What if a mortal is embraced with heart’s blood?

Are there any canonical examples of a mortal being embraced with a vampire’s heart’s blood, containing their sire’s soul?

Someone has a vampire’s heart’s blood magically preserved, perhaps in a debitum created by an Assamite. They drain a mortal of all of her blood, then feed that mortal the heart’s blood.

Granted that this is an unusual scenario that’s fully up to the storyteller’s discretion, are there any by-the-books reasons to believe that any of these is what should happen?

Possible Outcomes

  • The mortal’s embrace proceeds normally, as if they were embraced with normal vitae. The sire’s soul is no longer magically preserved in the heart’s blood and passes on into the afterlife.
  • The mortal is embraced and at the same time diablerizes her sire, resulting in inheriting his generation and possibly other benefits.
  • The mortal is embraced and effectively diablerized by her sire, whose soul overpowers her own due to his stronger will (because at that moment, it’s a mere mortal struggling against a vampire). The sire is effectively resurrected in his childe’s body.

Does Shar have a stake in the Blood War?

I am currently playing a character in Descent into Avernus who worships Shar.

While my character has their own goals, I’m trying to learn more lore about Shar’s dealings with devils and demons and if she has any skin in the Blood War.

The only thing I’ve found is a reference to her and Selune bringing order from chaos, but that’s neither confirmed not potentially relevant 🙂

Generation vs Blood Potency question

me and my players were wondering about an aspect of Gen vs Blood Potency. It states on page 149 that caracter gen 10 gets 2 bp. we were wondering if the +1 bp that the Ancillae gives ups the bp to 3? If so why is it written on page’s 137 recap that 10th and 11th have bp 2. What a gen 9 sires a 10 in 2015… he would not be an Ancillae but would still get the base 2 bp right? I’m a french speaking person so I hope I’m clear lol Thanx a bunch

Has a demon ever switched sides in the blood war?

Within the background of the blood war the Demon Graz’zt is presented as a former devil who switched alignments and joined the demon ranks.

Is there any example within the lore of DnD (from any edition) of a demon doing the equivalent? Switching sides to become a devil, is this possible in terms of what a demon is how it is formed and maintains its existence?

Just to clarify I am looking for an example of a powerful being, named character etc as opposed to a generic type of creature (for instance succubi)

Is the Blood Fury Tattoo’s damage doubled on a critical hit? [duplicate]

The question is as the title says, is the 4d6 necrotic damage doubled if you critted the attack that you then use the item’s ability on. The item text in question is below.

When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can expend a charge to deal an extra 4d6 necrotic damage to the target, and you regain a number of hit points equal to the necrotic damage dealt.

Can you get a Blood Bond by feeding off another Kindred’s ghoul?

A ghoul is a human that feeds on Kindred Blood, and can have Kindred blood in their system. So it follows that another Kindred feeding from a ghoul could risk becoming blood bonded to the ghoul’s reagent if they fed three times?

Are there any rules on how much blood would a Kindred need to take from a ghoul for this to be a risk and how easily would the feeding Kindred be able to detect this (if they didn’t have Auspex or some other power to detect a ghoul)?

I have the 1992 Edition of Vampire the Masquerade and there’s very little detail on ghouls in the book, so I’m open to sources from other editions if they have more detailed handling of this kind of thing.