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Fix the Error of H1 Tag on Blogger Homepage for $15

Hello, Many Blogger site owners fail to notice that Blogger Homepage does not contain h1 tag. We all know that h1 tag is extremely important in terms of SEO. Without a h1 tag, it is impossible for your site to reach top page ranking. You can check if your Blogger site Homepage has the h1 tag through the following checker tool: If the h1 tag score is zero, you must fix the error immediately, otherwise it will adversely affect your site’s ranking. I am able to fix this error for you at a very competitive price. Please feel free to contact me. Winnie Chan

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Blogger Image Poster

Hi everyone,

I am the developer of WordPress plugin WP Auto Image Poster

And Now I have created the desktop windows version of Image Poster for blogspot.
This is what the software look..



  • Run on Windows / VPS
  • Using Google Authentication (security)
  • Using Google API (reliable)
  • Handle…

Blogger Image Poster