Has a demon ever switched sides in the blood war?

Within the background of the blood war the Demon Grazā€™zt is presented as a former devil who switched alignments and joined the demon ranks.

Is there any example within the lore of DnD (from any edition) of a demon doing the equivalent? Switching sides to become a devil, is this possible in terms of what a demon is how it is formed and maintains its existence?

Just to clarify I am looking for an example of a powerful being, named character etc as opposed to a generic type of creature (for instance succubi)

Is the Blood Fury Tattoo’s damage doubled on a critical hit? [duplicate]

The question is as the title says, is the 4d6 necrotic damage doubled if you critted the attack that you then use the item’s ability on. The item text in question is below.

When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can expend a charge to deal an extra 4d6 necrotic damage to the target, and you regain a number of hit points equal to the necrotic damage dealt.

Can you get a Blood Bond by feeding off another Kindred’s ghoul?

A ghoul is a human that feeds on Kindred Blood, and can have Kindred blood in their system. So it follows that another Kindred feeding from a ghoul could risk becoming blood bonded to the ghoul’s reagent if they fed three times?

Are there any rules on how much blood would a Kindred need to take from a ghoul for this to be a risk and how easily would the feeding Kindred be able to detect this (if they didn’t have Auspex or some other power to detect a ghoul)?

I have the 1992 Edition of Vampire the Masquerade and there’s very little detail on ghouls in the book, so I’m open to sources from other editions if they have more detailed handling of this kind of thing.

Does torpor heal a vampire without spending blood?

I was looking for confirmation in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire the Masquerade about what health level a vampire would be at if it fell into torpor from damage and then rose from torpor. I found what seems like a contradiction.

First, it’s widely accepted that vampires have to spend blood to heal, absent some wacky magic.

Note that blood expenditure is the only way that vampires can heal wounds. Just as their immortality prevents the Kindred from aging and dying naturally, so it also inhibits the recuperative processes natural to a living body. – V20, p268

But the description of torpor describes a vampire who entered it in the Incapacitated health level leaving it in the Crippled health level without spending any blood to heal.

Following [torpor], the player may spend a blood point and make an Awakening roll (p. 262) for her character to rise. If the vampire has no blood in her body, she may not rise until she is fed; if the player fails the Awakening roll, she may spend another blood point and make an Awakening roll the following night. If the vampire rises successfully, she is considered Crippled and should either spend blood or hunt immediately.V20, p283-284

Note that the blood expenditures mentioned in the above quote are “awakening” expenditures.

Vampires must subtract one blood point from their blood pools every night, whether they rise for the evening or not, as the unnatural magics animating their dead bodies consume the vitae they have taken from their prey. -V20, p268

And there’s nothing special about those blood expenditures that also heals wounds as a bonus.

Can anyone suggest the most well-supported interpretation?

  1. The period of rest results in raising the torpid vampire from Incapacitated to Crippled without a blood expenditure to heal.
  2. The vampire remains in the Incapacitated health level, but uses the mechanics of the Crippled health level and is capable of movement. And that was just written really, really ambiguously for some reason.

How did the Zhentarim get Cimbers’ blood?

In SKT page 156 it says the Zhentarim forged an alliance with Jarl Storvald. Storval wants to find Artus Cimber. The Zhentarim will help him by giving him a droplet of blood of Cimber.

How did they get this drop of blood? Why do they have it in their possession? I’m probably missing something very obvious here, because it sounds very strange to me that they happen to have a droplet of blood of a random person on the continent.

In case they retrieved it from Cimber after learning that Storvald wanted him, then they also simply could have told him where he was, or capture him themselves.

How powerful is the Blood Hunter class?

Someone sent me their character sheet for a session today and asked if they could make a Bloodhunter. I looked over some of their abilities and it seems pretty strong, but maybe that’s because I’m still pretty new to DnD and trying to DM for people. Still, I was wondering if others knew if it was OP or pretty balanced? I should also note we roll for stats (roll 4 dice take the highest 3), so they have fairly high attributes.