Turn on Bluetooth on an iMac without a keyboard or mouse?

I have a 2015 iMac, that I use with a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. Today I was changing some settings and accidentally turned off Bluetooth, disconnecting my peripherals.

Is there any way to get Bluetooth re-enabled without a USB keyboard/mouse? I don’t have either a wired mouse or keyboard. Could I remote in from my iPhone somehow?

If I have to get them, will a wired keyboard be sufficient to enable Bluetooth without a mouse?

Can’t get Bluetooth to work on asus laptop

before I switched my laptop to ubuntu I had bluetooth capability but now I can’t get it to work. when I open bluetooth I get an error telling me bluez daemon is not running. I have followed the instructions on quite a few of the ask ubnuntu answers and so now I am asking the question myself. I am a new to using the terminal so please make answers user friendly. thanks so much

Dell Latitude E6400 370 Bluetooth Mini card not working with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

/etc$ service bluetooth status ‚óŹ bluetooth.service – Bluetooth service Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: inactive (dead) Docs: man:bluetoothd(8)

Please any help would be great got wireless to work just can’t get bluetooth operating.

Can’t pair with bluetooth speaker from my Macbook Air

I have a JLB bluetooth speaker that pairs with my (Android) phone without a problem. When I enable Bluetooth on my Macbook Air, the speaker does not appear in the list of devices:

enter image description here The laptop is running the latest version of macOS Mojave, and the computer is sitting about 6 feet away from the speaker when I attempt to pair with it.

Bluetooth headset delay

To start off I am not really sure if this is hardware (headphones or the phone) or android specific issue/feature. Maybe there is an android workaround for the hardware feature hence this kind of fits here the best.

Google is full of similar topics, but all I’ve seen are related to windows and not really this kind of delay.

Up until recently I’ve been using wired headphones, but I started using bluetooth ones and I hit this weird delay when using an app like Duolingo. When there is no sound for a few seconds playing there is a slight delay when the sound is actually played. Let’s say I do 5 exercises in a row and I do it very quick- no issue. Then I come to a more complex one that I need more time to do, the sound that plays after submitting an answer is slightly delayed.

When listening to music there are no issues, which would point me to believe that the headset is actually going to some sort of sleep mode when there is no audio played from the source device.

Sony Xperia M2 android 5.1.1

Headphones are Marshall Major II wireless

Do you know of a way to fix/counter-act this annoying bug/feature?

car bluetooth call volume

I use my car’s Bluetooth to answer phone calls. While I was all happy with this option, I had to update my Moto G6 from Oreo (v8) to Pie (v9). Soon after the update, I had to root the phone for the call recorder to work.

After all these steps I got complaints from my callers that my voice is very feeble. I had to yell to repsond back. I was not sure whether it is the mic in the car dash is an issue or my phone or my carrier. I tried the same setup in different places to isoloate the carrier issue. I gave my phone to my wife and used her phone to connect to car and made a call from her phone to mine. She was able to hear my voice clearly from natural speaking and seating position. This ruled out the issue with my car leaving the issue on my mobile.

The same hardware was working fine before the update so I guess this should be a software issue. I tried to tweak the Bluetooth settings under developer settings and found no luck. Sure I can factory reset and even rollback to Oreo to isolate, but that is too much of work for me.

Are there any means for me to adjust any settings to increase my mic’s volume (sensitivity) for Bluetooth communication? The callers are not complaining when I use the phone normally or via speakerphone or via headset. They complain only when I use the car’s Bluetooth facility.